How to Text Without a Phone Number iPhone

How to text without a phone number iPhone is not a major problem at all if I most say my dear friend. You can text a friend when ever you want and to where ever the friend is without the need for a phone number.

As we all know so far, for you to send an SMS to a friend being it close or far, you need need a phone number. But modern age has made it so that all this requirements to no longer be a most for texting an SMS.

There are quite a lot of ways to send text messages without phone number, but I will be taking about later. How to hide your phone number while texting won’t be a problem by the end of this article.

If you are wondering on how do you hide your phone number when texting, then you are reading the right article. There are a lot of ways to which you phone number will be kept a secret as you send an SMS.

How to hide your phone number when texting

How to text without a phone number on iPhone is tackled today by the invention of some few apps that ease it all. This apps help you hide your phone number while texting to a friend or anyone at all.

Incase you are scared of the ones you are texting and don’t want them to know who exactly is texting them. What you will be seeing in this app will help you on how to send a text without showing your number.

Some apps works just too perfectly when texting a message and are entirely easy to operate while texting an SMS. These apps are Open Source, have end-to-end encryption, respect privacy, do not track, collect data and share data.

Can You Text Without a Phone Number

Well, what do you think the answer to this question is base on what you have need above my dear friend? Its a capital YES!! You can text without a phone number to any one it is you desire to text to.

How to text without a phone number has been a solved issue already for ages now even in our precious country. Nigerians can now text messages to friends, family members, neighbors without a phone number.

What do you think this is guy if you happen to be a victim of not having a peny to load as airtime on you phone like others do? To me, it is an answered prayer ohhhh, cuz I don’t have to think about that again.

If I can send text messages without phone number, then that means its for free, I won’t be charged at all. You need your Sim card connected before you will get charged for anything you engaged it in.

You can equally send SMS messages that will cost you your airtime but your phone number will still remain a mystery. That can also be done, in fact it is happening all over as we speak right now.

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How do i hide my number when texting on iphone

All you need to do is to go to your phone setting and enable it so for those whose phones are programmed so. Then you can easily send text messages without phone number being displayed to the receiver.

But there are smartphone whose program are not entirely designed so, you can’t make such settings at all. But there are apps you can download and install which will help and take care of that effectively.

Worry not bro, before the end of this article, I will be revealing to you on how to text without a phone number iPhone. Just be a little bit patient and all will be giving at the tip of your fingers to control.

You can as well text and receive a text message via a Google account at any time without any sort of difficulty. Once you have the persons Google account details of which phone number is not a necessity.

When you send an SMS to a Google Voice number, it’s received by Google and placed in an inbox instantly. But there’s also an option to have Google automatically forward the SMS to your mobile phone number using your carrier.

But using a Google voice is not entirely safe as your phone number can still be compromised to some extend. People you text to might end up getting your contacts somehow and will call you.

Ways To Send Text Messages Without a Phone Number

There are ways to send text messages without a phone number to your friends, family and relative for free. I will be talking about fee of them right away and how to run them as well so pay attention.

The number of apps that support to send text messages without phone number are quite fewer in numbers. Those that requires your phone number to connect to other users are to some extend more in numbers.

Even as so, some are patronized and respected just as much as the other, probably even more when checked closely. This apps are not entirely had to get, your can Google any on Google play store.

Here are the list of some apps that help you send text messages without phone number;

  • Facebook Messenger
  • Discord
  • Kik
  • Skype
  • Hangouts
  • Wire Messenger

The above mentioned are list of some apps that solve the issue of how to send a text without showing your number. This app are always functional, all they need from you is an internet connection.

I use to have this issue of how to text without a phone number for a very long time cuz I don’t want to be noticed by the receiver. But all those thoughts were taken care of when I came across these apps.

With these apps, I do text few of my lecturers and we do communicate without them noticing that its me. Because they won’t see your picture, name, phone number or any other details of you.

You can as well send text messages without phone number through an email address which is highly secured. You need not any phone number to do so, all you need is the email address you are sending to.

In fact an email to some extend as designed and invented by its developers have an unlimited storage device. No matter what you send or store in it, it will never get filled up for any reason.

WhatsApp happens to be a very interesting way of interacting with friends all over the word at a very cheaper rate. It is the fastest, easiest, most simple way of sending and receiving text messages.

But the problem with this app is that its done with a phone number and everyone will know what your number is. You cannot even sign in from the start without providing your phone number.

How to Text Without a Phone Number

How to text without a phone number has been a baffling matter of the past and not of the present any more. I bet after going through my article, you won’t be stick to this matter any longer my friend.

Don’t be curious if its truly possible to have such a solution, just seized this golden chance given to you now. Am not saying its ending soon, just that I don’t want you to continue hearing about it.

Be a living testimony just like I am right now and enjoy as much as you can wile being a man behind the mask as you text. Don’t take my word as that of a motivational speaker guys, just dive into it as well ohhhh.

You can send text messages without phone number using a Facebook Messenger, where you don’t need your number to connect to friends. This app has a lot of interesting features attributed to its running.

way2sms without showing number

For you to be able to text a friend on this interesting app, you first of all need to be on the person’s friends list. Once you both have each other as friends on each lists, then you will be able to text each other without phone number.

This apps has portraits a lot of great features such as creating a group of many to interact with one another at a time. Even at that, it still does not require you phone number to be part of the group.

You can send text messages without phone number to any one on any part of the world he or she may be living in. How to text without phone number will no longer be a  matter for you to stay awake at night.

All this app and as well other alternative apps need now and always from you is a very reliable internet connection. Once you are connected, you don’t even need to have data to run this interesting apps on your devices.

Send text messages without phone number

Guess which one I kind of love so much? Its the Facebook Messenger app, it gives me so much joy all the time. Messages are entirely free, in fact you can run this app for years for free without any charges.

You can as well choose who to send text messages too and at the same time who will send you text message. You can choose your friends wisely, view pictures, videos and even adverts with your phone number hidden.

How to text without phone number on iPhone is no longer a course to worry any more with Facebook Messenger on ground. Even iPhones are design and invented to support  the function of such apps.

Facebook Messenger can function on all iOS products such as iPhones, iPods, iPads and the rest as well. Besides it was originally invented for such smartphones, all you need is an internet connection to begin with.

How To Text Without a Number Showing On iPhone

How do you text without your number showing on iPhone is virtually not much of a different from other devices. iPhones are generally not an easy device to operate compare to androids.

iPhones are also costly, not everyone can really afford to buy such products coupled with their mode of operation. But even at that, how to hide my phone number when texting on iPhone won’t be impossible.

If you could recall, I made mentioned how to use a Facebook Messenger on a smartphone to send text messages without phone number. Well this applies not only to smartphones but also to iPhones as well.

Some apps like Kik also works very perfectly on iPhones, it is well known for its high rate of security to its users. It is entirely easy to operate, how to text without phone number on iPhone is done once you have Kik app.

How to hide number in message

This apps is a bit different compared to Discord app as it was initially invented for gamers all over the world. It will be more easier to use a Discoid app on iPhone to text your fellow gaming friends.

Its not necessary for you to share any of your details such as pictures, phone numbers, names while using this app. This kind of make it a lot more easier compared to other free text messaging apps.

There are some few more apps that apart from how to text without phone number on iPhone, they function beyond. Apps like Skype and Hangouts, are a bit out of the way of being just ordinary.

This apps support video calls for free, they even support conference video calls without sharing hour phone number. How interesting do you think this will be to have it on your iPhone to access for free at all times.

How Can I Text Without a Phone

How can I text without phone is probably your current challenge I guess cuz all your life you most have used only a mobile phone. All your text messages sent and received most be through an android, normal small phones or iPhones.

Hahahahaha!!! Thats not something to be ashamed of bro, we all have our limitations in life if checked closely my nigga. But regarding this issue, this is your turn to cross this bridge of limitation now.

Do you know you can as well make calls, send text messages, send pictures, videos, music and as well chart on a PC? If you don’t, then am informing you today that it is 100% possible which no doubt.

You can text messages with you PC, Mac OS, Linux and few more without the need for a phone of any kind. Most of this devices have a spot where you can freely inset your Sim cards and carry out your task.

How to hide your phone number when texting is no big issue even while you use those devices to text messages. Those mentioned devices are in a better position to to hide numbers with or without an app.

For you to achieve any of these on your PC or any other device other than your phone, you need to install any of the following on your PC or device;

  • MySMS App
  • Google Voice App
  • Pushbullet App
  • Pinger Text free Web
  • MightyText App

Getting even one of these apps will save you a lot of time and money, you will have access to your message history on your PC. With any of this, you can store and see important text messages at all times bro.

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