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Glo Night Plan Code 500MB & 1GB Free Data

GLO night plan code: Glo is one of the best telephone and communication establishment that goes viral in Nigeria. And when it comes to cheap browsing plans and also the glo night plan is not an exception to this kind of plan.

The National Communication Commission(NCC) states that global communication network has the utmost number of internet users base on their outstanding in terms of data and also they have being doing greatly to put smile on people’s face especially glo users.

You can take a look at their midnight plans which is very affordable and accessible in terms of cost as well as usage of the data. Glo network have being doing a wonderful job of making the world to have access to internet with ease and cheap cost.

The Glo Night Plan Code 2021 For 100 Naira

There are several category of glo midnight plans and their code of subscription which are so easy to use and access. There are like four current plans that so readily available for glo users that may have interest to subscribe to the midnight plans of the glo network.

These bundles are readily available and they are of different prices with different volumes of data but its just that it can only be used between the interval of 12am and 5am. so you will have to choose the most suitable one for you via glo night plan code.

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Glo night plan code, this plan which is mainly for night is always available from the hour of 12 am to 5 am in the early morning. Which mean if you subscribe for the night sub, you will start from midnight and end it in early morning.
How to activate glo night plan code for 100 naira:

  1. All you have to do is to dial *777#
  2. Select buy data plan
  3. Scroll to night or weekend plan
  4. Now select the N100 for 1GB

This night sub is only durable for one night that is you can only use it for a single night stand and cant be extend to the next night. Whether you finish the data completely or not you will have to subscribe again the next day to enjoy the glo midnight bundle.
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So if after you subscribe for this glo night plan and you are unable to finish the data, then you won’t be able to use it the next night because it cannot be rollover. Glo night plan cost N25 for 250mb and N50 for 500mb and to subscribe for it you dial *777#.

There is a glo night plan code subscribe for 1gb for night sub only and this plan like is only available from duration of 12 am to 5 am which is for 5 hours. For this kind night sub, you have 5 hours to use the 1GB data for one night that you subscribe for it.

This glo night sub comes with a larger volume of data with a great usage in which you will enjoy it to the fullest. You get more convenience with this kind plan because it last for 5 days as you need not to rush so in order to subscribe for this very plan just send 60 to 127 or dial *127*60#

Glo Night And Weekend Plans

The glo weekend plans is the kind of subscription that is specifically made available for weekends especially those that are always less busy weekends. There is Glo TGIF weekend plans which costs ?500 only and can last throughout the weekend.

So if you are an office worker that is always busy on week days, this is great opportunity for you to utilize your weekends as your leisure time with this amazing offers by getting 3 Gb plan for just #500 which will be a pronounced way of spending your weekend.
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Glo Weekend Plans Free Data

To subscribe to this GIF glo weekend plan that will fetch you data that you can use throughout your stay at home during weekends. To subscribe to this kind plan, simply send 61 to 127 or rather you can make use of your dial pad and dial *127*61#

Glo offers another weekend plans that fetches you 3GB that cost #500 only and its available for use during the weekend after a long week days at work. This glo weekend plans have a validity period is 7 days in which you will enjoy it.

So if you subscribe for this kind of weekend plan, you will be able used it anytime so far its during weekend like 12:00 AM on Saturdays to 11:59 PM on Sundays but it only works within the interval of 12 AM to 5 AM on weekdays from Monday to Friday.

Glo Night Plan Code Free data

Glo night plan code, the glo night plan in conjunction with the weekend plans as earlier describe can be related. The weekend plan that I described earlier is also part of the night sub which means it can be use during the night as well as on weekends.

It is a actually a weekend plan as well as a night plan which its validity last for not more than 7 days either you finish it or not. It offers you 3GB of the data volume in exchange for your 500 naira and this is a great offer for both night and weekend days.

This kind subscription during weekdays which is from Monday up till Friday, it is only usable between the hours of 12 AM at midnights and 5 AM early mornings while on main weekend days, you will be able to surf from 12 AM on Saturday until 11:59 PM on Sunday.

Glo Nigeria offers one of the very best internet plans for night browsing that make you to be able to use the line and ignore other network. They also have an offer of 24 hours night plan and a weekend plan including 5 night data plans.

To buy this kind of night data bundle of glo mobile network line, you have two way of doing it either you just text 61 to 127 or you go to your dial pads and simply dial *127*61# in order to get the subscription data and enjoy it.

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You can also get a glo night plan which you will get1GB for just #200 and to be use during the night as you like. It is valid for just a night which means after the night end, it will stop working and it cannot be used when it is between 12 Am till 5 Am.

This kind of night subscription describe above is so okay for the glo users who intend to stay at night and make use of their phone. To get this sub you can simply dial *127*60 or text 60 to 127 to subscribe and make use of it.

If you are a frequent user of the internet at night, subscribing to the mid-night plans will be very great for you. So with the above description of the night and weekend plans I hope you will not miss the opportunity of utilizing it.

You can also use these weekend plans during the weekends for streaming videos, downloading or upgrading different software, uploading videos, using the social networks and also in doing other high data activities.

What is The Code For Glo Night Plan?

Glo has huge night plan bundles depending on your needs or plans of using it that is you actually have a choice if using the one you like. Glo night plan code is of types in which you are giving a chance to select to one that suit you.

Considering the Glo’s cheap normal plans that is available come with vast data volumes you cannot still imagine the largeness of the glo night plans data volume. Which means considering the fact that glo have huge data plan for days and now still have very large ones at night.

As at now I mean presently, the glo Nigeria network has at least 3 different bundles which comprises of night plans bundles and with various data volumes as well as its validity period and access time for the data.

Glo Night-Only Plan Time

Glo night plan code, you can only access glo night-only plan only in the night within the hour of 12am to 5am. It has just one package attached to it with validity period that is only durable for one night.

This means that whether you finish using the data volume or not on that very night, it will still actually expire when it is exactly 5am the same day you subscribed to it. So don’t be carried away while mailing use of the plan.

1GB Night-Only Plan For N200

For this one the price for 1GB night-only plan is N200 and accessible all throughout the night from 12am to 5am. You are to use this 1GB data just one night, after which you have to buy another data bundle.

To subscribe this type of night sub in case you are interested in to, to get 1GB night-only Glo plan through SMS you can simly send 60 to 127 at your message menu but as for USSD Subscription Code you can easily dial *127*60# to get it.

Glo TGIF Weekend Plan N500

The costs for TGIF data bundle is N500 only with a 3GB data volume, and it is valid for 7 days and accessible from 12am to 5am in the night for 30 days and from 12am on Saturday to 11:59pm on Sunday during weekend.

The TGIF is the plan with the kind of attractive data bundle that almost everybody loves and would like to purchase. While the others is also very okay and you will surely enjoy the three plans but the choice is yours to choose any one.

How To Get 1Gb For 100 On Glo?

Is it not amazing for you to get 1GB on data for just 100 naira only on glo mobile sim so you don’t need to think twice before grabbing this opportunity. Glo is really making sense of helping the people to be able to get easy access to data with small cash.

Glo night plan code, to get the 1gb data plan of glo mobile network for just a fee of 100 naira only, just follow the steps belo and get yours. This offer is just like giving you 1GB for free without making any kind of payment because its so cheap.

  • To get this bonus data from glo, make sure you have make a recharge of N100 on your phone or more than that on your glo line.
  • Send 1 to 8070 through your message section or just go back to the message that you have received earlier and and reply the message with 1.
  • Wait for some little time and why waiting is for you to get a success message that your 1 GB data bundle has been successfully activated.
  • Confirm your data or check it by dialing #122*22# on your mobile phone.

NOTICE:- This plan is only valid for 15 days or 7 days depending on the message you received that is the message will indicate the duration. This plan is just one of the way glo network compensate their customers.

How To Subscribe For Glo For 200 For 1Gb

This is another amazing data plan of glo that is easy and affordable with just a 200 naira of recharge on your mobile phone you will have access to 1GB. This is one of the cheapest data plan that glo will ever introduced.

Glo night plan code, this will make you to stay glue to your phone 24/7 because you will enjoy it very well and be carried away. You need to get this plan and you will not need any other plan again as you can use it for any time of activities of your choice.

Stay glue and enjoy the glo 1gb data plan of just 200 for your mobile phone and make use of it wisely as we can use it for all activities. All you need to do in order to get this is just to follow the below procedures:

  • Recharge #200 recgarge card
  • Dial *777#
  • Select 1 for buy data
  • Select 1 for buy data plan
  • Select 1 or 2 for auto renew or one off
  • Select 5 for special data offer
  • Select 1 for special plan

This plan is actually a special data offer as well as special plan as its just with small money for a whole 1GB that can be use for all activities. This data is actually normal in terms of usage level so don’t worry there is no weakness in case of draining of the data.

In this special data offer you will get to select the amazing offer which is the 1GB data for #200 and you will get to see other special offer. You can choose any of the one you like if you find it even more special than this one.

So with just two hundred naira on your glo mobile phone network, you can get 1 gigabyte data to browse the internet. You will be able to use for kind of activity of your choice and you will surely enjoy it as it last long.

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