How to Check BSNL Balance 2021

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Reading this means that you are using BSNL Network and want to know how to check BSNL balance 2021. One very common thing everyone do daily apart from making calls is to know BSNL balance code. Most people know their mobile balance using the usual USSD codes and others check BSNL balance online.

Anyway, it good know and have the basic knowledge of BSNL USSD codes but i guess it is almost impossible. Some code like BSNL main balance code, BSNL net balance code is good to be memorized. Yes of course if you browse you need to know the BSNL know data usage code and BSNL data balance code.

BSNL data balance check code

If you want to keep track of your BSNl internet data balance, you want to see how much data you consumed during a session, the data know USSD code is for you. Simply follow my steps below to check BSNL balance data usage

  • Open your phone’s dialer
  • Dial *123*10# or *234#
  • Seconds later a pop up message will be displayed with your BSNL data balance or a message will be sent to you

This article will help you get all the USSD code and App to check and know most of your BSNL balance. And please feel free to ask questions if you found any part of this article hard to understand. Don’t worry i would not waste more of your time so let’s start. how to check BSNL balance.
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How to Check BSNL Balance

Checking of BSNL balance out in 4 ways and this also differs from one BSNL circle to another, so focus and learn. This methods includes the BSNL USSD code, BSNL App or BSNL account know online how you check your balance now depends on your convenience and preference.
Method 1

USSD Code to Know BSNL 2021

Three available BSNL USSD codes to know your balance includes *123# and dialing of 123 to check your balance. The mentioned codes are BSNL codes for checking the account balance and BSNL validity. To perform this, simply open your phone’s dialer and dial this code *123# or call 123 and follow the voice operator.

If your choice is to call the 123 then you will have to pay close attention and respond promptly.This codes are simply and easy to implement even when you are using prepaid or postpaid BSNL. how to check BSNL balance.
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BSNL USSD Codes and Functions BSNL USSD code
Check Minutes Balance *123*2#
Check SMS Balance *123*1# or *123*5# or *125#
For GPRS Data Balance *123*10#
Check GPRS Pack Balance  *123*8#
Data Balance Enquiry *234#
Voice pack info  *126#
Check Balance & Validity  *123*1#
Check Network Call *123*5#
Check Video Call Balance  *123*9#

Method 2

How to check your BSNL balance with BSNL App

BSNL Mobile App is a stand alone and a stop point to get track of all activities easily on your phone. Name it BSNL balance down to checking your own BSNL number online without USSD code even how to know talktime balance, how to know number, how check balance in BSNL, know data usage and many more.
Method 4
To start using the BSNL mobile App and start tracking your daily activities follow this simple procedures. how to check BSNL balance.

  1. Open your phone’s browser, search for BSNL official website
  2. Click on the download button to que the BSNL mobile app download process
  3. Open and launch the app open download and enter credentials
  4. Tap on the MENU at the top left corner to navigate and play around with the app

Cheers!! now you have learnt how to check your balance with the USSD codes, by call and by using the BSNL App.
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Method 5

How to Know BSNL balance online

This method involves the use of either the BSNL Mobile App or using the official BSNL website online. The process is all the same as the first i have stated above.

  1. Login to BSNL App or website after visiting the App or website to check BSNL balance
  2. Scroll down or cliCK the MENU by the top left
  3. Click on Support desk or Help support
  4. Select prepaid mobile and you will be given free answer

WOW!! it is good to know that you can now to know your BSNL account balance. how to check BSNL balance.

How to Know BSNL number with BSNL USSD code

Below is a simple guide to recharge your account with USSD code and how to check BSNL balance account. how to check BSNL balance.

  • Open your phone’s
  • Dial ?*222# or call BSNL customer care (Note it is a toll free line so you will not be charged).
  • Listen to the voice operator and select Recharge of Credit in the options given.
  • After the selection, type the twelve-digit recharge number from the back side of the coupon on your keyboard followed by (#) sign
  • Then wait for the confirmation of the successful recharge

BSNL Mobile App can you recharge with it?

No there is not option available to recharge with your BSNL mobile App or better still but BSNL official website allows you to. Trust me it is simple to check BSNL balance for how to check BSNL balance.

  1. Open your browser and type
  2. Now chose the option to Top-up using a voucher
  3. Enter the phone number you want to recharge and the voucher number.
  4. Confirm by clicking at Top up.

Congrats you have just succeeded in recharging your phone, a success message will be sent to the respective number recharged and check bsnl balance.
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How to Activate Vodafone 2G Data Pack and BSNL balance check

Using the inter means you will need BSNL internet data, now depends on the weather 2G/3G or 4G. In other to use 2G data you need to learn how to activate 2G and check BSNL balance.

In this paragraph i will show you how to check any of the BSNL data balance with USSD code. Follow the simple steps below to find out your BSNL balance easily.

  • Dial *111*1*3*1# on your phone

Wait for few seconds a message will be sent to your phone containing you data balance and validity.

How to Activate Vodafone 3G Data

BSNL 2G balance is different from Vodafone 3G balance, but they all serve internet purpose of browsing. Above I just wrote about how to activate Vodafone 2G data and how to check BSNL balance 2G.

Now I will be showing you Vodafone 3G activation code and show you the BSNL balance code too. My simple guide on how to activate BSNL 3G data and know BSNL 3G balance with know code. how to check BSNL balance.

  1. Go to your phone’s dialer
  2. Dial this BSNL balance know code *111*1*3*2#
  3. Wait for the SMS confirmation
  4. Sometimes the SMS confirmation takes some time to be sent

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How to check BSNL unlimited data balance

If you found yourself lucky to be using the BSNL unlimited data activated on your sim learn how to check your balance here. Checking of BSNL unlimited data balance with code is a new thing and the code is easy to use.
The simple guide I have put down below show help you archive checking BSNL unlimited data. Simply open you dialer and press *124*2# and wait , shortly you will receive a pulp up notifying you of you balance and validity.

Frequently asked Questions To Check BSNL Net Balance

How to Check BSNL Net Balance or Main balance

BSNL net balance is a bite different from BSNL Net account, the USSD code to know then too is different.If you want to check BSNL main balance simple follow the process below……… how to check BSNL balance

  • Open your dialer
  • Dial this unique BSNL USSD code *123*1#
  • The USSD code helps you fetch you BSNl Balance within seconds. The code also pull up your BSNL top up validity balance.

BSNL Data Balance Enquiry Code?

Well if you are an internet user then definitely you will really need to be checking you BSNL data balance regularly. If checking BSNL Data balance enquiry USSD code is what you want to know then here is the place to learn.

Follow the below steps to check out your BSNL balance fast and easy with USSD code. Simply on your phone dial *234# and click send, wait for a bit maybe 2 or 3 seconds for you balance details and validity. how to check BSNL balance.

BSNL 3G data balance Check code

It is good for you to understand BSNL 2G and 3G data balance are two separate balance. But to know the account balance of any of the BSNL balance 2G or 3G, the codes are the same.
I hope this article helped you to check BSNL balance and have answered some more questions. Please share this article if you find it helpful and don’t forget to comment about it BSNL balance check online.

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