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Highway Rider mod apk is an android base motor bike or Motorcycle racing game. The is made by a popular US based android game company called the Battery Acid Games, Inc.

High way rider android game portrays a high speed racing and driving motorcycle game. The high speed racing game allows you to overtake moving vehicles and bikes at a very high speed.

You can also perform some basic and advanced stunts on the road while over taking other bikes. While driving, you can Dodge traffic, increase your speed and score in this fast, real racing challenge.

The latest version of highway rider mod apk allows users to drive at very high speed. You can also unlucky motorcycle, collect gold coins and share pictures and videos of your best crashes.

Download HighWay Rider Mod Game

The Mod latest version of Highway rider is available for free download. A download link have been provided below for users to download and enjoy all the features of the game.

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The app is less than 50mb data space and it is very easy to download and install. You should not miss this game for any reason if you are a racing game lover.

Additional Information from Google Play:

Battery Acid Games, Inc.
125.7 MB
MOD Features
Unlimited Money

How To Install The Higway Rider Racing Game

Just like installing every other android app, you have to follow the procedure given. Like in the official app, you can also play online and challenge friends and other players to join. I love challenges so when ever i have access to internet data i don’t hesitate to start a challenge.

One other feature that makes Highway rider very unique is that you can customize everything. When using the highway mod app apk, you can customize the bike, the rider, add accelerated features.

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You customize where your racing experience takes place for the high speed. Highway rider is available for both android, ios and PC users can use it too.

In this article you will learn how to download and install Highway rider app. I will also talk about traffic racer mod apk, traffic rider mod apk and how to install them too.

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Features of Highway Rider Mod Apk

I have mention some cool features of Highway rider app in the description. Now i will go into more details of the feature and you can really enjoy it.

I will explain more about how driving in a very high speed mode without crashing. You will also learn more about Fast boosts that will increase your speed to a crazy high level.

Am sure you want to learn how to outrun the police while racing in Fugitive mode. Highway rider mod apk allows you to activate and enjoy all this cool features to the fullest.

Below is an outline of the full features of the game in details. Note this features have been tested and confirmed to be there and awesome by our theme of experts.
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Drive in Fast Racing Games

Driving in fast mood is one the coolest part of the Highway racing games. High way rider has the most unique fast mode driving mode among most road games apart from Traffic rider mod apk.

When driving in fast racing mode you can outrun cars and other bike riders on the way. The best part is been able to outrun and escape from the police or cops when ruining in Fugitive mode.
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Dodge Traffic While Trying to Get a High Score with Close Calls!

A very cool features that make the game feels like racing in real life. You know like in the movies where motorcycle Riders run even in traffic more especially when challenging other bikers.

As for Highway rider mod apk, this feature allows you to dodge through cards and motorcycles. You can also use this mode outrun police for bends and curves to earn high scores.

Fast boosts reach crazy speed!

Like enabling Nitro speed booster in high speed car racing, you can do the same with highway rider. You can take very fast Nitro boosts with your motorbike in this game after earning some coins.
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Cruise on 4 different highways!

Wow this feature is present only on Highway, you can get the best out of this feature online. Now in this game, the 4 different cruse highway is present for you to navigate between different road lanes in Highway rider mod apk.

Arcade mode Driving

Outrunning the is very important especially when racing in Fugitive mode. The cops and break through police barricades in this furious game of cat and mouse! Speed junkies, slap on your motorcycle helmets and experience some high-octane racing

Features To Customize For Motorcycle

The mod version of Highway rider allows you to change the looks and feels of your bike. You can easily change and customize the color, exhaust type, motorcycle tank looks.

In fact you can change you power bike kawasaki to a Isuzu power motorcycle via the automobile shop. All your have to do is earn a lot of coin or points through high speed racing and dodging.

Customize your rider and motorcycle to give them your own style!
Just like the way you are allowed to change almost everything about your bike, you can also change and customize the bike rider looks and feel. Don’t get this twisted.

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You can customize the color, type and design of the Highway rider in mod apk. If you have enough coin from the reward you have earned you can even between a male or female rider.

Unlocked 10 Characters

You have to earn a lot of rewards or coin to be able to do this. Highway rider has 10 different unique rider characters and 10 different motorcycles to switch between.

You can switch from character one to character 2 at a given price reward. Now change fro character 2 to 3 you still to have earned enough rewards to change in between characters.

Online Multiplayer

Cool you can choose to either play the game online or offline without internet data. When playing offline, you can only play by yourself, you would not be able to create a challenge.

If you have internet data connection, you can caught more fun by connecting with other players. You can easily go online and connect with other people create a challenge and also record yourself and challenge others.

Crash and share your wipeouts with all of your friends!

When playing Highway rider mod apk game online you have the liberty to record and screenshot your crashes and wipeout. You can share this achievements online with your friends and other game players.

Whats New With HighWay Rider Mod Apk

Rev up for some exciting new changes!
– Rebuilt motorcycles with higher quality graphics!
– Up-gradable bike engines
– Customizable new wheels
– More paint jobs
– All-new player challenges
– Realistic first person mode
– Better graphics

Conclusion On HighWay Rider Mod Apk

Highway rider is a high speed fast racing game similar to Traffic racer and Traffic rider apk. The game is a top speed concept game android base apk games.

The game is made by Battery Acid Games, Inc. It is basically and offline game but has a special feature for online game lovers to organize challenges.

You can download Highway rider mod apk here on our site free of charge using the download link above. If you have anymore question please use the comment box to ask any question. Do not forget to share this article with your friends

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