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Merge magic mod apk is a cracked version of the original brand new game from the creators of the highly acclaimed Merge Dragons. You will discover enchanted tales and quests in the mysterious world of Merge Magic as you play.

You will be given open doors, where you can combine everything into better and more powerful items for your journey. The best way to emerge successful as you play this game is if you engage in matching items as you level up.

Merge eggs to hatch magical creatures, then evolve them to uncover more powerful ones and maintain your reign. Encounter and solve challenging puzzle levels, match the items to win, then bring rewards back to your Garden to collect and grow.

The only hope to lift the curse from the bewitched land rests in YOUR power to MERGE ANYTHING; eggs, treasures, and even mythical creatures. You can reveal extraordinary wonders as you merge your garden to perfection and nurture your amazing creatures.

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How to Download and install merge magic mod apk

If you are interested, there are guidelines on how to download and install merge magic mod apk to your android phone or PC. Games that belong to the puzzle genre must have been a familiar concept to many gamers.

Games of this type are always appealing to players because of the simple way of playing, but it contains many mysteries and challenges. Merge magic mod apk makes players have to think and use many logical tactis.

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  1. Use the download button above to download the mod apk
  2. Now open the app you have downloaded from our site
  3. Click install to start the installation process
  4. Wait for two or more seconds to finish installing
  5. Switch off your internet data connection or Wifi
  6. Open the newly installed app and turn on your data
  7. Finally start editing all your photos with Merge magic mod apk

The game promises to make players have extremely satisfying moments in the magical world full of mystery and challenges. The assurance of full and unfailing excitement that comes with this video game is compared to non.

To attract players to the merge dragon mod apk puzzle game, any publisher must spend a significant investment in the image quality of the game. And Merge Magic is also an exception with extremely attractive gameplay and storyline.
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This game also uses novel and eye-catching cartoon strokes to create a highlight for the overall game. The image quality in this game shows very well in detail, the scenery of the magical world is also depicted clearly and beautifully.

Colours are also the highlight of brightness, contrast and colour saturation are also adjusted properly giving a clearer view. All give players the experience of excitement and comfort throughout the process of challenging puzzles.

Teust me when i say that “Merge Magic” is quite well done in both content, graphics and stand as an effective entertainment game. Merge Magic is one that you can not miss, you might have heard but it’s time for you to join the race.

Merge Magic Mod apk Download

Merge magic mod apk Download is an intellectual puzzle game series combined with a fascinating adventure story into a mysterious world. It is where you meet creatures that only exist in myths, learn and build your own fairy garden.

Gram Games is a well-known publisher for popular titles like Merge Dragon, 1010!, Merge Gems and many more. It can be easily seen that the games of this publisher tend to solve puzzles by merging objects together.

Therefore, this is also the way Gram Games like merge magic mod apk asserted its position in the mobile game industry. There are much more to this very fascinating video game that meets the eye than what you read.

Magic Merge will take you into the fairytale world, where there are mysterious creatures with extraordinary powers. All are located in your beautiful garden, but this garden has been cursed by an evil witch.

The garden was gradually invaded by a dark force with dark power that have ruin the beauty and nature of the fairyland. Your task is to make intelligent use of mythical creatures by incubating eggs and combining them to lift the curse.

intelligent use of mythical creatures

Win more items and build your own wonderful garden, breed tons of matched and helpful dragons to become powerful. With these powers, you can emerge as a dragon master and fight alongside or against  many more dragon lords.

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Merge Magic mod apk gives you a fairy world with hundreds of characters only with fairies and over 500 mystical creatures. You can easily see familiar species such as unicorns, fairies, mermaids and a lot more wield creatures.

In addition, there are also “special hybrid” creatures that you have never seen before as elephants with butterfly wings. The deeper you go into this fairy world, the more you will discover the powerful sources of power hidden in those creatures.

On your journey to decipher the evil curse, you may have to cross the road full of evil witches and many more obstacle. Every stage that you pass, you can receive gold, wood, stones, tries, dragon egss and especially gems.

These are things that help you gain more equipment as well as the eggs of the special creatures as you gather them. The higher the level, the more difficult the merge dragons mod apk challenge will be, but the reward there is well worth it.

Features of Merge Stories Mod Apk

A special feature of merge stories mod apk comes from the improvement in the match-3 mechanism. Specifically, players will combine things by moving them closer together, so that they can evolve and grow into a magical creature.

When you move 3 eggs of the same type in 3 different positions combine together, the egg will evolve and become a magical creature. If you match 3 creatures of the same type, they will be bigger in size and strength of magic power.

These are some improvements that brings a lot of interesting experiences for players while enjoying the game. I kind of love this video game more than I love watching movies because it is more fascinating than I anticipated.

Besides the innovative puzzle game, Merge Magic mod apk also brings gamers many extremely interesting features. The first feature that appeals to players is an extremely diverse and attractive system of objects.

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With over 500 fantastic objects to match, the game gives players the exciting moments of discovering new objects and new creatures. Each object is merged to bring vivid and beautiful brushstrokes while facing different challenges.

Besides, the game also gives players the task system with more than 81 different challenges. It can be said that the game is more than enough to satisfy the passion of exploring and finding the mystery of fastidious players.

The system of creatures in merge stories mod apk is also very diverse and extremely rich in all aspect. You will come across mythical creatures like fairies, unicorns, minotaurs and some hybrid creatures like Butterphants.


Merge magic mod apk is an intellectual puzzle game series combined with a fascinating adventure story into a mysterious world. It is where you meet creatures that only exist in myths, learn and build your own fairy garden.

This is a pretty new game with the gameplay of merging objects and adventure, surely Merge Magic still has many interesting things waiting for players to discover. The world in myths is always very beautiful and contains countless mysteries that attract people.

If you’ve only thought about fantasy worlds before, why not try this game and enjoy the wonderland created by yourself. In merge magic mod app, you will live like you own maker with the power to write history.

Merge magic mod apk free shopping

Merge magic mod apk free shopping Games belong to the puzzle genre that have been a familiar concept to many gamers. This type of games are always appealing to players because of the simple way of playing to all age.

Merge magic mod apk contains many mysteries, challenges, and makes players have to think and use many logical tactics. This video game is very attractive, but the puzzle is the point that makes many people not interested in the puzzle game genre.

Mind you, player may still face the greatest danger like The Evil Witch and you most be able to fight against her dark magic. So you should collect as many Powerful items as possible, but bee careful not to be superfluous at all times.

Always be prepared for your specific strategies in the endless journey of “Merge Magic” and you most be ready to fight off challenges. Merge dragon mod apk have lots of gems cheat that you will only know of when you start playing the game.

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