How to Connect Mobile Hotspot to Laptop Windows 10

You need to learn how to connect mobile hotspot to laptop windows 10 to be able to use your mobile data on your PC. If you have a windows 10 Pc the process is a lot easier and it is totally free of charge.

This method helps a lot especially when either your home Wifi, public or workplace Wifi is down. You can simple use your phone as a hotspot to connect and connect you Computer Wifi to it so that you can browse the internet.

How to connect laptop to mobile hotspot?

Step 1. To do tis follow the steps below

  • From the home screen of your phone swipe down the notification bar
  • Click the gear like button or settings
  • Scroll to Connectivity/connection or Network
  • Click mobile hotspot and tethering
  • Toggle the “mobile hotspot” to switch it on

Now you have successfully switch on the mobile hotspot, its time to on the wifi on you pc. To do this follow the guide below
Step 2

  • Switch on your PC
  • Mobile your cursor to the down right Conner
  • Click on Wifi network
  • All available hotspot network would be listed
  • Click the one that is your phones mobile network
  • Connect to it
  • Now start enjoying internet full speed

By now you should have successfully connected your mobile phone’s hotspot to your Windows 10 Computer. This process is very simple and self explained, the Wifi Hotspot feature also makes things a lot easier.

Why will my laptop not connect to Internet?

Despite how good and simple the Wifi Hotspot feature is, disappointments can arise at some point. For some reasons, the Wifi Hotspot feature might not work, here are the top 3 reasons Why your laptop might not connect to Internet?

  • Flight mode on
  • Computer Wifi is off
  • Wrong SSID or acess point
  • Wrong Wifi hotspot security password

This are the most prominent causes and reason why your windows 10 PC will not connect to your mobile hot spot. You can fix these problems by switching of flight mode, switching on Wifi and crosschecking for the right access point name and password.

Why isn’t my laptop connecting to WiFi?

If your Laptop is not connecting to Wifi network this could be caused by a driver or software update issue. An incorrect password input can also cause this to happen along side trying to connect to a wrong access point name.
Windows 10 presents a good chance of fixing this problem via the trouble shooting diagnostics option. Run the diagnostics check and this will help you know exactly where the problem lies.
If you are facing this problem, there is a number fixes to it, so you will not have to go to a specialist. You can fix this errors by either cross checking your wrong entries or updating the outdated software’s.

How To Fix no internet access but connected

In some cases, the Wifi and the hotspot will connect but there would be no internet access, this can be very frustrating. In most cases this is caused as a result of lack of internet data plan on the mobile device or and ISP issue.
However, if your have checked and its none of the above problems then you will have to get a little technical to fix this. Below are a number of reasons that could cause no internet access but connected issue.

  • Rule out false alarms.
  • Check router lights.
  • Restart modem and router.
  • Run Windows Network Troubleshooter.
  • Check IP address.
  • Check network card.
  • Check MAC Address filtering.
  • Reset TCP/IP.
  • Flush DNS.
  • Disable security software.
  • Update wireless drivers and network adapter driver.
  • Upgrade router firmware.
  • Reset your router.
  • Reset your network.

How to reset Android phone hotspot?

Resetting your Wifi network can be very helpful if you are facing difficulty connecting to hotspot. This feature also helps reset your Bluetooth network so everything would be fresh and working just fine.
To do this follow the steps below

  • Go to setting app on your phone
  • Open the phone setting
  • Scroll down to “Backup and Reset”
  • You don’t want to reset your phone so select “Network Settings Reset”
  • Now click reset setting in the right Conner
  • Input your password or pattern
  • Click done

If you have successfully completed this steps then you have successfully reset your network settings. Now every problems you might be causing your android not to connect to hotspot must have been fixed and that of your Bluetooth too.

Why won’t my mobile hotspot work?

If your mobile hotspot is not working, it is probably because it is switched off. However, wrong access point configuration can also cause your mobile hotspot not work.
But if the case that which your hotspot is off, then follow the steps below to switch it back on

  1. From the home screen.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Click more Networks.
  4. Tap tethering and Wi-Fi Hotspot.
  5. Toggle on the hotspot switch.

The steps is very pretty straight forward and simple and it applies to all android phones regardless of version. In the case of a Windows computer – From the home screen > Select Settings > Internet Sharing > Turn Sharing On.

How do I fix my Android mobile hotspot?

If you android mobile hotspot is not working as expected, here a few simple tips that will help you fix it. None of these fixes require any technical process they are basic things.

  • Switch on your mobile hotspot.
  • Make sure you input the right hotspot password.
  • connect to the right hotspot network.
  • Cross-check for any error in access point.
  • Check USSIC configuration.

Mobile hotspot problems are mainly localized to these major errors and possible mistakes. However, if you have checked and non of the above is the problem then you should consider resting “network setting” through your phone setting.

How can I share my phone internet with my PC?

Mobile hotspot and Wifi makes it possible to share your phone internet with your pc. All you have to do is connect to your Computer’s wifi to your mobile hotspot and make sure your internet data is on.
To connect your mobile hotspot to your pc wifi you have to put switch on the hotspot. To switch on the hotspot follow the steps below

  • Open your phone’s Settings app and open the “Network and Internet” menu.
  • In your Network menu, choose “Hotspot and Tethering.”
  • Tap on “Wi-Fi hotspot.”
  • Review your network name and password before toggling your hotspot to “On.”

This article teaches all about how to connect mobile hotspot to laptop windows 10. If you still want to know more please use the comment section to ask us.

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