Jio Free Data Code 2022 Enjoy Free 5OGB Internet

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Jio free data code 2022 is here to support you during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Users of Reliance Jio are in real luck this time since the activation of the 2GB daily free data.

Welcome back guys today am back with a new free internet trick for Jio users ONLY. All jio users are eligible for this free internet data offer and trick.

If you are a smartphone user with Jio network get ready to enjoy a 4G high-speed network. In this article, you will learn how to get Jio free data using different tricks and methods.

You will also learn about jio free internet proxy, Jio free data number. This includes Jio free data app with an official app and VPN app.


10 Jio Free Data Code


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This 10gb cheat is totally free of charge, you do not need any recharge balance. The method am about to show you is available to only selected and eligible users but you can try your luck.

Anyway, you should not fail to give a trial to see if you too can enjoy Jio free 10GB data. To activate this free internet access, follow the procedure below….

  1. Go to the google play store
  2. Search and download MyJio App
  3. If you already have it then clear all cache and cookies
  4. Open the MyJio App and log in with your number
  5. Click on the 3-line menu bar at the top left Conner
  6. Now select my plan
  7. Select data plan to activate 2GB daily data
  8. Now enjoy the 2GB daily data for 5 days to make 10GB

Congratulations you have just activated your jio 10GB free data valid for 5 days. Do not forget that the is a daily 2GB data accumulated for 5 days to make 10GB.


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Jio 50GB Free Internet Offer


This offer is not totally free so you need to recharge your balance to enjoy it. The 50GB Jio free data code offer is available to all prepaid users who want to renew their data balance.

The new offer allows Jio users to get 50GB of data at the cost of Rs.101 using ₹399 recharge plan. To activate this data you will have to recharge Rs.100 5 times within 2 hours.

If you recharge Rs.100 5 times you will get Rs.399 Jio Plan + 50 GB of Data. To get started please follow the guide below to get started with the Jio free internet code.

  1. Download and install the My Jio App
  2. Recharge Rs.100 to get Rs.82 bonus for every recharge
  3. Recharge Rs.100 5 times to make Rs. 500
  4. You will then be given Rs.410 bonus recharge in your balance
  5. Now you will be given 10GB jio internet data for every Rs.100 recharge
  6. Recharge 5 time and get 50GB instant 4G data
  7. At the end you get bonus Rs.410 and a 50GB data

Congratulations you have successfully activated a 50GB free internet data. If the first 10GB free data does not work for you then this 50GB is your best chance to get started.


Jio Free Data 4G VPN Trick


This method involves using a free VPN to access unlimited Jio Internet data with your phone. The method is very effective for Android phone users and PC.

With this method, you can download unlimited internet videos, music, and songs. If you want to enjoy this Unlimited Jio free data trick follow the guide below..

  1. Open your phone setting and go to mobile networks
  2. Select Jio sim and here create a new access point
  3. Enter the profile name as Jiowelcome
  4. Set Apn type >>> Default
  5. Enter proxy address >>> and Port 80
  6. Server –
  7. Keep other fields blank
  8. Now, restart your android mobile.
  9. Open your mobile browser and enjoy the unlimited high-speed free internet.


How to Check Jio Internet Balance


If you ever run out of airtime or internet data and you want to be sure of your balance you have to check. Something happens if you are experiencing slow internet and you want to know if it is your data balance or just slow internet.

Now to check your Jio internet data balance, after using the Jio free data code you can use the app or missed call. To check your Jio data balance with missed calls use the guide below to get started.

  • Open your dial pad
  • Dial 1299
  • Within a second, the call will instantly disconnect
  • You will then receive an SMS with your account balance

That must be simple I guess, yes it should be easy to check your jio internet data balance. Now in the next step, I will show you how to activate Jio free data with a VPN.

This process does not require the use of any data code. All you need to do is to download a specific FREE VPN for anonymous browsing and also trick your proxy network.




This article contains a full tutorial on Jio free data and how to activate free internet data with data code. You can enjoy Jio 2Gb free data valid for 2 days and 10GB valid for 14 days.

If you enjoy this free internet tricks please do come back from time to time for new Jio free internet tricks. We will be bringing you new updates every time there is any.

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