LG LTCS20120WS User Manual Pdf Free

LG LTCS20120WS User ManualLG LTCS20120WS User Manual

This article is all about LG ltcs20120ws user manual pdfyou can also call it user guide or manual. If you have a LG ltcs20120ws Refrigerator then you should also have a copy of the Samsun dishwasher manual but if you don’t or have lost the one you had, you are in the right place.

lg ltcs20120ws user manual pdf

Parts and Features 4 18Refrigerator Installation 5-12 18Unpacking 5 Installation 5 How to remove and Install the 19Refrigerator Doors 6-7 How to reverse and Install the Refrigerator Doors 8-11 Closing and Aligning the Doors 12
Using your Refrigerator 13-17 Ensuring Proper Air Circulation 13 Adjusting the Controls 13 Adjusting Control Settings 14 Food Storage Guide 14 Refr.


LG LTCS20120WS User ManualLG LTCS20120WS User Manual

If you decide to take your refrigerator with you when moving, consider the following:

  • Remove all of the food from it, and place the frozen food in an ice chest with dry ice.
  • Unplug your refrigerator.
  • Empty the water from its tray.
  • Clean and dry it with a rag.
  • Pull out all of the removable parts, and wrap them with
    adhesive tape.
  • Depending on the model of the refrigerator, lift the top part of the refrigerator so it can roll with ease, or screw the levelers so it won´t scratch the floor. Consult to the section “Closing and Aligning Doors”.
  • Keep the doors closed with the cable glued to the refrigerator cabinet with an adhesive tape.

When your refrigerator arrives to your home, put everything back into place and read the section “Refrigerator Installation” in order to obtain installation preparation. In case your refrigerator has a factory ice maker, remember you have to reconnect the water supply.
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This manual contains several important safety notices. Always read and obey all of the following safety messages.

  • You may be killed or suffer fatal damage if you do not follow instructions.
  • You may be killed or seriously injured if you do not follow instructions.
  • Indicates a potentially hazardous situation which, if not avoided, may result in minor injury or damage to the product.
  • All safety messages inform you of potential danger, advise you on how to reduce the risk of injury and tell you what can
    occur if the instructions are not followed.

This article was put together to provide users with LG ltcs20120ws user manual pdf, user guide or Samsung DW80K7050UG user manual. However, it also contains other basic tips to help your fix some simple faults if you dishwasher has developed one.

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