canon ts6320 user manual

Canon TS6320 User Manual pdf & Wireless Setup

Get free soft copy of the canon ts6320 user manual pdf free here without paying a single dime. If you have a canon ts6320 printer and have lost the hard copy of the user guide this article is for you.

Again, the user guide or manual is meant to help, instruct and walk your through the installation, configuration, Wi-Fi wireless connection procedure and even show you how to print, maintenance, troubleshooting, error codes, etc.

Canon TS6320 User Manual & Specs

If you have lost your own copy of the user guide you might find it difficult to get somethings done and fix some basic problems if they happen. For that reason, we here at Nexprotocol have taken the liberty of providing our audience a free pdf soft copy of the user guide for canon ts6320 printer.

  • Hardware: Canon TS6320 Printer.
  • Category: Wireless Printer.
  • Function: Print.
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi, USB.
  • Mobile printing: HP ePrint, Apple AirPrint, Wi-Fi Direct, Google Cloud Print.
  • Compatible Operating Systems: Windows / Mac.

Canon TS6320 Wireless Setup

By default, the Canon TS6320 Printer wireless connection is not automatic, after purchasing the printer, a manual setup has to be done. If you don’t know how to carry out the manual wireless setup, you should refer back to your printer manual for help.

You can also read through the pdf copy of the Canon TS6320 Printer manual provided in this article. Better still, below is a short guide to help you save time and cut to the chase.

  1. Press the OK button.
  2. Use the Up or Down button (A) to select Wi-Fi setup and press the OK button.



  3. Select Manual connect and press the OK button.
  4. Select your wireless router and press the OK button.

    The wireless router name appears.

    If a different screen appears or no wireless router is found, see “Troubleshooting.

  5. Enter the password. Text entry is case-sensitive.

    For how to enter characters and how to change the character type, see “Text Entry” (appears in a new window).

    If you don’t know the password for your wireless router, see the wireless router manual or contact its manufacturer.

    If “Connected to the wireless router.” appears, the network does not require a password. Continue from step 7.

  6. After entry, press the Start button (A).
  7. When the screen on the below appears, press the OK button.
    Completion screen (Connected to the wireless router.)

    If a different screen appears, see “Troubleshooting.

  8. Press the Back button (B).

    The network connection setup is now complete.

    Return to the software and proceed with the installation.


    Click Setup icon in the taskbar, follow the on-screen instructions to proceed with setup.


    Click Setup icon in the Dock, follow the on-screen instructions to proceed with setup.

This article is all about Canon TS6320 user Manual also called Canon TS6320 User Manual or User guide. This article also covers other basic aspects such as Canon TS6320 wireless setup, Help, operating instructions, installation, how to print and scan, troubleshooting.

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