Dragon Ball Legends Mod Apk

Dragon ball legends mod apk is a promising action game developed by popular Japanese developer BANDAI NAMCO.

This game will make you face some fighters from the famous “Dragon Ball” manga in one battle arena.

Besides, other players around the world can immerse themselves in this dynamic world of fighting where they will be opportune to crush their opponent using strong blows and combo attacks.

However, the primary aim is to make sure you win in every battle you find yourself.

Other things you must know about the dragon ball legends mod apk will be unveiled as you read through.

Dragon Ball Legends Information Overview

The information overview of the dragon ball legends mod apk will highlight some basic information you need to know about the game.

Dragon Ball Legends Mod Apk

Game Name Dragon Ball Legends
Publisher Bandai Namco Inc.
Category Action
Version v 2.14.0
Game Size96.24 MB
Android Requirement 6.0 and above
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Dragon Ball Legends Mod Apk


In Dragon Ball Legends you will have to form an unbeatable team, train it, and carry out all kinds of missions to be able to level up your fighters.

Each combat is different, so you will have to apply the appropriate combat techniques according to the type of fight that is taking place.

So let’s talk about the gameplay and then we highlight some features later.

  • Get a Perfect Win

In this gameplay, you will have to achieve a perfect victory. To do this, you will have to defeat all your rivals without taking any damage.

Here, you must master all combat techniques so that you have an unbeatable and well-trained team.

Above all, ensure you perform all the possible combos to eliminate the opponents as soon as possible.

  • Win Without a Single Casualty

For you to overcome this challenge you must finish all battles without any casualties and defeat all your rivals without having any loss.

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For this to be possible, you should not only know how to fight but also know how to change those characters that have little health. You might lose them if care is not taken.

  • Battle With 1 RED / YEL /GRE/ PUR / BLU Characters and Others

To do this, you have to use one or more characters whose element is from all those indicated above. Meanwhile, the teams in Story Mode are made up of 6 characters, so you will have to repeat some elements.

  • Do X Switches

To overcome this challenge in dragon ball legends mod apk, you will have to make a certain number of character changes during the battle. However, you must always try to use the best characters for the strongest opponents.

  • Rising Rush

For this gameplay, you must use a technique known as Rising Rush. To do this, you will first have to accumulate 7 dragon balls. These balls are obtained using the cards.

When you launch the Rising Rush, you will be able to take a huge amount of life from your opponent and knock him out quickly.


After you have download the dragon ball legends mod apk, you will find a lot of interesting things about the gameplay.

Dragon Ball Legends Mod Apk

Features of Dragon Ball Legends Mod Apk

Having gone through the gameplay, it will be nice of us to tell you some expected features to expect in the dragon ball legends game.

  • Tutorial Mode

As soon as you start to play Dragon Ball Legends, you will have to go through the tutorial, which is only the beginning of the main story. In this tutorial you will learn the following aspects:

  • How the combat works and all its techniques.
  • How you can form teams, taking into account the types of fighters.
  • How you can get the characters through the invocation.
  • Basic aspects such as Ki energy, Souls, or Power Z.

When you finish the tutorial, you will get a series of rewards, such as the all-important crystals that you can use to summon characters and train them.

  • Story Mode

The dragon ball legends story tells the adventures of Shallot who cannot remember anything about his past but finds himself in the middle of the war and then started fighting with different characters.

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Throughout the story, Shallot must fight against one or more enemies. As he gets to a higher level, the mission becomes more difficult.

  • Training Mode

In this mode, you can send your fighters to train. By doing this, you can raise their level and improve their skills.

Keep in mind that to carry out training you need a series of specific and chrono-crystal objects.

While your characters are training, you can use them in battles, just like Adventure Mode.

As soon as a character finishes his training, he will go up one or more levels depending on the experience he has.

  • Adventure Mode

Every time you play PvP battles or when you complete some missions in Story Mode, the game allows you to enter Adventure Mode, in which you will have to carry out a series of assignments.

So, the idea is to send your character on an adventure who will come loaded with rewards when back.

  • Player vs. Player (PvP) Mode

Without a doubt, this is the best game mode for the Dragon Ball Legends Mod apk, and it is here that you will show the whole world your fighting skills.

In PvP Mode, you can play informal battles (Casual Match) as well as battles with scores (Rating Match).

PvP games can be played as many times as one wants and you will not find it difficult to play.

  • Mission Mode

In this mode, you will have to complete a series of missions and achievements to obtain experience for your player account. Besides, you will also get materials and resources such as Chrono crystals.

Mod Features

  • God mode.
  • Complete stage challenges
  • Instants win feature by pressing pause.
  • The PvE and PvP features are available.

How to Download Dragon Ball Legends Mod Apk

  1. Click here to download the dragon ball legends mod apk.
  2. After the process is completed, go to your file manager to see where it is saved.
  3. Confirm that you have allowed an application from unknown sources through your device setting.
  4. Go to the game and click on it to install
  5. Enjoy playing.


Dragon Ball Legends 2.12.0 Mod APK

Dragon Ball Legends 2.11.0 Mod APK

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Dragon Ball Legends 2.10.0 Mod APK



With everything that we have discussed the dragon ball legends mod apk, I believe you must have developed an interest in the game.

Therefore, you should not hesitate to share it with your colleagues and let us know what you think about the dragon ball legends mod apk.

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