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Hisense 40h5500f Manual Free Pdf User Guide

Get the Hisense 40h5500f Manual pdf or user guide for free here in this article if you have lost your original hard copy of the it. You will also learn other basic things like wireless setup guide, trouble shooting and  first time setup.

As in the case of HP gadgets you will be able to get even directions and guides on how to set up Wi-Fi wireless connection, how to print and scan, maintenance, troubleshooting, error codes, etc.

Connecting AV device with HDMI cable using hisense 40h5500f manual

This type of connection supports digital connections between HDMI-enabled AV devices such as a Personal Video Recorder(PVR), DVD, AV receiver and digital devices. The HDMI version 1.4 inputs are great for any of your external devices that support a standard full high-definition resolution of 1080p.

Please refer to the User Manual that came with your device for step-by-step instructions. To connect an AV device with an HDMI cable (not provided):

  • Use an HDMI cable to connect the HDMI output port of the AV device to the HDMI port of the TV.
  • Plug the connected devices into the HDMI port on the TV before switching it on.
  • Using your remote, select the Inputs icon in Home screen and select the corresponding HDMI input.

This article is all about Hisense 40h5500f Manual pdf, setup guide and other basic printer configuration settingsIf you have any questions please ask us using the contact details provided.

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