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The world-famous fighting game Tekken mobile apk download and its franchise have been brought to mobile. Join famous fighters to engage in an intuitive, deep combat system featuring fighting techniques from all around the world.

Take on the role of the Dojo Master, collecting, upgrading and battling with your favorite fighters from the legendary TEKKEN games. Many Tekken Fans out there would rejoice regardless of the fact whether the game is good or bad.

This fighting game tekken mobile apk download doesn’t have the depth of its console or computer counterparts. It is solid controls do make this one of the better fighting games for mobile systems.

Like other versions, this version of Tekken casts you as one of the colorful contestants of the King of Iron Fist tournament. Using simple controls, it does a good job of replicating this popular and long-running series.

better fighting games

Especially since it adds a card system that lets you deploy special attacks and it also features numerous colorful characters to play along with a lot of interesting locations. But your characters don’t regain their health in between fights you have to heal them with pickups you buy or earn.

This version of tekken mobile apk download also doesn’t have a deep combo attack system like the console versions. Still it is a good time to pass when you have nothing to do and you really going to enjoy it.

TEKKEN mobile apk download is the world’s most successful fighting game franchise has been brought to mobile. Join PAUL, KAZUYA, XIAOYU, LAW, PANDA, NINA & all other famous fighters to engage in an intuitive.

Deep combat system featuring fighting techniques from all around the world. Take on the role of the Dojo Master, collecting, upgrading and battling with your favorite fighters from the legendary TEKKEN franchise.
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How to Download Tekken Mobile Mod Apk

The Fight Has Gone Mobile: The number one fighting franchise in history makes its way to mobile with the deepest fighting game on the market. Play Tekken on mobile mod apk and Mac to experience a new thrill.

From an all-new perspective with classic fighters like Panda, Nina, Law, and more so you are the Dojo Master and your job is to assemble the ultimate team of fighters from Tekken history. More than 20 different fighters are featured with over twenty special moves per character.

Tekken mobile apk download gives players multiple game modes including an intense solo campaign with powerful bosses and specialized encounters. Take on the Djo Challenge and see how your team compares with those from Dojo Masters all over the world.

Tekken Mod APK Download Latest Version, so now you may have got some information about this tekken mod APK, now you will want to download and install this tekken APK game on your device on your Android device, you have no need to worry.

Because we are giving you the button to download tekken mod apk file in the same post, through which you can comfortably install this tekken apk. So download tekken mobile apk downlad and enjoy the game.

——Click Here to Download Takken apk——

  1. First of all, click on the download button.
  2. As soon as you click on the download button, the download will start.
  3. Now you have to wait a while until it is downloaded.
  4. Once downloaded, you now have to go to your phone’s settings and enable settings for unknown sources.
  5. Now open on the file you downloaded and click on the install button.
  6. Installing will start as soon as you click on the install button, now you have to wait 1 to 2 minutes.
  7. Hopefully, it will be installed. Now you have to click open and play this game on your device, tekken APK is a great game you will definitely enjoy playing.
  8. If you want to download Tekken 3 Mod APK, we will give you the button, click on it and download taken 3 apk.

Game Play – Tekken Mobile Apk Download

Tekken Gameplay: In this mobile version of TEKKEN, you will be competing in the King of Iron Fist tournament. Playing as a number of colorful characters, players use simple touch controls to land a series of punches and kicks in an attempt to beat down their competition.

But while this does add cards that can trigger special attack moves on the tekken mobile apk download. This version has been simplified compared to other takes on the franchise and it appreciates in competing.

Ads are a nuisance and sharing with friends seems compulsory in order to obtain power-ups on tekken mobile apk download. But if you are a fan then these might seem like little obstacles to enjoy the nostalgia bringing characters and stages.

New players might not be able to get the proper feel especially if they haven’t played Tekken 3 on a console and especially with all the different high-end brawl games available in the market, try the classic Tekken 3.

Tips and Tricks for Playing: Without doubt, Tekken mobile apk download for Android has many moves to make to fight against opponents. However, speed and timing are important for you to push the control buttons.

If you find difficulty in it yet still want to enjoy the game, you can consider using Hwoarang character with its simplicity. Of course, you will have to learn how to trigger the moves from the combo list of the start button if you want the not so easy path in playing this game.

You need some practices before you can get used to it all, but it’s worth trying to play to the fullest. Finally when into the game play of the tekken mobile apk download you will find it easy and competitive in nature.

The Main Plot of the Game:

Every game like tekken mobile apk download must have its own storyline. This fighting-based game itself has its plot started from the story of Heihachi Mishima who finds out the peculiarity of the missing of word-class fighters.

His suspicion on Ogre known as the God of Fighting has led him to hold King of Iron Fist Turnament 3 to lure him in. After Jin Kazama the main character manages to defeat True Ogre; he turns his target to Jin in fear of Devil Gene inside him.

The Controls for the Moves: As you have clearly known about this game tekken mobile apk download so it has many fights to do along the storyline. The fighting styles in the game are adapted from the styles of martial arts in reality.

However, you don’t have to worry for this game offers very smooth control for any moves of the fighting styles. Still you will have to be careful when taking hit from your opponents and Sometimes it is hard to avoid them and the others when they are done in a row.

Tekken mobile apk download just like the other games, there must be both pros and cons from it. Regardless how popular it is in the game world today, there are always good things and bad things you will notice from the game.

It won’t hurt to know them, right as it help in playing the game while knowing the pro and con you will know much about the features of the game. You will get clear idea of what and what’s not to expect from the game after all.

Tekken 7 Apk Download For Android

Tekken mobile apk download is the smartphone version of the famous video game saga developed by Namco Bandai. In order to adapt the gaming experience to the small touchscreens, the developers have opted for modifying the controls.

And do without the control stick and the virtual buttons in order to follow the latest standards of the Android genre. The controls are a simplified reinvention that let you carry out simple and special attacks, protect yourself and move around the screen.

Although it may not seem like much, this small range of movements is more than enough to be able to offer you exciting battles where you’ll come face to face with some famous characters of the saga such as Kim Kazama, Paul Phoenix, or Nina Williams, among many others.

As a huge added bonus, its absolutely spectacular graphics are just as good as in the original game tekken mobile apk download. The game lets you participate in a sort of story mode where you have to win battle after battle.

You can also participate in daily events that last a certain amount of time as well as an asynchronous ‘versus’ mode. Where you get to fight against teams made up of other characters of tekken mobile apk download.

characters of tekken mobile apk

The objective here is to earn items and special cards that can help you unlock new fighters or improve the ones you already have. You will get more exciting when participating in this battle of tekken mobile apk download.

Tekken is an amazing Android adaptation of the acclaimed console saga. Although the game does stray away from its true competitive 1 vs. 1 essence, it is definitely interesting enough to be worth a try on Android.

If you are gamers, I am sure that you must have at least heard about fighting-based games like this. First available in Sony PlayStation One console this game tekken mobile apk download has now come as Android version.

You no longer have to go to game center just so you can play the game to your heart content. Well, Tekken latest APK 0.7.2 is new version of the game and both versions of the game don’t necessarily have to be exactly the same.

Tekken 7 apk download for andriod, the popular fighting game is finally available on Android and iOS devices. Bandai Namco had announced the launch of the game for mobile devices last year in August 2017.

But now the free-to-play fighting game has come out of the soft launch and has officially been rolled out worldwide. Try and download the game for tekken mobile apk download and enjoy the show.

game for tekken mobile apk

Following a series of rollouts through various countries, Tekken also know as Tekken Mobile apk download is now fully available. It is worth noting that while the game is free to download and it comes with several in-app purchases.

Meanwhile, the game features include the ability to choose from over 20 characters, upgrade to more than 20 special moves for each fighter, and various game modes like Story Mode, DOJO Challenge, and Live Events.

Here, users will be able to create a team of three players who will assist the character Kazuya Mishima against an enemy called Revenant. Users will also be able to challenge other players in the DOJO Challenge mode of the tekken mobile apk download.

And the company has plans to host live events that will feature daily, weekly and monthly new content. Tekken brings swipe-based fighting experience that is seen is games like Injustice 2 where the gameplay is simplified for smartphones.

It involves a number of playable characters who typically compete in King of Iron Fist Tournament. It is a fighting game series like tekken mobile apk download that first came into being back in the early 90s for the PlayStation.

How to Download Tekken Download PC

This kind of game is common there are two, one is real fast hit, unrighteous alliance 1 this, no displacement, just a little bit of planning, no fighting skills, purely by data rolling, hanging fighting game skin is actually card Card collection game.

Another such as the Granville champion, Rome God of War, increased before and after the displacement, sudden, etc. Improve the operation of a grade, although still not fighting of tekken mobile apk download.

This game is actually the latter, but it is definitely one of the best in the end is a veteran Japanese fighting game. Even to the phone can also crush a large number of similar games related to tekken mobile apk download.
How to Download and Play Tekken mobile pk download on PC

  1. Download and install tekkenon your PC
  2. Complete Google sign-in to access the Play Store, or do it later
  3. Look for Tekken in the search bar at the top right corner
  4. Click to install Tekken from the search results
  5. Complete Google sign-in (if you skipped step 2) to install Tekken
  6. Click the Tekken icon on the home screen to start playing

Features of tekken mobile apk
Features of tekken mobile apk download:

  • Collect over 20 characters with unique fighting styles
  • Upgrade and unlock over 20 unique special moves for each fighter
  • Battle it out in Unique Game modes including STORY MODE missions, online versus battles in DOJO CHALLENGE and rotating LIVE EVENT challenges!

1- STORY MODE – Explore the world of TEKKEN mobile apk download

  • Join the legendary fighter, Kazuya Mishima, as he battles against his toughest adversary yet! Battle through a map-based campaign featuring unique encounters and specialised and powerful bosses.
  • Build specialis+E13ed teams to take down unique missions
  • Explore dynamic battle maps to uncover compelling challenges and rewards

2- DOJO CHALLENGE – Online Versus Battles on tekken mobile apk downlaod.

  • Build a team and battle against your friends and the community in this online versus mode
  • Players build teams of attackers and defenders to compete in monthly seasons for unique rewards
  • Ranked ladders allow players to progress and measure up against the best players in the world
  • Players record and upload their own in-game fighting styles into the AI of their dojo, giving them an authentic feel

3- LIVE EVENTS – Brand new content to experience daily on tekken mobile apk download

  • Live events feature daily, weekly and monthly rotating content. A fresh experience every time you play!
  • Special themed events will provide unique experiences and encounters
  • Rare characters and content available during Special Events
  • What’s new in this of TEKKEN mobile apk download include:
  • New Halloween Events and Characters: Eliza and Halloween Dragunov enter the battle!
  • Halloween customization items: go get your broom, ghost, etc.
  • New deck builder: new layout to help you manage your decks like your runes.
  • Knock-out mode changes: start with full health and damages still attributed to the enemy despite a defeat.

Pros and cons of tekken mobile apk download include the following:

  1. A Variety of Game Modes
  2. Real-Like Fighting Styles
  3. Many Fighters to Try
  4. Fine Controls


  1. Graphics Can Be Better
  2. Hard to Avoid Getting Hit
  3. No Devil Jin’s Appearance

The world-famous fighting game Tekken mobile apk download and its franchise have been brought to mobile. Join famous fighters to engage in an intuitive, deep combat system featuring fighting techniques from all around the world.

Take on the role of the Dojo Master, collecting, upgrading and battling with your favorite fighters from the legendary TEKKEN games. Many Tekken Fans out there would rejoice regardless of the fact whether the game is good or bad.

The franchise has seen a number of sequels and spin-offs, having sold millions of units over the years across multiple platforms including Xbox and Nintendo consoles. Get the game of tekken mobile apk download.

In order to download the game on your Android smartphone, the minimum requirements are Android 5.0, 2GB RAM, and Samsung Exynos 8890 SoC/ Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processors or higher.

Also get tekken mobile apk download requirements for iOS devices, the minimum requirements are iOS 10 and iPhone 6 or higher. Notably, Tekken 7 was made available on Windows PC for the first time in 2017.

In Tekken 7 for Android tekken mobile apk download, you will choose your desired characters and also your opponents. You can play this game as a single game and there is also an option for playing game in the tournament.

Each character has its own unique quality, the move of each play you will find different and each one is the specialist fighter. Now it is up to you how you can use the features of your characters on Tekken mobile apk download.

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