NEW MTN Recharge Code | How to Load Airtel Card

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MTN recharge card is used for loading Mtn Recharge card. If you want load MTN credit or Recharge card you need to know or use NEW MTN recharge code.

It is obvious that one cannot make call, send text messages or browse without balance. Now question is how load Airtime to have credit balance? will answer that soon so stay put.

This article is purposely written to help you remember when ever you forget the code. This article, i you will also help you with mtn recharge code from bank if you don’t have cash.

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In shot, this article is all about new mtn recharge code 2021, mtn recharge code for 17 digit pin, new mtn recharge code Nigeria.

MTN Recharge Code For 17 digit Pin

MTN recharge code for 17 digit pin is *555*Recharge card PIN# but MTN has a new code. If you every run out of airtime, recharge card or data, and you want to load MTN credit just follow this guide.

  • Buy recharge card from any shop close to you
  • Open your phone
  • Dial *555*
  • Now after dialing *555*
  • Enter the recharge card pin followed by # sign
  • Finally click the call button (For example dial *555*RECHARGE CARD PIN#

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Now you just did the magic, you have just successfully load MTN credit card with 17 digits pin. Next, you will learn how load MTN credit with the NEW MTN recharge code.

New MTN Recharge Code 2021

MTN have recently updated things a little bit this year one of which includes the new mtn recharge code 2021. Unlike the old recharge card pin, the new MTN recharge card pin has 10 digits instead of 17 digits.

The latest MTN card now has 10 digit PIN and new loading code *3551*10 digit pin#, instead *555*PIN#. So from now on, if you buy MTN recharge card and you see i has only 10 digits, you need to use the new credit code to load the credit card.

Follow this blue print to load the new Recharges card

  • Buy credit any nearest MTN outlets
  • Open your dialer
  • Dial *3551* followed by the 10 digit card pin then#
  • For example, dial *3551*12345678901#

Now! you have just successfully used the new MTN recharge code to load credit. MTN has good reasons for changing its code which is the new recharge code is to change partnership deal with recharge card producers.

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Whatever their reasons may be, I believe it is for the greater. Now that we are done with the new recharge code we will see how to recharge from your bank if you don’t have cash on.

MTN Recharge Code From Bank

To recharge from the bank is the best option if you don’t have the cash to buy MTN card. But just way every mobile network has its unique USSD codes for different operations, so do the banks have different recharge codes.

Like every other network provider in Nigeria, MTN has a special USSD code used to recharge cards. Sometimes you tend to easily forget the correct code to load the MTN card and sometimes there would be no one around to ask.

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How TO Check MTN Balance Status

To check your airtime balance on your MTN line simply dial *556# or *556*2#. Dial *556# then send send button for account details or dial 180 then send button follow the prompt voice to hear account balance.

To check your data balance on your MTN line simply. Text 2 to 131 for data balance or dial *131# then Send button follow the prompt messages to view data balance.

First Bank Credit Recharge Code

In this section, you will learn about the different banks and Recharge codes. At first we will start with First Bank Nigeria, FCMB, UBA and GT bank.

Continue reading about mtn recharge code 2021, How to load MTN credit or how to load MTN card with new mtn recharge code 3551.

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How to Recharge Your Phone Number

If you are a First Bank Nigeria account holder and to recharge your personal phone number dial *894*amount#. For example, if you wish to recharge #100 from your first bank account to your phone number dial *894*100#.

This codes does not apply if you want to recharge airtime for another person using your bank account. For security reasons if you want to recharge for another person from your bank, *894*Amount*phone number#.

That is for example, if you want to load 500 Naira airtime for you friend dial *894*500*08104128059#. Now that is all for first bank users and how to load MTN recharge card.

How to Buy Airtime from FCMB Account

Like in the case of the First bank Nigeria, FCMB also has different codes for self and other recharge codes. So if you are a First city Monument Bank (FCMB) user without cash to by MTN card, this is how to load credit from your bank.

To recharge MTN card or data from FCMB for yourself, *329*amount # that is *329*1000#. If you want to recharge for another person you will need another code to do so.

To recharge from your FCMB account to a friend’s number, *329*500*08104128059#. You can see it is very easy to perform even without any technical skills.

How to Load MTN Credit From UBA Bank

MTN recharge for United Bank of Africa is simple just like every other bank. To recharge your phone number with airtime, simply dial *919*Amount#.

For example, if you want to recharge N3000, dial *901*3000# and send. To recharge other people’s phone numbers with airtime, simply dial *901*Phone Number*Amount#.

For example, if you want to recharge N3000, dial *919*08145087537*3000# and send. Wow, you just successfully recharge MTN airtime from your UBA bank account.

MTN recharge code is the old pattern of recharging MTN credit, while MTN recharge code 2021 is the updated code. The New MTN recharge code is used to load recharge cards with 10 digit numbers.

*555*PIN# is the normal recharge code while *3551*10 digit pin# is the new code. If you don’t have cash on hand you can still recharge your phone and for your friend using any bank in Nigeria.

For example, if you are an FCMB bank user dial *329*amount# for yourself. If you want to recharge for a friend using First City Monument Bank, dial *329*amount*recipient phone number#.


I have also talked about checking your MTN Airtime and data balance using a USSD code New MTN recharge code. The code works anywhere and anytime you wish to know your balance.

First Bank Nigeria users should dial *894*amount# for MTN self recharge and amount*recipient phone number#. for friends. You are now a pro, and I believe you can load MTN credit anytime and anywhere.

For now, that is all about the NEW MTN recharge code and how to load an MTN card or credit from a bank. If you have any more questions please ask us using the comment box. Do not forget to share this article with others too…

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