7 Reasons Why Accessibility is Good for SEO and Sales

When it comes to good SEO practices, there are several factors that most people follow. But as we are moving towards advanced SEO to cater to a larger audience, accessibility also becomes important. Earlier, it was considered as a value addition to the existing site’s functionalities. But now, it has proven that it can improve both sales and overall SEO practices for any product or service-based company.

If you are not aware of why accessibility is important for your business’ more sales and good SEO, don’t worry as we have got you covered. In this article, we will have a look at the top seven reasons why this is a big thing and every company owner should make their sites more accessible to more audiences including specially-abled people. 

Reasons Why Accessibility is Good for SEO and Sales
Reasons Why Accessibility is Good for SEO and Sales

1. It improves visibility

When anyone optimizes their website for better accessibility, the whole website’s architecture and content organization take a change for a better user experience. Features like schema markup and text to speech functionality not only make your website more usable but also improves the overall rankings. 

Google rewards websites that offer an excellent user experience to visitors and accessibility can help you achieve this. All you need to identify the core areas where you will apply the accessibility features to make the browsing experience elevated. Compliances like ADA and WCAG are already present among us and they will benefit from getting higher rankings. Some countries have made WCAG compliance mandatory while some don’t. But it’s always better to move two steps ahead by optimizing your site for better usability. You can also choose a suitable SEO package to improve your visibility.


2. It boosts the reputation

Branding is highly important in this hyper-connected world and it can generate a lot of sales without any kind of paid marketing campaigns. When you optimize your website for accessibility, it shows that you care for your customers and people generate positive signals for your brand on social media. 

As you help more people have the same browsing and shopping experience on your site, it will help you improve your domain authority. With all such positive signals for your brand, the SEO will also see an improvement. Once you optimize your site for better accessibility, you can promote it on your social media handles and make everyone know about it. It will increase both sales and traffic. This will help you take an edge over your competitor without running ads.


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3. Improved user experience & better sales

When you focus on delivering a better user experience to all your customers including the specially-abled people, you automatically drive more sales. As more people are able to access your products and services, it improves the average on-page time spent by a single user. 

Search engines consider this as an important ranking factor and you will definitely get the benefit of it in the search rankings. You will find several plugins and online guides for improving the usability of the site that you can follow to thrive online. And, another benefit of integrating accessibility features on your site is that it will improve the overall customer-retention and repeat rate. This is the best way to gain more traction than your competitors.


4. It reduces the bounce rate

A higher bounce rate is a serious issue in SEO practices and it’s not that easy to bring that number down. But, when your website is ADA or WCAG compliant then more users will arrive on your site and they will be able to access what they were searching for. 

This will help you reduce the bounce rate significantly and it will improve both sales and traffic of your brand. There are several ways to reduce the high bounce rate but this one the best to start with. You can analyze which are the pages that get the most number of visitors and start optimizing those pages first. Check-in analytics are the pages with the most traffic and also checks their bounce rate. After implementing the accessibility changes, check the analytics again after 15-20 days to see the impact.


5. It helps you dominate over competitive keywords

Another significant advantage of offering accessibility on your platform is that it will help you outperform your maximum competitors. If you run a competitive analysis, you will find that most of your rival brands are not optimized a single page for a large set of audience. This is the time to offer better services than these brands and make new customers. 

If you are trying to rank on competitive keywords with a low DA, even then there are high chances that your site will rank to serve more people. Google pays great attention to ease of content access and with accessibility integrations, you will gain a lot of SEO traction and make more sales. 


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6. Higher coding standards and hence better SEO

Integrating accessibility needs a higher coding standard as the whole website architecture is needed to be optimized as per the rules and guidelines. When your site’s structural organization is robust, then it will give you an edge over the competitors in terms of higher SEO preference. 

Schema markup plays a significant role in advanced SEO as it helps you optimize the website for rich-snippets. So if you are planning to make your site accessibility-friendly, do it as soon as possible in 2021 to gain more traction from Google and other search engines like Bing and Yahoo. 


7. It’s the future of advanced SEO

Standard SEO practices are not enough to thrive online in 2021 and to take a lead from your competitors, you need to implement accessibility functionalities. This will not only improve your SEO benefits but also help you gain more sales as compared to your competitors. 

In 2021 and beyond, the SEO will get more complex, and to begin the preparations for it, accessibility optimization is the first step towards it.

These were the most important seven benefits of accessibility for better SEO results and driving more sales to your business in the upcoming time. It’s the right time to get started with it and gain more traction. 

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