How to Connect HP Deskjet 3752 to Wifi

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To connect HP Deskjet 3752 to Wifi, can be done either by using network of a router or an access point or directly to the computer which has an active data connection. Any of this this methods are pretty simple and straight forward and you will learn them in this article about connect to wifi.

HP Deskjet 3752 to Wifi Quick Setup

    • Ascertain to switch On your Deskjet printer. Click Settings from the Start menu.
    • Choose Devices, and select Printers & Scanners.
    • Select Add a Printer or Scanner.
    • Click Show Wi-Fi Direct printers only if the option displays.
    • Choose the name of your HP Deskjet 3752 printer that has DIRECT in its folder name.
    • Select the Add Device option, the WPS window opens.
    • Navigate to your printer, and locate the WPS PIN.
  • Enter the PIN on your computer, and choose Next to end the setup.

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Steps to connect HP Deskjet 3752 to Wifi

HP Deskjet 3752 to Wifi is a very good printer equipped with a lot of functions and features that make our lives easy. Follow the quick steps below to get started and connect HP Deskjet 3752 to Wifi…

  • Like every other printer, the first steps is to switch on the printer.
  • Install the updated driver for the printer if not yet installed and update if already installed.
  • Attempt pairing your computer to the printer’s wifi.
  • Click the Wifi button on your printer to Wireless Settings menu.
  • On the menu, click “Wi-Fi Protected Setup”.
  • Locate the WPS button on the router and press it when you receive a prompt from the printer.
  • Open the Wireless Settings menu on the printer’s control panel.
  • Select Wi-Fi Protected Setup and choose the PIN option.
  • Note down the PIN displayed on your printer’s control panel and type it on the wireless router.
  • Now, select the network’s name as noted before.

Now if you have completely followed these procedures then your printer will automatically connect to your computer. This is the easier way to get this done and it is very reliable.
As easy as the procedure is, you still have to be careful and follow it just the way it is listed else you might end up not getting the it done. Please we are not affiliated to HP or any printer brand in any way, all we do is provide help to the best of our knowledge to help our audience.

HP Deskjet 3752 Wireless Setup with Setup Wizard

The setup wizard is an in built function in almost every modern HP printers, the purpose is to ease and aid various setup process. The 3752 HP Deskjet also has this feature enabled as default which means setting up will be pretty easy for owners even with our user manuals.
To get started follow the process as listed below

  • Power on the Printer and allow it to finish warming up
  • Open the wireless network settings menu.
  • Select wireless setup wizard on the printer’s control panel.
  • Take not of your Wifi network name and WEP or WPA passphrase.
  • Now, open the control panel and choose wireless as means of connection.
  • Select your network’s name from the available networks on the screen.
  • Enter the WEP/WAP key if prompted.
  • The printer now detects the network and connects to it.

If you happen to still have question about how to connect HP Deskjet 3752 to Wifi please ask using the comment section and we will be glad to answer you to our best of knowledge. If you Find this article to be useful please don’t forget to share it using the share button below and always come back for more printer helps, setups and guides.


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