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Am I permitted to say that the temple run oz mod apk needs no introduction? Anyway, this game is the most popular of its kind and it is one of the oldest android games.
It has recorded a large number of downloads ever since it’s release on various game downloading platforms including the Google Play Store.
Therefore, it is not surprising to me that you need the modified version of this game. Because the modified versions of all games have more amazing features than their original versions.
Meanwhile, you should have known by now that we have not failed in giving you the best mod apk games on this platform. So, ensure relax as you learn about the temple run: oz mod apk download.

An Overview Information of Temple Run: Oz Mod Apk

You should have a glance at the overview information of the temple run Oz Apk below;

  • App Name– Temple Run Oz
  • App Category– Games, Arcade
  • Game Developer– Disney
  • Game Size– 76.2MB
  • Require O.S– Android v2.3.3 and above

About Temple Run Oz Mod Apk

temple run oz apk download, temple run brave mod apk, temple run apk, temple run oz all lands unlocked apk
temple run oz apk download, temple run brave mod apk, temple run apk, temple run oz all lands unlocked apk
The Temple Run game is one of the earliest games for android phones that is developed by Disney. It became the favourite for many gamers around the world. However, a more interesting and thrilling version of the temple run was later release which is the temple run: Oz
The name of the game Temple Run defines what the game is all about. Well, it is about a runner who is trying to run away from hungry beasts chasing him in along the paths of complex ancient structures.
Aside from trying to run away from these hungry beasts, he is most likely to come across some obstacles like big trees, pit holes and others.
If the runner gets caught up by the hungry beast or gets trapped by any of these obstacles, then it is a game over. Meanwhile, you should know that the gamer is in charge of controlling this runner so that he can travel a longer distance.
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Features of the Temple Run: Oz Mod APK

Just like the search for the temple run mod apk is on the rise, the same applies to the temple run oz mod apk.
The ordinary version of this game has limited coins available to play with but the modified versions come with unlimited coins/gems. Therefore, you should check out some interesting features of the mod version of temple run: Oz.

  1. HQ Graphics– The graphic display of a game tells a lot about the quality and how appealing it would be to the gamer. All the versions of the temple run game have been known to have some high-quality graphics in the display.

We have had about the temple run oz 2 apk, also the original temple run game. Their graphics never disappointed us. Therefore, this is one of the features that you will be enjoying when you download this game.

  1. Unlimited Coins– if you are a frequent game player, then the word coins shouldn’t be new to you because they are used to buying pieces of stuff while playing games. These things that are being bought can be used to improve your chance of winning the game.

The temple run oz mod comes with unlimited coins whereby this feature is absent in the original version of the game. You have to work for it in the original version. Now, imagine how interesting the game would be if you have enough coins to buy whatever you want.

  1. New Character (Oscar Diggs) – The temple run oz mod apk introduces a new character that was present in the main temple run movie.

Oscar Diggs is a character in the temple run movie who loves exploring new cities, discover new things and get a lot of magical powers. So how was he introduced in the game?
Well, you will find the flying baboons which look very scary which playing the game, thereby bringing some heat upon you. These baboons are very so strong and have magical powers too. Therefore, you will have to explore new cities just like Oscar Diggs did.

  1. Flying Powers– Another unique feature about this game is your ability to fly on Baboons. This is uncommon in the original version of the game. Whereas, you can only escape from these ugly baboons in the original version.

You already have unlimited coins to get as much as the ability that you can. Therefore, your flying power can be gotten in the modified version of the game.

  1. Similar Locations With the Movie– if you have watched the temple run movie, then you will notice some similar locations while playing this game. It makes it more thrilling and interesting. Some of the beautiful scenes include; the dark forests, the haunting cemetery and the dark woods.

What’s New! in Temple Run Oz Mod Apk

  • You can resurrect at free of cost.
  • All the characters are already purchased
  • You get infinite gems

How to Install the Temple Run Oz Mod Apk

You are expected to follow the steps given below to successfully download the temple run game.

  1. Go to your phone settings to allow application from unknown sources.
  2. Uninstall all the versions of the temple run games on your phone.
  3. Click on the download temple run oz mod apk button below.
  4. After it has downloaded successfully, locate where the downloaded files on your phones are saved.
  5. Tap on the app and install.
  6. Enjoy playing your temple run oz mod apk.

Click here to download the temple run oz mod apk

Conclusion – Temple Run Oz Mod Apk

This is modified apk game has been proven to win the heart of several game players around the world and it is likely to win yours too. You will enjoy other amazing features beyond the features that were enumerated above. So don’t hesitate to install the game on your phone as it one of the hottest right now.
Remember to use of the social share buttons to ensure that this article to reach other fans of the temple run game online. You can share your thoughts in the comment section below, let us know what you think about the temple run oz mod apk. Thanks

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