5 Packaging Trends For 2021 For Business To Follow

It is not incorrect to state that packaging is the backbone of the industrial sector. It provides bundles of benefits to the product manufacturers and helps them elevate their sales to the maximum. The demand for cardboard packaging is always thriving as the design is highly unique for promoting the products and protecting them from the risks of damage.

Their sturdy structure helps to resist all sorts of stacking pressure and physical impacts, along with the option for laminations to make barrier properties perfect. They are customizable in any desired shape and size due to their versatile nature and different printing options available for packaging.

An Overview

The packaging is the ultimate companion of businesses in both protective efforts and promotional tactics as the design’s potentials are endless. The packaging was initially not intended to be like this, but it results from years of advancements in manufacturing and customization technology.

Originally, cardboard boxes were introduced in 1875 to replace the heavy wooden shipping boxes and were ineffective for the process. The design was only considered to be the protective barrier for the products without any promotional ability at the time.

The printing options available in the market were only used for the labelling process as they weren’t useful enough to print promotional graphics. With the superior printing and customization options available for the design, cardboard packaging can be cut and designed along with endless possibilities to print promotional graphics on the packaging.

There are also several lamination options available for the packaging that can help the businesses ensure their packaging’s barrier properties and keep damaging risks away from products.


Importance Of Packaging Trends

The cardboard boxes now being used in the market are totally in contrast to the past designs. The traditionally used packaging was very much standard in nature, and the customization options were close to none. With the advent of digital and offset printing for the packaging and various lamination styles available, the packaging is more like the marketing machine for businesses.

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Die-cutting and perforation can also be used to manufacture packaging in any desired shape and size. In short, the possibilities now with new packaging design are only limited by the imaginations of the designer.

Packaging trends in the market are always a perfect source of innovation as they help design that packaging according to the precise requirements and preferences of consumers. Here are some of the latest packaging trends that are important to be considered in an attempt to elevate the appeal of packaging matchlessly in 2021.


Antimicrobial Packaging

As we saw in 2020, the global shipping channels were severely impacted by lockdown due to the COVID pandemic. The world just realized the importance of antimicrobial packaging as it is highly essential to secure the shipping routes and make our supply chain sustained.

One of the most critical trends in the year 2021 is to normalize antimicrobial packaging that can keep the risks of bacteria and viruses away from products and helps businesses in the global shipping of products. Such packaging solutions can also prove beneficial for secure shipping of vaccines and pharmaceuticals, and essential food supplies to all places in any situation.


Sustainability And Green Packaging

The years-long use of non-renewable packaging solutions such as plastic and other petroleum-based packaging materials has led to catastrophic impacts on our natural ecosystem. Such packaging materials are non-biodegradable and stay in landfills for hundreds of years, destroying the soil and contaminating the water sources.

One of the top trends in the market is cardboard and Kraft boxes, as they are 100 percent organic in nature and can also be recycled for manufacturing new packaging. Moreover, their versatile nature also ensures the protection of products along with providing the consumers with a better experience.


Tech Integrated Designs

The technology being used for manufacturing packaging designs is evolving day by day and is effectively helping the industrial sector to make the supply chain process more secure and efficient. One of the latest trends in the market is to merge the new technology with cardboard packaging to enrich the efficiency of the shipping process.

Businesses are now using RFID chips on the packaging to track them during the shipping process. The use of Barcodes is omitting the need for excessive printing on the boxes, along with the use of 3D graphics to hook the attention of tech-savvy consumers as they can virtually interact with the packaging designs.

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Enriched Brand Storytelling

The competition in the market for better sales is elevating between brands, and all of them are using effective and innovative tactics to captivate the attention of more potential consumers. It is essential for marketers now to differentiate their products creatively in the market in an attempt to make their sales skyrocket.

The use of brand storytelling tactic is now famous in the market as it helps the brands to connect with the audience in the market on an emotional level. Businesses can use digital and offset printing to introduced creative and vivid artwork on the boxes that communicates their unique brand story.

This tactic is also perfect for elevating the recognition of the brand and driving the profits higher.


Designs For E-Commerce

The online shopping spectrum of the market is facing a boom for the past few years, and the year 2020 was the golden time for them. The global lockdown resulted in the physical markets being closed, and consumers were fonder of using the online shopping services as it provided them with comfort to get all the essential products directly to their doorsteps.

Now all leading businesses have some sort of digital presence, and designing the packaging solutions in accordance with e-commerce is the latest trend. You can design your mailer boxes with the branding theme and logo of your brand, along with using other sorts of vivid artwork. The use of additional handles can be done to make transportation easy, along with die-cut windows to enrich the experience of consumers.


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