LG WD200CV SideKick Pedestal user Manual

LG WD200CV SideKick Pedestal user Manual

Get a free ssofft copy of the LG WD200CV SideKick Pedestal user Manual here o this site without paying a single dime. This user manual or guide will help you to easily navigate through and easily use the gadget.

LG WD200CV SideKick Pedestal user Manual

Built-in Convenience – Add the ingenious LG SideKick™ pedestal washer to your LG TWINWash™ compatible washer to tackle two loads of laundry—both large and small—at the very same time.

1.0 cu.ft. Right-Size Capacity – The mighty mini. The LG SideKick™ is specially designed for your small, custom-care laundry loads. You can clean days of sweat-laden spin class gear now rather than waiting for a full load in your regular washer. Your clothes (and family) will thank you.

Magnetic Remote Control – Just press play. Grab the multi-function remote control RCW1 to start, stop or select a cycle on your LG SideKick™ washer. Plus, it’s magnetic, so you can attach it to the side of your washer, dryer or other metal surface.

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