Airtel Recharge Code 2022 | How to Recharge Airtel Data

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The Airtel recharge code is a unique code which you can use to recharge Airtel airtime, card and internet data. There have been a lot of rumors lately about a new code for loading an Airtel card, it is not true that Airtel still uses the same code.

This article covers all you need to know about Airtel Recharge Ussd Code, New Airtel Recharge Code, Airtel Recharge code for data, Airtel Recharge Code from Bank, and how to load Airtel data. Please continue reading to find out all the codes.


New Airtel recharge code


The new artel recharge code is 126PIN# for Nigerian subscribers. To load Airtel Airtime using the code dial 126 Then the 15 Digits card PIN followed by# then click the call button.

For instance 2423 6453 6353 is coupon number on the recharge card you want to recharge, simply dial 126242364536353# then click send. On successfully completing these steps, you receive a flash message showing your balance and how much you have top-up.


Airtel recharge code for data


To recharge data, the process is a little different from how to load normal airtime. This can be done either by loading airtime and converting it to data or by directly recharging data from your bank account.

I will cover the two methods here, just follow my lead and learn how to recharge Airtel data…

  • Purchase and load Airtel airtime.
  • Open your phone and dial *141#.
  • Now select either a daily, weekly or monthly plan.
  • On this new page, you will be presented with available data packages.
  • Select the one that suits you and confirm the subscription.
  • You will now be credited with the data equivalent of your balance.


How to recharge Airtel data from bank


This method of Airtel data recharge requires using a that will allow you to recharge from your bank account directly. The method is pretty simple and straightforward but different banks have and use different codes.

Below, we have taken our time to research all the codes for different banks and how.


Airtel Bank Recharge Codes

Bank Names Bank USSD Codes
Access Bank *901*amount#
Diamond Bank *426#
Ecobank *770#
First Bank *894#
First City Monument Bank *389*214*amount#
Guaranty Trust Bank *737#
Stanbic IBTC *909*amount#
Sterling Bank *822*amount#
Skye Bank(Polaris Bank) *833#
UBA *919*amount#
Union Bank *389*032*amount#
Zenith Bank *966#
Keystone Bank *322*082*amount#


How to recharge Airtel from bank account


Dial *444# or Dial 444 AIRTIME AMOUNT# on your phone using your bank registered number, then enter your four digits pin to authorize the transaction. This code works on Airtel numbers for all Nigerian banks.

For better understanding and the purpose of clarity, follow the step below

  • Just dial 444# OR 444*AMOUNT#.
  • · Select the service/product option you want.
  • · Select the payment option which is either Bank or use a Debit card.



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How to generate Airtel recharge card pin


This is a guide on how to generate an Airtel recharge card pin. Many people are using the internet to purchase items like apps, games and other digital content.


new airtel recharge code, airtel recharge code nigeria, airtel recharge code for data, how to recharge airtel card in nigeria, airtel recharge code from bank, how to recharge airtel data, airtel balance code, mtn recharge code


One of the most popular ways of purchasing digital content is through the internet which i not free but here you will learn the free way. Follow me as I take you through step-by-step on how you can join this platform and earn extra money

  1. Open your browser and to
  2. Register and Login to one of the accounts listed below.
  3. Click on the Recharge card pin on your dashboard.
  4. Select a payment method.
  5. Input your mobile number.
  6. Select the mobile network you want e.g MTN, GLO, AIRTEL & 9MOBILE.
  7. Select the amount of Recharge card you want ranging from 100-1000 Naira.
  8. Select auto (default action).
  9. Input the quantity of Recharge card pin you want to generate e.g 10copies, 20copies.
  10. Click on the generate pin.
  11. Accept the cashback discount and click on pay.

Airtel offers mobile and data services in India and has an app store with various apps available for download. The company also offers a service called Airtel Recharge Card, which allows users to buy mobile data or recharge their prepaid balance by entering their card PIN on their phone.


What is Airtel smart recharge plan?


Airtel smart recharge plans are prepaid recharges that offer a range of benefits such as unlimited data, voice calls and SMS. The plans can be used across all Airtel mobile numbers.

They are available on postpaid or prepaid basis.

Airtel smart recharge plans come in different types like

  • SmartChoice one-time recharge.
  • SmartChoice monthly recharges.
  • SmartChoice quarterly recharges and so on.


How can I check my Airtel plan?


Airtel is one of the leading telecom service providers in India and Nigeria. It offers a variety of plans for its customers. You can check your plan by going to the Airtel website or by calling their customer care number 1800-22-22222.

Airtel offers prepaid and postpaid plans, which differ in terms of the amount you pay for each recharge and the validity period. Each plan comes with a different set of features and services that are either free or paid.


20x Airtel Recharge Bonus Code


Airtel 20X bonus allows you to get 20 times the amount of your recharge as bonus. The 20X bonus is good if you want to enjoy a call for a long time without running out of airtime. To get 20x bonus with Airtel recharge code follow the guide below

  1. Open your phone’s dial pad.
  2. Dial *241# been the Airtel credit code for 20X bonus.
  3. A pulp up message will come up to select which 20X bonus you want.
  4. Choose from the available option in the pup-UP.


Airtel Data Recharge Code


If you ever want to subscribe to any data plan then you will definitely need an Airtel recharge code to archive in data recharge code is the code that is used to redeem or load Airtel internet data.

The network provider has different levels and types of data plan and each of these data plans have different unique recharge USSD codes. For example if you want to subscribe to Airtel night data plan, the code is different from that of the daily data plan.

Below I will state and list out the most important Airtel data recharge code you will need from time to time. The recharge codes will consist of that of night night plan, daily and monthly data subscription.


How to Recharge Data Card Via App


I have shown you how to recharge an Airtel data card online via app, now I will show you how to recharge data card via App. Follow the steps below..

  1. Login to your Airtel Thanks App
  2. Click on Recharge
  3. Click on Data Recharge
  4. Enter your registered name or number
  5. Select the operator
  6. Browse for plans or proceed to Pay Now

These two processes would allow you to credit your account without the code.



Night Plan Data Recharge Code


Airtel night plan data is a special data offer for night browsing, the data lasts from 12am to 6am in the morning. The night data plan is divided into 2, you can subscribe to Airtel 500mb for 100# for 1Gb for 250#, depends on the data recharge code you use.

To subscribe to Airtel 500mb night free data dial *141# to get Airtel free night 1Gb. Below is a comprehensive list of codes for the Airtel monthly data plan.


Airtel Monthly Data Plan Recharge Code


Monthly data plan is different from night plan and daily plan so it is good to know the code to recharge for Airtel monthly plan too. To subscribe to monthly data plan dial this recharge code *141# or follow the steps below

  1. Open your dial pad
  2. Dial this code *141#
  3. A message will pulp up with different data plans
  4. Select the monthly data plan option
  5. Another pulp up message will come up
  6. Choose the data plan with the amount that is suitable for you

Voila you are done and have been able to subscribe to an Airtel data plan with data recharge code.



Data Card Payment via Airtel


When you want to load an Airtel data card code with payment Thanks app, then you will need to first load your account before you credit without code.

  1. Open your browser and go to Airtel website
  2. You will need to login to your account
  3. From menu option select Data card recharge Type in your data card number to the text area space
  4. Choose your mobile operator number
  5. Enter the amount you want
  6. Click on Proceed

That is how to recharge an Airtel data card online without a code.


How to Load Credit Airtel


Should you ever want to credit your account and you don’t want to use the Airtel website online instead of a recharge code. Follow the procedure below to learn how to recharge your airtel card.

  1. Go to Airtel official website
  2. Log in with either your number or your MPIN
  3. Click on the Payment and Recharges on the left side navigation bar
  4. Click on the Prepaid Recharge option
  5. Now enter your mobile number and select your operator
  6. Select from the list of plans and presented to you
  7. Enter the recharge amount and click Continue

Immediately after going through this process your account will be recharged with the exact amount you requested without Airtel recharge code.


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How to Load With My Airtel App


To topup your balance with the Airtel app, the process is almost similar to that of using the official website online without an Airtel recharge code. The instructions below will guide you to do so in no time and that is how to recharge an Airtel card.

  • Download and install My Airtel app from play store
  • Login to the app with your number
  • Navigate to the Payments Bank Section.
  • Click on Recharge
  • Now select Mobile
  • Enter the mobile number and select your operator
  • Browse from a list of plans
  • Select the plan which suits you the most
  • Enter the recharge amount and click on Pay now

If you follow this guide you will be able to credit your balance data and call balance without recharge code and Airtel data code.


How to Load Credit from GTBBank


Flexibility is one of the major keys of business, Nigerian banks are in the forefront of this. Banks have made it possible that you can be sited in your room and credit your Airtel sim with airtime or data.


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Why worry yourself with scratching the card before loading it then, Just use the USSD code provided. With the right bank Airtel recharge code you can easily credit and send airtime and data to others. To credit your Airtel account just follow this guide

  • Open your dial pad
  • Dial 737then the amount#
  • click send, for example dial 7371000#

If you want to send Airtel airtime recharge to family or friend, simply dial this code *737*Amount*family’s number#. E.g. *737*1000*08023456789#. A restriction of recharge is placed on daily transactions, so the maximum you can credit is NGN5,000.


Access Bank Recharge Code


This is for access bank users only and the credit loading code that i will show you where works only for Access bank Simply Dial *901*Amount# and SEND from your mobile phone. E.g 9011000#. The Maximum you can recharge is N5,000 per day.




Airtel recharge code is a very useful and quick way to get your mobile data or airtime. It can be redeemed at any of the Airtel retail outlets across the country should you want to sell it off for money instead of loading it on your phone.

Thank you for taking out time to read this Airtel. Please if you find this tutorial helpful do not hesitate to share it your friends might need the same help.

Do not forget to use the comment box below to share your opinion or ask questions if you do not understand anything about the Airtel recharge code.