How to Create Your Own Wifi Network For Free

How to Create Your Own Wifi Network For Free

How to create your own WiFi network for free is most of the disturbing and challenging problem to both old and young. Everyone wants to cease any given opportunity they get just that most don’t know how.

With the way things are going this days, I can really sat lots and lots of Internet resources are going to waste. So its best if we just step up a bit and learn to utilize them than just watch them go to waste.

Most Cyber cafe in our local area do subscribe for an internet access probably monthly or so for their daily activities. But not all of them can be able to exhaust the sub they made for the month.

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Proximity to any hotels or guest inn might as well help a lot with the issue of how to make free internet device at home. You don’t have to worry about their network coverage for they have a wide range.

Can I Get WiFi Without An Internet Provider

Well the answer to you question here is a very bold capital YES, you can get WiFi without an internet provider. It is highly possible my friend because I have done it alongside with many others as well.

There are quite a few number of ways you can get WiFi without an internet provider, which I will be talking about. So just pay attention to what I have here to share with you in this very article of mine.

There are quite few number of apps that serve as internet providers and help many with limited internet access on a daily bases. Good thing is even without them, you can still have access to the internet.

You can connect to any available and active hotspot in your local area even within your own compound as well. You can as well live for quite long in your community using other peoples hotspot to run your activity.

With the tips I will be sharing to you at the end of this article, the question of how to get free Wi-Fi at home is a done deal. So be rest assured all problems are settled in this very article you are reading.
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Ways to Get Free Wifi at Home And in Publish

One of the ways to get WiFi at home and in public is what I have listed below for you to just go through;

1- Mobile Hotspot

Mobile hotspot is one of the best options you will ever have for devices like laptops or desktop as well as PCs. Its what am making use of even as am writing this very article right now and its working fine.

This is the easiest of them all, all you need is an active mobile hotspot for you to connect to the device at hand. You can connect you device to any available hotspot your WiFi network detects for you.

For you to create a WiFi network without without internet connection, you will need you WiFi network open at all times. By doing so, your WiFi network will automatically Scan any available hotspot in close range.

2- A public Wi-Fi

Well a public Wi-Fi comes a very long way as it is highly legal, for you to have access to it, you must be a guest or so. Public Wi-Fi can be seen in places like companies, business centres, hotels motels inns etc.

Assuming you are travelling far away and you suddenly have to stop at a neighbouring state to pass the night. And you urgently need to access your device but have no data on your device and cannot buy what will you do?

Well is simple cuz most well invented organizations must have foreseen this kind of situation arising for their customers. So free internet access is one of the services they render to their customers.

I was once travelling with a friend and all of a sudden I needed to access the internet but wasn’t having data. But to my surprise, the car we got into had a free hotspot for all its passengers with the password at the back of each seat.

3- Tethering you Smartphone

This is also a simple way of getting access to a free internet with no issue of how to make free internet at home easy. The question of how to create your own free WiFi network will no longer arise.

It is the fastest means and is totally dependent on your smartphone internet connection as the greatest factor. This is best suited for people staying in a single location without having to move else where.

4- Sharing A Friends Internet Connection

How to get free Wi-Fi on your phone is not of issue again if only you are in good times with a neighbour or friend with enough resources. You can access his data mode at all times and enjoy free internet.

5- A Free Trial Internet Service

This are apps that where invented for a very long time now, some are newly invented apps that give out free data. You can download any of these app on your phone and install them to get free data.

With the problem of how to make free internet device at home, this apps assist assist very well on a daily basis. Just that their data is limited on a daily basis and do require strong internet network.

How Can I Make My Own WiFi For Free

Well the procedures on how to make your own WiFi for free is not actually a uniform but rather device dependent. If you are using an android, PC, iOS, just know that they all have different ways of settings. Here are what you need to know at all times my dear friend on various devices;

  1. Android

If you are using an android and have enough mobile data, you can start by creating your own WiFi hotspot. With this, you can share your on other devices of all kinds regardless if they have Sim or not.

Some android phones are having a 2g network, some 3g, others 4g network connection, good news is all works. You can have internet access for free once these connections are made between the devices.
Here are some of the few steps you need to follow to enable a successful internet connection;

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Tap the More button at the bottom of the Wireless & networks section.
  • Select Tethering & portable hotspot.
  • Turn on the Portable Wi-Fi hotspot option.
  1. Mac OS

Mac OS is having almost an entirely different form of Internet connection settings compared to androids;

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Click on Cellular.
  • Tap Personal Hotspot.
  • Choose the slider to turn it on.

Can I Create My Own WiFi Network

The answer to this question of yours is a capital YES, you can create your own WiFi network whenever you choose to. In fact I will see that I made it more easier for you with just a few guidelines.

It’s also possible to set up a mobile hotspot using your Android phone’s USB connection, Just keep in mind this won’t work with every Android device. But still some androids versions can handle such matters.

Any recent smartphone should come with hotspot capabilities built-in, but this wasn’t the so in the days back. Those of you using older smartphones might not have a hotspot option at your disposal.

It is also important to keep security measures in mind when using a mobile hotspot due to intruders. You should be able to trust the hotspot that you’ve created for yourself, but you should consider a VPN service.

A VPN comes in handy as you need it to keep your privacy a secret from the public else people like use will be taking half of your daily sub. So is not all about how to make free internet device at home OK.

How to Get Free Wifi on Your Phone

There are quite a few number of ways that rectifies the question on how to get free Wi-Fi on your phone. I will be listing a few for you to see and know of their existence in case you want to try.

  • Locating a hidden WiFi network.
  • Visiting reliable WiFi network location.
  • You can buy a portable network router.
  • Using a hotspot data base app.
  • By sharing your smartphone’s internet connection.
  • You can as well use a server provider.

This are article is all about how to create your own Wifi network for free at home. If you have any questions concerning any aspect of the topic please as us using the comments section.

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