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Cheat Codes For Airtel 3G 2021

The Airtel cheap data plan list has each data validity beside it and its ranging from the minimum to the maximum. So cheat codes for Airtel 3g is available for you if you are eligible to get it done of your phone, so it left with you to enjoy.

So this plans work from the stable of Airtel network provided specifically for 3g Airtel sims as a form of compensation to the users. And it is believe that the information on Airtel 3G data plan will be so helpful for you so get cheat codes for Airtel 3g.

Now as it has been describe above, you now know how to activate this 3g data plan which is more of useful to you. With that, you can enjoy the 3g data plan to browse with internet and enjoy with family and friends.

How Can I Get Free 3g Data on Airtel?

Airtel 3G data plan is a the type of plan that is made available by Airtel network provider which is specifically for 3g usage. This 3g data plan of Airtel work perfectly on Airtel 3g sims as the data is for the specification for that sole purpose.

Before you can enjoy actually the Airtel network services, there is need for you to subscribe to a data plan from Airtel. Actually Airtel have a different data be it a daily, weekly and monthly data plans even mega plans is also available for heavy data users.

In line with the above question, here you will be provided with how to get free 3g data on your Airtel mobile line. And also you will get to know how to activate this 3g Airtel data plan, so all you need is to go through carefully.
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Offers Available on 3G Data on Airtel

There are great offers available from the stable of Airtel under the 3g data which is at a cheaper rate for the Airtel users or auto-subscribers. As one of the Airtel numerous customer, the following are great offers under the 3g date on Airtel

  1. The Airtel 1 day data plan
  2. The 3 days data plan
  3. The Airtel 7 days (Weekly) data plan
  4. The 14 Days date plan (Bi_weekly)
  5. The Airtel 30 days (Monthly) data plan
  6. The 30 Days mega data plan
  7. The Airtel download pack 1G at N350
  8. The Airtel social plans and
  9. The instagram bundles powered by Airtel

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Subscription of 3G Airtel Data Plans

To subscribe to these 3g data plans which is surely a great data offers for all the Airtel network users and also any other data plan from the stable of Airtel. You can dial the general code which is *141# and follow it promptly but get cheat codes for Airtel 3g.

Also you can make you subscription of this great offers of 3g plans directly by using the following specific codes. And each code is specific for its duration and capacity of the data that is involve so you make your choice from the list.

  • To get 3g Airtel data plan 10, simply dial *471#
  • To get 3g Airtel data plan 15, simply dial *463#
  • To get 3g Airtel data plan 20, simply dial *351#

Cheat codes for Airtel 3g, this cheat is for selected customers but mostly works well on new Airtel sim prepaid cards. So especially the sims that are not too long you purchased it so if you are not certain of yours just check eligibility using the following method.

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To check eligibility of the cheats on your mobile sim then dial *141# send it and reply 1 to see the offers you are qualified to enjoy. After replying 1, you will see a list will pop up for you to choose the one you are actually working on.

Giving you the list of available data plan for you to enjoy and make choice of recharge equivalent amount according to the plan you want. Now repeat the steps above to enjoy, the Airtel free data offer which is on 3g sims.

How Can I Get 1Gb For 200 3G On Airtel

To get cheat codes for Airtel 3g and on getting 1gb for 200 on 3g Airtel which gives you more choices in relation to choose lesser data plans and prices. This data plan is actually available for you for daily, weekly or monthly plan for your Airtel line.

Airtel is one of the biggest mobile networks in Nigeria with which large subscribers are using it well with the choices of data available. Due to its wide network coverage, you as a subscriber can enjoy a stable and affordable Airtel data plan even on 3g.

You can actually get cheat codes for Airtel 3g which works perfectly with any of the phone you are using in relation to 3g network. So with tye provision of 1gb data for your Airtel 3g sim, you will be able to browse internet with pleasure and get cheat codes for Airtel 3g.

The Airtel 3g 200 for 1gb plan is very much similar to the likes of other network but unique in Airtel form, so if you are not eligible partake in other network you get the opportunity to make use of your Airtel great offer and enjoy it to the fullest.

Subscription Of Airtel 1Gb For 200 3G On Airtel

  1. You need to first make sure you recharge your Airtel mobile line with just 200 Naira airtime
  2. Now to get it you can simply dial the code *141*205#
  3. After dialing you can now start enjoying your 1gb 3g data

Airtel Nigeria has set this latest plan to works on 2g, 3g, 4g and 5g sims in relation to the choice of your phone networks. It states the phone is using 5g, 4g, 3g and even 2g network, all you have to do is to manually go to your settings and set your preferred network type.

Note that: Airtel 3g data plan for 100 naira is for the duration of 24 hours and you will not be able to rollover the data. You will need to make another subscription the next day but cheat codes for Airtel 3g is very much available.
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How Can I Get 1Gb to 100 Naira On Airtel?

Airtel is among the best Nigerian mobile telephone communication due to their numerous offering of special 4G and 3GB data plans for their subscribers. Sincerely Airtel provide some amazing offers which is suitable for their subscribers with cheap rate.

If you actually care very much concerning the data speed and occasional promo on data subscription packages surely it is available at Airtel network. However, if surely at your area the Airtel network is perfectly working then you can enjoy the great offers.

Base on the available of many data offer from the stable of Airtel network which come at cheaper rate, here is another one. Airtel provide a cheap rate of data for 1g which little price of 100 naira, try it and enjoy it to browse internet.

Airtel Nigeria is planning on bringing a much better offer than any other network in terms of data plan. Airtel shook the internet with its latest data bundles by introducing more amazing but  cheat codes for Airtel 3g especially this 1gb for #100 plan.

How this Airtel 1Gb for #100 works is simple but note that this is a weekend plan so it works only on weekends (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) but if you subscribe on Saturday then it will expire on Saturday of the next week.

Airtel Data Plan of 1Gb For 100 Naira

The following procedure describe how you will be able subscribe for 1gb Airtel data plan for just 100 naira. This is so very cheap data offer for you as one of the lucky Airtel users of Subscribers so follow this and get yours:

  • At first, just simply make a recharge on your phone with #100 Recharge card.
  • Secondly you simply dial the code *474*1# and the plan will be activated easily and instantly
  • You can surely make use of the code *140# by simply dial *140# to check your balance

This is amazing as Airtel 1gb is just for 100 naira and this plan Airtel 1gb for 100 naira was secretly introduced and there are no many details about the eligibility but you can always try it out with your Airtel sim, get Airtel the data plan as low as 100 naira for 1gb.

This plan is very much similar to the likes of other network particularly, so if you are not eligible or no longer eligible for 1gb for just 100 naira on other networks. Now it is time to utilize this opportunity make use of your Airtel mobile sim.

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Airtel Nigeria network just bring in another monthly data plan which enable you to get 1024mb for just 100 naira for the weekend. This again seems to be the cheapest data plan out there but this is a one week for weekend plan.

Why My Airtel 3G is Not Working?

Cheat codes for Airtel 3g is available for your Airtel sim but if its not working it is definitely that your phone is not supporting the 3g. If you are the type that always want either daily, weekly and/or monthly data bonus at cheaper rate then stick to Airtel network.

However, Airtel is said to be one of the mobile telephone communication networking in Nigeria that always provide their customers with different data offers. To keep you to their network they are willing to reward you with extra data and free airtime regularly.

You may actually find it difficult to use Airtel 3g on your phone which may be as a result of two reasons and its maybe your phone not supporting it as well as your line. Also why your 3g Airtel is not working may be due insufficient area network for your side.

Devices That Work On Airtel 3G

Cheat codes for Airtel 3g specially meant for some specific device that is meant to be working with the 3g network status. So due to the problem of 3g Airtel unable to work on your device, it may surely be the problem of your device not in support of it.

This plan is simple to activate if you are actually interested and I am very sure you will be interested after knowing about it because it’s so cheap to accommodate. You can check balance by dialing *140# so take note that the plan works on all devices which includes the following:

  1. Android mobile phone
  2. Windows phone
  3. iPhone or Apple products
  4. iPad mobile device
  5. Symbian phones
  6. Java Laptops
  7. Computers
  8. Modems
  9. MiFI and other internet enable devices.

Things To Do That Will Make 3G Airtel Working

In regard to this question that your 3g Airtel is not working, there are some settings that you need to do if that is the case. The problem may be as a result of not setting the mobile phone to 3g so as to do so, you follow the steps below to make it work

  • You should first check if your mobile phone is compatible to 3G.
  • And if it’s compatible then you visit mobile network settings.
  • You should select 3G/WCDMA network only in the mobile network settings.
  • Then you search for network.
  • Now make sure that the 3G signal is enough available near your device.
  • At one time the 3G can be activated only in one sim in most of the device, so make sure you have choosen your Airtel sim as 3G.

This above settings will help you to be able to use 3g Airtel on your phone and I hope this solve your problem of not working. Now try and make the settings as it is described above so as to enjoy the offer of 3g data plans so as not to left out of the opportunity.

This should enable your 3G network in your phone once you carefully and properly do as it is being explained above. But if it refused to work yet, then it has nothing to do with the network operator so it maybe the problem of your phone hardware.

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