Airtel Talk More Bundle Tariff Rate Migration & Bonus Code

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Airtel Talk More is a special plan offer for Airtel subscribers to enjoy up to 500% bonus on calls. TalkMore Bundles is a great plan for Airtel users, especially for sms, internet and international calls and is activated with Airtel talk more code.

Airtel talk more code is a simple ussed code used to Activate Airtel voice bundle, 6x and voice plus bundle bonus. Airtel talk more tariff rate is the cheapest rate among all Airtel tariff plan ever.

If you ever want to change your Tariff plan as a Airtel subscriber, then i will only advise you to chose TalkMore. The voice and voice plus plan is super splendid for local and international voice calls.

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In this Article, i will talk about Airtel talkMore code, tariff plan, 6X bonus and Voice bundle. I will also show you how to Migrate to TalkMore and how to activate and start using the voice and sms bundle.

With Airtel Talk More bonus for call you can call at cheap rate internationally to countries including USA, UK, CANADA and china. Airtel Talk more is a general bundle available to all Airtel subscribers including old and new user in Nigeria.

Airtel Talk More Bundles

airtel voice bundle, airtel bonus talktime recharge, airtel 6x, airtel voice plus

TalkMore Bundles are great value bundles that give 500% the value of airtime to make calls and send SMS to ALL NETWORKS in Nigeria WITHOUT RESTRICTION.
The Talkmore Bundles can also be used to make international calls to USA, Canada, UK landlines, China and India as well as browse the internet. Talk More Bundles are open to all Airtel customers (Prepaid and Postpaid) and comes in different price points that fits every size of pocket.

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Airtel voice bundle

Airtel Voice bundle, is a plan designed to meet all your voice call needs at a cheap rate. The voice bundle plan is a good plan suitable to all levels of subscribers provided you make a lot of voice calls.

I will recommend this bundle plan to business individuals who usually have to call their costumers for a long business talks. Students can also enjoy the benefit of this Airtel Talk more Voice bundle.
If you want to activate Airtel voice bundle, follow the steps bellow or chose among the available bundles in Table
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  • Open your dial pad
  • Dial *154*1#
  • This will open to you the available voice bundles available for TalkMore tarrif plan
  • Select the most suitable plan for yourself and subscribe to it

You can as well use the table below to select the best sms bundle for yourself. Don’t forget this plan is specially made for high voice call consumers.

Airtel Talk More Code To Activate

Airtel Talk More Code to activate is the USSD code used to either migrate or activate Airtel TalkMore tariff plan. So if you want to use or enjoy Airtel Talk More bonuse then you have to use this code.

I will state the migration code here in the next sentence then i will show you how to activate it in the next. To migrate to TalkMore tariff plan simply dial *234#, migration is free except you have migrated 2 times within 30 days.

Now that you have successfully migrated to Airtel Talk more, i will show you how to activate the bundle plan. Just like i have mentioned before, just open your dial pad and dial *154*1#.

After dialing you can now chose the bundle that you can afford and is suitable for your budget. Better still you can refer to the table above for an updated list of working codes.

Airtel 6x Voice Bonus Code

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Airtel 6x voice bonus is better referred to as the Talk more tariff plan. Just like the name implies, this voice bundle gives Airtel subscribers the 6 times added value. To every recharge for data, sms and voice calls subscribers tend to enjoy 5 times bonus.
The Airtel 6X bonus is not  the same as Airtel Talk more plan but you can use the bonus to call networks. All sms and call on this plan are made cheap for all Airtel subscribers.

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This plan is only available to only prepaid users unlike the Talkmore tariff plan. That which is available for prepaid and post paid subscribers is the Talk more bundle plan. If you want to enjoy the 6 times recharge bonus, dial *555*PIN# to recharge the voucher card. Below is the breakdown of bundles and plans below…..

Airtel Talk More Tariff Rate

Airtel talkmore tariff rate for subscribers is 11k per second. All you get is just 1151 seconds extra which is just approximately 19 minutes extra over 30 days.

Better still if the USSD code is not working for the activation and migration plan. You can as well use the sms message info the N60 bundle price, text TM60 to 234 and for the N100 bundle, text TM100 to 234.

How to Migrate to Airtel Beta Talk

If you like browsing browsing the internet like me then Talkmore bundle bonus is all you need.
TalkMore bundle bonus for internet helps you browse at a very high speed internet speed. The bundle price varies according to bundle size and bundle you want to subscribe to.

Prepaid and post paid Airtel subscribers are all open to the Airtel TalkMore 5X bundle plan.
This article have covered all about Airtel Talk More bundle code and all you need to know about tariff plan rate. I have also talked about the voice call plan and 5X bonus code to recharge.