how to delete imvu account

How To Delete Imvu Account | Disable Imvu Account

If you have a IMVU account and you are wondering Can I delete my IMVU Account? yes you can learn how to delete imvu account in this article here on Nexprotocol. If you are new to this am sure you are still contemplating if really, deleting a IMVU profile is possible or not.

Imvu online virtual game, also considered as a dating platform, is available in the App Store and Google Play Store. It is also downloadable for computers which are more preferred by the members.

IMVU Account means a user account, attached to the user’s individual login ID and password, which tracks items purchased by the user from the IMVU Virtual Catalog and the user’s account balance of IMVU Credits and IMVU Predicts, and through which the user can purchase new Credits by paying in U.S.

how do i delete IMVU Account Fast

The fastest means of deleting your IMVU account is from the app, Via settings. The process is pretty easy and straight forward and it does not matter whether you have a student or parent account.

To get started follow the procedure as stated below

  • Visit the official website of IMVU.
  • Sign in to your IMVU account.
  • Open the settings on your account
  • Click on the account setting tab
  • After opening the accounts setting tab, you will get the delete account page.
  • Users need to insert the password of the account and after inserting click on the proceed
  • After a few seconds, you will get the congrats message on your screen, and now, your IMVU account has been deleted.

I hope you have seen it, it is simple just like i said in the beginning of the article. There are other means and methods of deleting IMVU accounts and i will teach you all in the next subtitle. Continue reading blow to fine out more about deleting IMVU account.

Deleting IMVU Through Email

This method is usual and very few people use this method because it is slower compared to initiating the account closure directly from settings yourself. With this method, you will have to message the support center to help you through the process.

  • Open your Gmail account on your device.
  • Log in your email account by adding email and password
  • Just copy the IMVU’s email address from their website and paste the same in the sender.
  • Please write an email that you want to delete your account and mention the reasons why you want to remove it.
  • Send the email, and you will receive a message that the team has received your mail or message.’
  • After that, your account will get deleted.

This process is the easiest and the fastest apart from using the settings option to get it done. You can also contact support center for help you want it done better and probably ask a few question too.

Disabling IMVU account Via Phone Call

IMVU supports a lot of unusual account closure method and these is due t the fact that, they want to meet costumer satisfaction at all cost. Another method to close your IMVU account is to make a phone call to the service center, this method is flexible and can be helpful when you are in a place with poor internet connection.

To get started follow the steps below

  1. Open the official IMVU website.
  2. Login your IMVU account.
  3. Check the help and support option of the account.
  4. You will see a number. Just copy that number and call on the same.
  5. The number is customer care for IMVU.
  6. Give all the data that is important and related to the account
  7. After verification, they will delete your account.

This article is all about how to delete imvu account be it a parent, student or free trial account. If you have any questions please ask us using the comment section.

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