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Google find my device, have you lost or misplaced your android phone, tablet or expensive apple phone before or maybe it give stolen. Am very sure the feeling after losing it was not a good one, trust me i have been there.
In this article, you will learn about
find my mobile, find my lost phone, find my device with imei, google find my device unlock, find my device location, find my phone by number and how to use google find my device to locate your lost android phones.


  1. The lost phone must be on.
  2. The phone should be online.
  3. Find my device setting should be on.
  4. Must have a Gmail account logged on it.
  5. Should have access to play store.

The above list are the requirements that must be met to track your lost android phone or device from another device.

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How much does it cost to track my lost phone

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It totally free for you to find your lost phone, the almighty google have saved us from that. You do not need to pay a dime in order for you to use the google tracking service. Just head to you browser and get things set up and you are ready to locate your lost phone or tablet.
Now i will work you through step by step guides on how to go about tracking your lost phone using the google service google find my device. The first and second steps above should be clear i guess. The lost phone must be on and should be online, which means the data should be on or connected to a wireless network.
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You should have a Gmail account previously logged on the android phone or device before it was lost. And lastly should have access to play store or been visible to playstore.
The find my device service setting on your android phone or device should be on.

How To Activate Google Find My Device Settings

  1. At first you need to put on the location setting on your android device by dragging down the notification bar and clicking on location access
  2. Now go to >SETTINGS and scroll down to >SECURITY OR SECURITY SETTINGS and click on it you will then be presented with other security settings.
  3. Click on the find my device, another window will open where you chose to allow remote access to.
  4. You need to click on “Remotely locate this device” and the one labeled “Allow remote lock and erase” to turn them on. If either of those is turned off, you won’t be able to perform the related task.

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Some android device don’t have this settings by default so the only option for you is to go to playstore. Hit the search button and search for find my device app. Download and install the app and do all the necessary configurations needed, CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE APP

Step by step guide to find your lost phone

  • Get a friends computer or android phone and open the browser (google chrome works better) and type to your Gmail account that is logged on the device that was stolen or missing.
  • Open a new tab and google this phrase “Google find my device” to start and trigger the service, or type in ( in the browser.
  • Immediately after loading this page you will be presented with a space to logging the Gmail of the previous phone.
  • Login the correct username and password credentials to have access to lost device.
  • Just immediately after logging in the Gmail account, you will be faced with a new strange screen with some options. On this new screen you will be presented with 3 basic options or function to chose which one to perform one.

Things do to your old device

Play a music or que a particular list of songs

From your old device remotely. The google find my device service allows you to remotely get access to the stolen or missing device.

You can secure your device remotely

One of the incredible features you cannot find on most phone tracking apps. With Google find my device allows you can actually change the security lock on the lost or stolen phone. You can bypass the present lock and use a new security protocol on the device. This way the holder will not have access to the device except you.
If you want to be contacted after locking the device, you can display a message on the phone lock screen. You can give the person direction on how to find you or maybe display your phone number. For you to be contacted.

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Erasing all the data and information on the lost phone

Let’s say you know your phone is out of reach even with the fact that you could pin point where the device is being used. But you still have the feeling “this phone is gone” you have an option that can save you if you have confidential files on the device.
You can actually remotely delete all the informant on the device with just a single click on the “ERASE DEVICE”. On clicking this button all the files on the device will be wipe and your files will not leak. But sadly you will loss track of your device, which means you cannot find your my lost phone.

What happened

I was robbed last week in my apartment thank goodness i was just some valuables, my android phone, my tablet and my personal computer. After they left i was not worried much because i could track down the devices they took.
I knew about google find my device earlier, a google service that allows me to find my lost phone and devices. By simply logging into the email of the device that is missing or stolen on another phone or computer. To find my lost phone was easy because of this google service google find my device.

What i did next

So i simply waited till the morning and used my friends computer to login the Gmail of the lost device on his computer and boooom i was in. I got the exact location of my missing device and i reported to security agencies and they got back my phones and computer.
Back to business, how can you find you lost phone or how can you track your and find my lost phone. Its simple, i will show you how i did it and how you too can use google find my device to find your lost phone.

Can Apple users can as well track a lost device

This process works for ios iphone users too, there a service to track and find lost iphone too. I will talk a bite about it now and later i promise i will write a whole new article about it too very soon.

Now how do you find your lost iphone

Find My iPhone is a tool that finds lost or stolen iPhones. It uses the built-in GPS or location services of the device to locate it on a map. It locks a device or deletes all data from a device over the internet to prevent a thief from accessing your data.
If your device is lost, use Find My iPhone to make the device play a sound. Listen for the dinging sound to locate the device.
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Google have saved us from third party apps and at the same time made it possible to find our lost device. All thanks to google find my device and Gmail service by google.
Please if anything is still hard for you to understand in this article “google find my device” use the comments box to tell us and we will respond to you shortly. Don’t forget to share using the share button below and help other friends too.

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