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You will get to opportunity to access a free pdf soft copy of LG LUPXC2386N User Manual or user guide on the page. This article applies to anyone who has the LG LUPXC2386N refrigerator but has misplaced the original manual and even if you still have it this soft copy is more flexible so you can literarily walk around with it on your phone.
Whichever the case maybe, for the purpose of reminder, i will like to spell out the place of owner’s manual in every gadget that most people don’t know. Owner’s manual is like and immediate help or costumer support for every gadget user to refer to whenever they are having troubles with a gadget or trying to install or setup the gadget.

LG LUPXC2386N User Manual & Specs

InstaView Door-in-Door has a sleek mirrored glass panel that illuminates with two quick knocks, allowing you to see inside the easy access compartment without ever opening the door, reducing cold air loss to help keep food fresher longer.
Auto Open Door feature is a smart sensor detector at the foot of the refrigerator that opens the door automatically. Just step on the “Door Open” light projection on the floor in front of the refrigerator and the door gently opens.
Full stainless steel body with a scratch-resistant textured finish makes for an impeccable exterior design, enhancing its minimalist style to the fullest.

Caution for LG LUPXC2386N

LG LUPXC2386N User Manual,lg lupxc2386n user manual pdf,lg lupxc2386n user manual download,lg lupxc2386n user manual,

  • Do not hit the glass panel of the door too hard. Don’t let hard objects, such as kitchen utensils or glass bottles knock on the glass panel of the door. The glass could break and cause injury or property damage.
  • Do not use this appliance for special purposes, such as the preservation of medicines or materials test, do not use it on a boat, etc.
  • Unplug the power cord before cleaning or repairing the refrigerator.
  • When replacing the refrigerator bulb, unplug the refrigerator or cut off the electric current.
  • Do not modify or lengthen the power cord.
  • Do not use electric dryers
  • For your safety, this appliance must be properly grounded. Ask a qualified electrician to check the power outlet and electrical circuit to ensure that that the power outlet is properly grounded.
  • Do not use any outlet that can be turned on or off by a switch. Do not use a current extension cord. It is the user’s responsibility to replace an outlet Standard 2-socket wall by a standard 3-socket wall.
  • Under no circumstances does the third (grounding) plug of the electrical cable be cut or removed.
  • Do not use adapters; plug the power cord into a multi-outlet extension cord.
  • Unplug the cable immediately if you hear any noise, strange odors or smoke from
    exit the appliance.

Automatic ice machine

Depending on the model, some of the following functions may not be Available. Ice is made in the automatic icebox and is sent to the dispenser. The icebox produces 70 to 182 cubes over a period of 24 hours, depending on the temperature of the freezer compartment, temperature environment, the number of times the door and other operating conditions.

  • A newly installed refrigerator will take time 12 to 24 hours until we start manufacturing ice. Wait 72 hours for the
    ice making.
  • Ice making stops when the ice tank on the door is full. When it is full, the ice tank of the door fills approximately 6 to 8 glasses ice.
  • Foreign substances or frost in the automatic shutdown (palpable arm) can interrupt ice production. For a proper functioning, make sure that the palpable arm is clean at all times.

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