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Best Airtel Whatsapp Plan For Cheap Data 2021

In this article, you will get to read information concerning Airtel WhatsApp plan, Airtel WhatsApp monthly subscription plan and how to activate it, how to get 1gb Airtel data plan for 200 naira and how to buy Airtel WhatsApp and facebook data plan.

All you need to do concerning the matter of if you want to cancel it, you just have to wait until the month is over then you stop using the code again if you don’t want it anymore. When your subscription runs out, normal Whatsapp usage will be applicable at 5 kobo per kB.

Another thing is when it comes to the matter of balance checking, you may not get any easy answer to that. As this package does not use to consume the megabytes of your existing bundle if only in the case of 200 MB.

How do I subscribe for WhatsApp on Airtel?

If you actually decide or want to chat with your friends with no limitation or whatsoever on your phone, you should definitely go for WhatsApp social application data plan learn about Airtel WhatsApp plan which is the one that work the magic.

You will get to find out how amazing the plan is and all what is there that you needs to know about this incredible and amazing Airtel package which will allows you to connect with other people without spending a lot of money on that.

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What is Airtel Whatsapp Plan is About?

So if you actually want to know what this airtel whatsApp bundle all about and how you will be able to make the subscription. Well airtel whatsapp plan can be simply describet as a special package created by airtel network in collaboration with whatsapp social application.

This plan allows all airtel mobile network users to have unlimited access to whatsapp social media application for day, week or month for a very reasonable and affordable fee. You will still get how to subcribe the plan as you follow.

The plan simply implies that throughout the entire month your mobile account will not get any extra deductions in mobile airtime balance or any other data bundle that you are using so as long as you get this Airtel Whatsapp package.

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For a whole month of unlimited use of Whatsapp will cost you #100 once you get this Airtel Whatsapp plan. Which means if you have the data bundle for Whatsapp activated with 200 MB or more so you can enjoy the same benefits without any other subscription or extra payment.

This same Whatsapp offer is available on practically every type of modern mobile platform you can think of using starting from BlackBerry and Nokia Symbian. That means you don’t need to worry that your phone might not support this package.
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Now How to Subscribe For Airtel Whatsapp Plan

If you found this plan worthy of using and you decide and want to get this Whatsapp package or plan then you will need to use the Airtel Whatsapp code which is *948#. What you will do is very simply because you only needs to dial the code on your mobile decide.

Immediately or as soon as you dial this USSD code which is *948#, your account will be charged #100 so the money will be deducted from your mobile line and by now you will be able to enjoy unlimited chat with your family and friends via Whatsapp.

As for the matter of cancellation of this Whatsapp plan, this offer is actually can be renewed automatically after you exhausted the data so it means that the plan is said to be auto-renewable, so you cannot cancel it.

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Airtel Whatsapp plan does not actually have a specific code for checking the balance while making use of it. However, you can use the code *123*8# to check your bundle balance just in case in actually want to check your data.

Addition thing also is all you need to know is shown to you so there is no hidden catch, just cheap and unlimited way to connect with people who matter to you. So go grab your phone and get this package if you have not done that already.

You as a customers and an airtel lije user if you actually activate this data bundles of 200MB or more, you can also enjoy the unlimited access to “WhatsApp” without having to pay for the value-added service on your device.

Whatsapp application in the Airtel formation is considered one of the most popular mobile applications worldwide owned by Whatsapp Inc. and incorporation with Airtel. The application allows instant chat features, file and location sharing and more through smart phones through the Internet.

How To Subscribe to WhatsApp Monthly?

The Airtel Whatsapp plan is under the social plans that is made provided by the Airtel network itself which means that you can still subscribe for other social network plan apart from Whatsapp, others like facebook, opera mini, instagram and so on.

So as this case may be, like if you only want the Whatsapp social plan only you can get it for Whatsapp online but you wont about to use other social plan as it is noted that the Airtel social plan for Whatsapp subscription is and will only be for Whatsapp alone.

As the monthly subscription of the Airtel Whatsapp plan, if the subscription for Airtel is the only plan that is active for you then you should know that you won’t be able to browse, download or use any other social application as it is restricted to Whatsapp only.

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On the contrary, it may be possible to use it for any others if only you have another active Airtel data plan that can be use for general purpose then you will be able to use to for all other things be it other social media and the rest activities.

Now concerning how you can get the monthly subscription of the Airtel social Whatsapp plan without any other problem. Here you will be able to get how to subscribe to the plan and also make use of it after the plan being activated.

To Subscribe Airtel Whatsapp Monthly Plan

If you actually want to enjoy the Airtel Whatsapp monthly subscription plan, you can as well try to get the subscription for all other social network services and an all social bundle comprises of all social application such as WhatsApp, instagram, facebook and so on with access to opera mini.

All social monthly plan description include the data plan of 700MB at the price rate of N300 within the duration of 25 days. So if you get this all social monthly Airtel plan you will gain access to all social application including the opera mini itself.

To activate this entire social monthly plan which include the topic of the discussion here as in the Airtel Whatsapp plan for monthly usage. This same code is applicable to all the bundles as what you need to do is to specify the one you want.

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To activate any of the social bundle of monthly use or you want all the social bundles:

  • Simply Dial *141#
  • You will first select option 4 – Buy a social bundle
  • After you will select option 1 – All social bundle
  • You will now select option 3 – All social monthly
  • For this above description, for the specification of Airtel WhatsApp social monthly bundle you will specify by selecting the option for the WhatsApp in the social bundles and select monthly in the duration for the activation and activate.
  • Now press send/ok.
  • A message will be send to you and you will receive it instantly and the message is for the confirmation of the successfully activation of your just concluded plan after all the steps that you have taken completely.

Also in the message, there will be further details of the plan that has been activated which will include the duration of the data and the value of the data but in order to check for the data balance anytime you just dial *140#.

Airtel WhatsApp plan is one of the most frequently used social application package in the world with a lot of people downloading as well as updating it regularly. Virtually every one in Nigeria make use of the WhatsApp application.

Airtel WhatsApp plan for monthly will allows you to connect with many people especially by connecting and chatting with faraway family and friends on your contact lists and also you will be able to get new friends while using the plan.

Just that other social network plan, WhatsApp Airtel monthly plan also consumes its own data as it is related to its plan but the data consumed by WhatsApp its not that very much but the social activities in the WhatsApp application is the one that consume a lot of data.

How To Get 1Bb of 200 On Airtel?

The Airtel 200 for 1GB plan is very much similar to that of MTN, so if you are not eligible or no longer eligible for 1GB for N200 on MTN, then it is time to make use of your Airtel SIM as to enjoy it to the fullest and get Airtel WhatsApp plan.

This is amazing as Airtel 1gb is just for 200 naira – This plan Airtel 1gb for 200 naira was secretly introduced and there are no many details about eligibility or not, but you can always try it out with your Airtel sim, get Airtel unlimited data plan for 200 naira.

The plan was secretly introduced, no much details about eligibility or not so if you have got Airtel SIM, you can always try it out. If you haven’t get your Airtel sim, now you can go get it and be part of this opportunity.

Airtel Nigeria has set this latest plan to works on 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G sims in relation to the choice of your phone networks. That is to say if your phone is using 5G, 4G, 3G and even 2G network, all you have to do is to manually go to your settings and set your preferred network type.

How To Subscribe 1GB For 200 Naira On Airtel Sim

  • Make sure you recharge your Airtel line with 200 Naira airtime
  • Simply dial *141*205#
  • Now you can enjoy your 1GB data

Airtel WhatsApp plan and 1GB plan for 200 naira so it’s part of Airtel unlimited data plan is one of the best subscription that you can enjoy so far so good from the stable of Airtel Nigeria network subscription over decades.

Airtel WhatsApp plan who are known to be among the cheapest data plan providers and customer-care love in Nigeria. Airtel Nigeria keeps surprising us with newer plans which are unlimited concerning the usage and the duration.

We also have the Airtel smart recharge that gives you 10x of all your recharge, you can connect and download with the smart recharges Airtel gives you 10times more on your recharge value for voice and data.

Now you have seen the Airtel data plan which so fantastic, you can make use of the opportunity. Having an unlimited data plans with same validity periods at different prices shows there is definitely you are going to enjoy the plan.

Note: Airtel Whatsapp plan, this data has a duration of 24 hours and the data doesn’t rollover. You will need to make another subscription the next day but Airtel also has a cheaper Instagram plan, which also has a duration of 24 hours.

How To Buy WhatsApp & Facebook Data on Airtel

Facebook and WhatsApp bundles are two social bundle plans for Airtel users that will enable you to make use of facebook and also chat on WhatsApp. These two social plans are the most exciting social app that people get use to any day and anytime.

With this WhatsApp, Facebook data package you can send and receive unlimited WhatsApp/Facebook messages, Video, Audio and Pictures for a week without airtime being deducted from your account.

Airtel internet data bundles for browsing the internet also comes with its various perks and addition. Sometimes you get 100% of your internet data bundles subscription while other times you get around 30% to 50% as bonus.

There are three available options for those who need access to Facebook and WhatsApp only which are as follow:

  1. 100 MB – N25 for 1 day, *141*254# (*141*254*1# is the autorenewal opt-out code)
  2. 200 MB – N50 for 1 week, *141*54# (*141*54*1# is the autorenewal opt-out code)
  3. 500 MB – N100 for 1 month, *141*104# (*141*104*1# is the autorenewal opt-out code)

Airtel Whatsapp plan, there is also a great opportunity to buy some of the Airtel data bundles as well as facebook social bundle online which is also reliable and save. You can choose from different daily and monthly plans depending on how much megabytes you need.

In general, there are variety of options to pick when dealing with online subscription of any data bundle of your choice which make it easy for you. All you will need to do is to select a suitable bundle that you prefer and click on it then insert your mobile phone number.

Now after the above explanation so far, you know everything you need to know about how to buy any Airtel data plan that suits your needs. As you can see, everyone can choose an option that will be suitable just for him or her depending of one’s choice.

So such a variety of alternatives is really wonderful as it can save you a lot of money because the bundles are affordable and accessible. What is more important is that you will always be able to stay connected and have instant access to the internet.

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