Etisalat Night Plan How to Subscribe Enjoy Free 100gb

airtel night plan, etisalat weekend plan, how to check etisalat night plan balance

Free browsing cheat lovers come around here now let’s flex this etisalat night plan cheat together. 9mobile night plan data cheat is actually a new cheat and have been tested to be working 100 with 2g phones only.

It does not require any technical knowledge to set up this Etisalat night browsing cheat. This cheat code allows you to use your 9mobile night plan bundle to use your data in the daytime.

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Follow the steps below to start flexing the new night plan daytime data browsing. To do this you have to choose any of the Etisalat night plan data whether 500MB or the 1GB 9mobile night bundle.

Etisalate Night Plan Cheat 2022

airtel night plan, etisalat weekend plan, how to check etisalat night plan balance
You must be an Easycliq tariff plan subscriber if you want to enjoy this Etisalat night plan offer. If you you want to migrate to Easycliq tariff  plan just dial *244*1# on your phone.

  • Open your phone dial pad
  • To activate 250mb for ₦50 dial *229*10*10# this plan only lasts for 7 hours.
  • And to activate 1Gb for ₦200 dial *229*3*11#

If you want to check your 9mobile night plan data balance after subscribing, dial this USSD code *228# or *232# or text BAL to 228.
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Etisalat Night Plan For 100  Naira

Etisalat does not have any night plan for 100 Naira but ₦50 for 250mb and ₦100 for 1gb.  Although 9mobile do have daily data plan bundle which lasts for 24 hours and costs only ₦100.

How to Migrate to Easycliq/Morecliq

If you you want to migrate to Easycliq tariff  plan just dial *244*1# on your phone.

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How to Use Etisalat Night Plan During the Day

The only way to use etisalat night plan data is by using the Etisalat plan cheat code. If you want to really use this data then just follow the steps in the above.

  • After subscribing to 500mb or 1gb night plan
  • Go to your settings on your phone
  • Scroll down and click ‘phone settings’
  • Click time and date
  • Reset your time back to 12 midnight and save
  • Now restart your phone and start enjoy free browsing

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Etisalat 1GB for Free

9mobile free 1gb is a fun data, trust me i have been flexing this free data for a while although it is not the same as etisalat night plan. Now i will show you how to activate and start enjoying it too on your phone.

To activate the 1gb promo data you need to do some technical works, you need a little bite of IME twerking. Do not worry if you don’t know how to change your IME i will show you how to change it.

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It IS going to be fun walking you through all the steps and procedures to get started with 1gb activation. If you don’t know how to tweak IMEI check it here, and if you already know how to change the IME just take this 359838075909987.

After typing in the digits above in the IME space, just change the last 3 digits to any numbers you want. Changing it will give you a unique IME code and different from others.

On successfully changing it the IME number, dial *8186*092840413028038# and wait for 10 seconds max. You will then be notified that you have successfully activated etisalat 1gb free data for internet. To check your balance simply dial *228#.

 How to Check Etisalat Night Plan Balance

If you are experiencing any difficulty in network speed or you are unsure of you 9mobile night plan data balance, you need to check you balance. Checking of your balance is the first thing to do whenever you start experiencing issues when browsing.

To check you etisalat night plan data balance you need a USSD code to do that and that is what I will show you now. Dial *228# in your phone then click the call button, now wait for few seconds to see your balance message.

How to Check etisalat Night Plan Balance

To check the night plan bundle balance simply dial *228# within the shortest time you don’t imagine you will get your balance statement message.

How to Opt Out of Etisalat Night Plan

Should in case you ever get tired of waking up all night to enjoy and surf the internet, you can opt out. It is free if you ever want to stop the night plan subscription, so no need for worries.

Do you want to opt-out the subscription plan? If your answer is yes then I have a solution for you. To opt out dial * 229 * 0# or send STOP to 229., wait for few seconds you will receive a message.


9mobile night plan data bundle is a special internet data offer for etisalat subscribers. The data bundle give 9mobile users the leverage to browse in midnight from 12 am to 7am midnight.

Etisalat night plan data bundle is categorized into 2 distinct divisions. You can get 500mb for just NGN50 and it lasts for 7 hours straight up or you get 1gb for NGN200 for seven hours free browsing.

The subscription is programmed to automatically renew itself after every 12 hours from the time of activation. So if you don’t want continue with the etisalat night plan subscription you can opt out.

To Opt out or unsubscribe from etisalat night plan data, just open your phone dial pad and dial  * 229 * 0# or send STOP to 229. Opting out is as simple as that, just follow the simple instructions as i have stated and it will be done successfully.

If you still find anything hard to understand or confusing to activate etisalat night plan cheat or how to use 9mobile night plan data in the day time. Please use the comments box and don’t forget to share.