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LG IFXS28596S User Manual & Specs

InstaView Door-in-Door refrigerators have a sleek glass panel that allows you to see inside the easy access door without letting the cold air out. Simply knock twice on the glass to illuminate the contents within.

Stock-up and store everything you need. With a cavernous 28 cubic feet of space, this LG French Door refrigerator gives you ample space for all of your family’s favorite foods and keeps them conveniently organized and within reach.

Deep yet brilliantly appealing, the LG Black fridge  Stainless Steel Series brings an undeniable luster to kitchen spaces. It elevates the traditional stainless steel look that has become the standard in today’s homes with a satin-smooth, warm and sophisticated finish— for a timeless expression that pairs beautifully with any style.

LG IFXS28596S Fridge Installation

  • • To reduce the risk of injury to persons, adhere to all industry recommended safety procedures including the use of long-sleeved gloves and safety glasses.
  • Never attempt to operate this appliance if it is damaged, malfunctioning, partially disassembled, or has missing or broken parts, including a damaged cord or plug.
  • Only connect this product to a dedicated grounded electrical outlet rated for use with this product (115 V, 60 Hz, AC only). It is the user’s responsibility to replace a standard 2-prong wall outlet with a standard 3-prong wall outlet.
  • Do not use an outlet that can be turned off with a switch. Do not use an extension cord.
  • The appliance must be positioned for easy access to a power source.
  • When moving the refrigerator, be careful not to roll over or damage the power cord.
  • Contact an authorized service center when installing or relocating the refrigerator.
  • Do not, under any circumstances, cut or remove the third (ground) prong from the power cord.
  • Keep packing materials out of the reach of children. Packaging material can be dangerous for children. There is a risk of suffocation.
  • Do not install the refrigerator in a damp or dusty place where insulation on electrical parts may deteriorate.
  • Do not place the refrigerator in direct sunlight or expose it to the heat from heating appliances such as stoves or heaters.

LG IFXS28596S User Manual Table of Contenst

7 Product Features
11 Before Installing
12 Choosing the Proper Location
14 Removing/Assembling Handles
15 Removing/Assembling Doors and Drawers
21 Connecting the Water Line
24 Leveling and Door Alignment
25 Turning on the Power
26 Before Use
27 Control Panel
30 Sabbath Mode
30 Ice and Water Dispenser
31 Ice Compartment
32 Automatic Icemaker
34 Storing Food
36 Humidity Controlled Crispers
37 Glide‘N’Serve
37 Refrigerator Shelves
38 InstaView
39 Door-in-Door
40 Door Bins
40 Durabase
41 LG ThinQ Application
43 Smart Grid Function
44 Smart Diagnosis™ Feature
46 Cleaning
46 Air Filter
47 Water Filter
52 FAQs
53 Before Calling for Service
63 USA
67 Canad

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