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Home Dehumidifier Manual | Specs Care & Maintenance Tip

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home dehumidifier manual & Caution

  • – This dehumidifier can be used by children 8 years or older and person with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities or lack of experience and knowledge with supervision or instruction concerning use of the dehumidifier. Cleaning and user maintenance shall not be done by children without supervision.
  • – If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the home™. Please contact home™ Customer Service at 1-800-898-3002 in order to avoid hazard.
  • – Prior to cleaning or other maintenance, the dehumidifier must be disconnected from the supply mains.
  • – Do not install the dehumidifier in a location that may be exposed to combustible gas.
  • – If combustible gas accumulates around the dehumidifier, it may cause fire.
  • – If the dehumidifier is knocked over during use, turn off the dehumidifier and unplug it from the main power supply immediately. Visually inspect the dehumidifier to ensure there is no damage. If you suspect the dehumidifier has been damaged, contact home™ Customer Service at 1-800-898-3002 for repair or replacement.
  • – In a thunderstorm, the power must be cut off to avoid damage to the dehumidifier due to lightning.
  • – Do not run cord under carpeting. Do not cover cord with throw rugs, runners, or similar coverings. Do not route cord under furniture or other appliances. Arrange cord away from traffic area and where it will not be tripped over.
  • – Do not operate dehumidifier with a damaged cord or plug. Please contact home™ Customer Service at 1-800-898-3002 for repair or replacement.
  • – To reduce the risk of fire or electric shock, do not use this dehumidifier with any solid-state speed control device.
  • – The dehumidifier shall be installed in accordance with national wiring regulations.
  • – Contact home™ Customer Service at 1-800-898-3002 for repair or maintenance of this dehumidifier.

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Care and Cleaning Of The Dehumidifier

WARNING: Turn the dehumidifier off and remove the plug from the wall outlet before cleaning.

  • Clean the bucket
  • Clean the bucket with water every two (2) weeks.
  • Clean the air filter
  • Clean the filter with potable water at least once every 30 days.
  • Storing the dehumidifier
When not using the dehumidifier for long time periods
  1. – After turning off the dehumidifier, wait one day before emptying the bucket.
  2. – Clean the main dehumidifier, bucket and air filter.
  3. – Wrap the cord and bundle it with the band.
  4. – Cover the dehumidifier with a plastic bag.
  5. – Store the dehumidifier upright in a dry, well-ventilated place.

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