How to Check jio Balance Know Net & 4G Data Balance

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How to check jio balance for free, i will show the exact Jio balance check code USSD for the main balance, jio net balance and 4G data balance in this article. The company, Jio is obviously becoming one of the leading telecommunication company in the country.

Unlike in the previous years after the Jio launched it 4G data network and know Jio balance, then it suddenly got a market boost. A lot of people started using Jio because of data speed, durability and affordability, of course everyone loved it’s affordability.

The network provider became a place of aboard for both low and high data consumers. It’s speed was juicy too and data consumption was normal. You need to learn all about How to Check jio Balance.

How to Check jio Balance 4G 2022

Juicy juicy Jio 4G balance know with code is super easy all you need is to remember and dial *333*3*2*2#. This 4G balance check can also be achieved by sending MBAL to 55333. You can as well activate the 4G by sending START to 1925 which is How to Check jio Balance.

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Some source even have it that Jio data had overtaken the almighty airtel data market place in 2019. Enough of all the stories let’s actually talk about how to know Jio balance with Jio balance check number.

Jio net balance check karne ka number, Jio balance check number in mobile and how to know Jio balance are what i will cover in this article. Although i might add some bonus and talk about Jio 4G data balance check number and of course how to know your Jio net balance.

How to Check Jio Balance USSD Code 2022

There is a general USSD code to perform this operation of checking your Jio balance is your goal now. In other to know your Jio balance, you can just simply dial any of these codes *333# or *133#.

That was very simple I guess, yes it was, but because of the complexity and wide range of services provided by Jio, you might want to check other service balances too. Balance like Jio 4G data balance, Jio net balance, Jio main balance, or even your Jio number.

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Jio Main Balance Know With App

The giant network provider Jio has also considered allowing the usage of the Jio mobile app to check balances. If you already have Jio mobile app installed on your phone it is easy to check and know your balance.

Follow these steps to know your balance now if you want to learn How to Check Jio Balance.

  • Open your Jio mobile app on your smartphone
  • Login to your Jio account with your Jio number
  • By the left corner just click the navigation bar
  • In the navigation select usage history, and your account details will be displayed to you

How To Jio Main Balance Check With Code

USSD codes are the easiest ways to check your mobile balances now a days, as they are easy to use. The Jio USSD code to know your Top-up or airtime balance is a simple one, Simply dial *333# to know your balance. There are other ways too to know your both Jio 4G data balance and Net balance.

Jio Main Balance Check With Site

Jio’s official website is also available for ease of access if you find it easier to check your balance. To use the Jio official website follow the steps below to know more about How to Check jio Balance.

  • Go to
  • Login on the home page
  • On logging your account details will e displayed to you

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How to know Jio Main Balance With sms and Call

Flexibility is the answer when it comes to customer satisfaction and Jio is here to provide it to its customers. Using sms for checking of Jio balance for main, net and Jio 4G balance.
The ease of this operation is flawless, simply send MBAL to 55333 in message and wait a second to be replied.

How to Know Jio Net Balance

The best and easiest way to check Jio net balance, is by Using the Jio mobile app provided. The mobile can also help in checking Jios number easily help to check the net balance and 4G data balance as well.

Knowing your jio Net balance with code

There is actually a short code or USSD code to know Jio Net balance as at now but can easily use the app. How to Check jio Balance.

How to Know Jio 4G Data Balance

Been one of the juicy service that make the network provider special is the 4G internet data provided. Accessibility to the data now is the world as every is wants access to the internet.

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Checking of Jio 4G data balance can be done in variety of ways, this includes the use of the Jio Mobile App and code. For me, i prefer using the mobile App to know my 4G data balance and even other services like checking of Jio number.

Jio 4G Balance Check With App

how to check jio balance, jio validity check online, jio network coverage, check my data balance, jio number status, how to check if jio sim is active, How to check jio balance

Follow the simply 3-4 steps below to learn how to check your Jio 4G data balance in no time. This is also a simple way to know How to Check jio Balance.

  • Login to the mobile app, if your don’t already have go to playstore and download it
  • Immediately after logging in, your 4G data balance will be displayed to you

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Jio USSD Codes Functions Jio USSD code
Know your Jio Number Dial *1# or Dial 1299
Check 4G data usage SMS MBAL to 55333
Know Jio balance/talktime top-up *333#
Check net balance Use MyJio App
Jio per day SMS balance detail  Send SMS “BAL” to 199
Jio customer care number  Call on 1860-893-3333
Code to Check prepaid balance & validity SMS BAL to 199
To Check Jio Call Rate Send TARIFF to 191
To Know Jio Bill Amount Send BILL to 199

How to Know Jio Number

Since whoever is looking to know how to check Jio balance also needs to know how to know Jio number, it will save you when you less think of it. I will talk a bite about how to know Jio number number now then the next article will explain better.

Why wouldn’t you want to learn how to know Jio number since you how to know Jio net balance and 4G data balance. What you meet a new friend and they ask you of your number, am sure you want to give it with ease.

It is simple to check the jio number with the USSD code, simply dial *1# or Call on 1860-893-3333 toll free. The toll free number is super easy but the USSD code is much more to check your Jio number which is How to Check jio Balance.

Jio 4G Data Balance Check Code

Jio 4G being the most recent Jio’s internet browsing lite need USSD code to to check the balance. Apart from using Jio mobile App to check 4G internet data balance there are other methods to know your Jio 4G balance.
Follow my guide below to to fulfil the process

  • Click and open your phone’s dial Dialer Dial this Jio toll free Number 129
  • Just allow the call to ring once then drop the call
  • After giving the Jio balance check number a missed call this toll-free Number
  • Wait for few seconds a message to be sent to you message from Jio help center

The message will contains your Jio 4G data balance after using the steps on How to Check jio Balance.

Frequently Asked Questions to Check Jio Balance

Can I use My jio mobile App to check balance even when am out of data?

Well the answer is Jio is very very generous and is Good at making their customers happy. Jio have made the Jio mobile in a way that allows you to use it even when you do no have internet data balance.

Jio would not charge you any data for using their mobile so you would not have to worry about internet data consumption. How to Check jio Balance.
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What is MyJio App

My Jio Mobile App is a one pack digital gateway to access all Jio products in one place. The App has a very vast range of service it allows Jio product users to avail. Some of the services you can use Jio Mobile app to avail include select and view your browsing speed and data, you can as well select recharge plan for top-up and keep track of your account balance.

With the help of Jio Mobile App you can check 4G data balance and plan together with the validity period, get detailed info of your calls, text SMS & MMS messages balance get info or upto 6 months activities of your sim card.

The Mobile app is a kind of power house that I cannot finish listing all you can use it for. Some Things You can Archive with My Jio Mobile App to learn How to Check jio Balance.

  • Locate nearby stores or JioNet hotspots
  • Update your registered mobile number or email ID
  • Support from FAQs
  • Get helpful tips or you can also talk to our virtual assistant ‘Hello Jio’ for all your queries.

If for any reason you are using more than one Jio sim cards, the Jio new built in feature allows you to all your accounts balance together.
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How to login to My Jio App and check your Balance

  • Open MyJio App
  • Tap on ‘Login with SIM’ OR login using OTP (One Time Password).

This is for you if you want to know How to Check jio Balance easily on your phone with much stress.

My Jio App without Jio balance check code

If you prefer using the Jio app to use of Jio balance checking number then this is for you. Just like I have mentioned before Jio app is a power house and I will walk you through how to check Jio data balance without the check code.

  • Download MyJio Mobile App and install it on your phone
  • Click and open the App
  • Click on login on the home page
  • Select whether to login with SIM CARD or login with OTP (one time password)

Right immediately after logging in your data balance along side with your validity period will be displayed to you on the home page.
This article is a full tutorial about jio validity check online, jio network coverage, check my data balance, jio number status, how to check if jio sim is active.
I hope you have now learn how to use the USSD codes and apps to check Jio balance, 4G data balance and number. Please use the share button to share this article. Cheers

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