How to Change USPS Account From Business to Personal

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In this article, you will learn about UPS and how to change USPS account from business to personal. The United States Postal Service (USPS) is an independent agency of the federal government of the United States that was created in 1971.

The Account function is a way for businesses and residents to track and pay their mail. Users can track shipments that they have sent, received, or need to be made. The USPS offers this service online and by phone.

Difference Between Business and Personal USPS

The USPS offers different types of accounts to its customers. Some of them are more suited for business-related mail while some are suited for personal mail.

The first difference between a business and personal account is that a business account is more expensive than a personal account. A second difference is that you can’t print postage stamps on your own with the USPS Business Account.

Steps to Switch USPS From Business to Personal Account

When you switch from a business to personal account, you’ll be getting a new username and password. You’ll also need to update your contact information and provide your payment information.

Steps to Change USPS Account From Business to Personal

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This article is written to help you go through the process of changing your account status from a Gmail account to an email address. Depending on your need, you can change to a Gmail account, Google Apps account, or non-Gmail account.

If you want these benefits in your own name and not in Google’s name:

  • Create a new email address that has the same username as your Gmail username (for example: if your Gmail username is[email protected],” then create an email address like “[email protected]”).
  • Sign in and add the new email address to the desired Google product (whether it be Gmail, G Suite, or other).
  • After adding the new email address, sign out

What is the USPS Business Account?

Most people have some of the advantages on account with the USPS. Most of us don’t know much about the scope of such account. U.S. postal service isn’t simply transporting packages.

The services covered include services outside the services of us postal services. For businesses and companies a business USPS account provides many advantages.

In this article you will learn everything that is important to you and the more the program can do on your behalf for you beyond the benefits offered within your accounts. For more details i’ll talk on my personal vs business USPS account next article.

The USPS has more to offer than its postal needs but more than just a service to customers.

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What is a USPS personal account?

USPS, the United States Postal Service, offers two primary account types business and personal. The personal account, called “household,” is recommended for day to day mailing tasks such as buying stamps, sending occasional packages and tracking your shipments.

A USPS Personal Account is a special account that gives customers access to the full range of USPS products and services. This includes: Express Mail, Priority Mail, First-Class Mail, international shipping and mailing services.

Benefits of a USPS Personal Account

If you’re a customer of the United States Postal Service, you might be wondering if there is a way to take advantage of their services without having to go through their website.

Well, USPS offers an alternative service for customers who want to order stamps, get their mail, or send packages without using the USPS website. It’s called Personal Account.

The Personal Account is an easy-to-use service that offers more benefits than the website.

How to Get Started with a USPS Personal Account

The USPS offers personal account holders the ability to print postage online, purchase postage online, send mail internationally, and track your packages.

To sign up for a USPS Personal Account, you must first download the USPS Mobile App or go to on your desktop. You will be asked to enter in your zip code and create a password before proceeding. Once you have created an account, follow these steps:

  • Step One: Set up your profile

  • This is where you can tell the USPS what type of mail you send (greeting cards or magazines), how often you send it (daily, weekly), and what type of address (home or business).

  • Step Two: Create a mailing list

Benefits of Having a USPS Account in Your Name

A USPS account in your name is a good idea for entrepreneurs and solo business owners. They get access to discounts, better rates, and other perks that are available only to individuals.

Having a USPS account in your name is the best way to avoid paying business tax rates even if it’s just an offshoot of your company. This will save you money both on taxes and the cost of the postage you purchase.

You can further benefit from having a USPS account in your name if you are not eligible for direct deposit with the company’s bank or want to avoid entering banking information online.


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