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To be frank, deep down every Airtel user wants the Airtel free data 2022. For the past few days many people have been asking for the latest Airtel free data code for free internet browsing.

Finally today I have taken it on myself to do a little research on how to get free access for Airtel users. So be rest assured that if you are reading this article then you will be able to enjoy this 100% working Airtel-free internet cheat codes and tricks.

In fact, I have been using these Free internet cheat codes for while now and they are still working. Even as I am writing this article I am using the free 20Gb data i have accumulated this week to download movies.


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Some of the tricks and tips for free internet access require some apps while others are USSD based. Anyways, in this article, you will learn about Airtel free data cheat, Airtel free data hack, Airtel free data bonus, Airtel free 100mb cheat code.

Lets go straight to business and learn how to actually activate this Airtel free data code 2022 and Airtel free internet tricks.

NOTE:- This list of Airtel data code and Airtel free data bonus are 100% working and fully operational on all android devices and pc. Only eligibility status vary from sim to sim, so get ready to enjoy the Airtel data code, it is 100% working online.


How To Get Free 10gb Data On Airtel Free Data Code


Am sure you must now be very anxious to get your own share of the Airtel free internet data cheat. Well now is the time to start flexing and browsing the internet free of charge with the recent Airtel 10Gb free  data.

Now am sure you must be asking yourself how to get free 10gb data on Airtel. I have a good news for you from Airtel as this free data cheat code is an official free data code from Airtel so it means no blocking.

Yes i mean it, Airtel is back with full force rewarding every Airtel users with 10Gb Free internet data valid for 10 days. The best part of it is that every 3G Airtel sim card user is eligible for the Airtel free 10Gb data.

Now that you know you are eligible, lets see how you too  can activate your free 10Gb Airtel data. To start enjoying your free data please follow the steps below to get started.

  • Take old 3G Airtel sim card
  • Insert it a 4G enabled smart phone
  • Now take the phone and sim to the nearest Airtel office near you
  • Ask the officials to upgrade your 3G sim card to 4G the process takes few minutes
  • Give a missed call on 5999555 from your Airtel Number
  • After the upgrade is done, restart your phone and start to enjoying your free Airtel 10Gb data
  • To check your balance dial 12151#

Congratulations if you have completed the steps then you should have received your 10Gb Airtel free data. You can see that this method of getting Airtel free data does not require you dialing any Airtel free data code.

Remember that this 10Gb Airtel free data code is only available for Airtel 3G sim cards. If you have already upgraded your 3G Airtel sim card and you have exhausted your 10Gb free data then you cannot enjoy the 10Gb again as it is a one time thing.

Note if you have Exhausted you 10Gb free data then check out the next Airtel Free data code cheat to continue browsing the internet free.

If you have exhausted your first free 10Gb Airtel free internet data then i will suggest you try the next cheat. The Next Airtel free internet data code cheat will be for those who have already exhausted their 10Gb.


Airtel Volt Program 30Gb Airtel Free Data


Airtel Volt Program is a new Airtel Internet service that was launched last year in India. Early users of the Airtel Volt Program stand a chance to enjoy 30Gb Airtel free data to browse the internet.

Airtel Volt program was launched with soul aim of providing users a strong internet service. According to an expert who was invited to test the internet speed and strength of the network.

He confirmed that with the Airtel Volt program service, you can make mobile calls and still be browsing all at the same time without switching bands. The Airtel Volt is a program designed to provide HD service for Airtel users for Calls and Internet service.


How to Activate Airtel 30Gb


Users, with Volt service, are said to be able to make calls and browse without interruption. The program also allows users to Enjoy 30GB of free internet data. Unfortunately, not all users are eligible for the service. To be eligible for the Airtel free data offer, you have to visit the official volte site.

Airtel VoLTE Beta program is now available to users in West Bengal, Orissa, Assam, Kerala, Punjab & Andhra Pradesh. To get started and active with the new Airtel Free data code from Airtel Volt Program, follow the steps below

  • Visit Airtel VoLTE Beta Program Site
  • Now enter your Airtel number
  • Enjoy Free 30GB 4G Data.


Requirements for Airtel Volte 30GB


These are all you need to participate in the on going VOLTE free 30GB program in India. If you have this requirement as listed below then boom you are ready to go and start flexing the Volt Data Offer.

  1. VoLTE enabled handset
  2. Airtel 4G SIM
  3. Upgraded OS software
  4. Enabled LTE switch.


How Can I Get Free 5GB Data on Airtel


Airtel Free data code for 5Gb free data is a new Update although it stopped working sometimes back. As at today and now this Airtel Free internet cheat code is blazing really Hot and you too can now enjoy the Free 5Gb free Airtel data.

If you were not lucky to be eligible for the Airtel Volt program Airtel free data cheat then this is yours. If you have exhausted your first 10Gb Airtel free data from upgrading your sim card then try this Airtel 5Gb free data code cheat.


How to Activate 5Gb Airtel Free Data


If you really want to enjoy the Airtel Free internet data cheat then you have to complete some tasks. The tasks are simple tasks you can easily complete on your phone.

To get started and start enjoying Airtel 5Gb free data cheat without dialing any Airtel free data code, follow the steps below to get started

  1. Go to the google play store
  2. Download the Airtel official app apk
  3. Install the app on your  phone and log in if you have already created an account
  4. If you don’t have an account then create one with your Airtel number
  5. Immediately after you log in you will see a big banner advert on the home page
  6. Click on it then leave the app
  7. Now search for the Airtel Wynk app on google
  8. Download and install it then complete the 11 steps tasks and close the app
  9. Finally, go back to your Official Airtel app and redeem your 5Gb free Airtel data cheat

Note:- This Airtel free data code for 5Gb free data can only be used in the midnights. Hours of the night between 12 am to 6 am, you will not be able to use this data anytime after 6am in the morning.

Attention Please!!!

If this cheat does not work for please try the next cheat to enjoy Airtel Free Data, Airtel Free data code, Airtel Free data cheat code


How Can I Get 1GB Free Data on Airtel


The new ongoing and 100% working Airtel free 1Gb free data is a data cheat that every Airtel user is eligible for. To be able to enjoy this free internet data cheat code, you will need a working a Airtel sim card whether new or old.

You will also need not only one Airtel sim cards but four Airtel sim cards as each sim card is only eligible to only 250MB, which when accumulated in four places will be 1Gb free data cheat.

You will also need to to go Google play store to download Airtel Official app to activate the data. Below i will write a quick run down step by step guide on how to activate Airtel free data 1Gb code.

  1. Get Four working 4G Airtel sim cards
  2. Now insert each of the sim cards into a 4G  enabled smart phone
  3. Go to Google play store to download Airtel Official app
  4. Install and login to the app with your number and password
  5. If you don’t have an account create one
  6. Login to the app and Click Redeem Airtel Free data banner
  7. Now start enjoying your free internet data
  8. repeat this same process for the other three sim cards.

Congratulations you have just learnt how to enjoy Airtel free data code for 1Gb by downloading and installing Airtel official App. Am very sure this Airtel Free data cheat code would work for you if you couldn’t get the 10Gb Airtel free data and Airtel Volt Program with Airtel Free Data cheat code.


If you are still finding it hard to get Airtel Free Internet data or activate any Airtel Free data cheat then Try The next Free data cheat


Latest Airtel Free Data Cheat Code For 8Gb


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Just like the title says, this Airtel data cheat, allows Airtel users to activate 8GB Airtel free data to browse the internet. This Free internet data cheat is also confirm to be working presently so i suggest you should try it out now and accumulate as many data as you can.

Try as much as possible to use this free internet cheat by Airtel That it is working before it stops. To activate this free internet cheat, you need a USSD code and it does not require any downloading of apps.

  1. Send JOIN to 141
  2. Open your phone’s dialer
  3. Dial this data code *123*133#
  4. Wait for few seconds you will receive a new message alert with your 8GB free data

To check your balance simply dial *123*133# and you will see you fresh 8GB. TRY THE next trick if this one did not work for your Airtel sim card.

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How to Activate 6.5GB Airtel Free Internet Data

The Airtel 6.5Gb free data is another Hot Free data, that is currently blazing Hot. Everyone is enjoying it now as i speak except for you that is reading this now i guess.

This Free Airtel data code 2022 is available to only 4G browsing lite android phones and other smart devices that support 4G lite browsing speed. Follow the below steps by step guides to activate 6.5GB for NGN1500

  1. Dial *141#
  2. Select option 1 which is My Offer from the pulp up menu
  3. Now select option 3 which is 6.5GB/1500/7 days and click send
  4. Enjoy your Airtel free data bonus.

I hope this simple Airtel free internet tricks should help you solve the question how can i get free data on Airtel.

If this trick does not work for you don’t forget to Try the next one 

How to Activate 9GB Airtel Data Cheat 2022

Follow the steps below to activate it very quickly to activate the Airtel free data code

  • Remove your sim card from your 4G lte android phone and put it in a small 2G or keypad phone
  • Dial *141*1*8#Wait for a second or two, you will receive a message that the subscription is successful
  • Enjoy your free Airtel data bonus

If this trick does not work for you don’t forget to Try the next one 

Airtel 1gb 3g Data Free

This free data code is that latest code that is performing data wonders for Airtel users in general. The latest Airtel 1GB 3GB data free cheat 2022 works well on almost all sim cards older than 3 months.
To activate the Airtel 1GB free data code, follow the guide below

  1. Open your phones
  2. Dial this USSD code *141*354#
  3. You will receive an error message
  4. Dial the USSD code once more
  5. 300 Naira will be deducted from your account balance
  6. You have to wait 5 seconds for data confirmation message from Airtel

The USSD code allows users to enjoy free 1gb data at a very cheap rate to browse the internet. To be part of the first people to enjoy Airtel free data follow the procedure below to activate Airtel 3GB Free Data Code.

Airtel Free 3GB Data Trick

The Airtel data code is a new code, apart from the old 3GB data code this one is cheaper. The new 3GB code allows users to activate 3000MB at 300 Naira only, wow that is cool.

  1. Go to your text message app
  2. Then open the text message app
  3. Type 141 as the message recipient
  4. Now enter 101 in the message body as the message
  5. Hit send and wait for confirmation of data


  1. 3 months old 4G Airtel sim card
  2. Minimum of 300 naira balance
  3. A 4G smart phone.

Airtel 1GB Free Internet Cheat Code

If you want to enjoy part of this special offer Airtel users then lets get started.

  1. Open your phone’s dialer
  2. Dial *141*354#
  3. You will receive an error message
  4. Dial the USSD code once more
  5. 300 Naira will be deducted from your account
  6. Now wait for about 5 seconds for confirmation message

Boooom your Airtel 1G cheap data have been activated. You can now start browsing all day long with you phone.

Hey Check This Out!!!

If this trick does not work for you don’t forget to Try the next one 

How to activate Airtel 3Gb for 50 Naira

  1. Go to your message app
  2. Open the messaging app
  3. Type 141 as the message recipient
  4. Now enter 101 in the message body as the message
  5. Hit send and wait for confirmation of data


  • Must have 50 Naira as balance
  • A smart phone or 2G edge phone

Now you will be credited with 3G Airtel free data which you can enjoy anytime within 30 days. If you want to check your balance, Dial this Code USSD *141*712*0#.

Airtel Free Data 1.5GB Cheat

Apart from the 1GB Airtel free data bonus reward for downloading Airtel App. You can get upto 1.5GB for downloading Wynk Music App, Wynk Movie app and Wynk Games App in India and Bangladesh.
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So get ready to enjoy this 1.5GB Airtel data cheat allowance if you have exhausted you first free 1GB bonus. Activating this does not require any special opportunity, so follow the steps below to get started.

  1. Go to the Airtel offer page
  2. You will be required to enter your phone number
  3. Enter your mobile number in the space given
  4. A link will be sent to you to download some apps
  5. Click the link to open the download apps
  6. After downloading it install it

Few seconds after successful downloading and installing the apps you will be rewarded with 1.2 GB Airtel free data. If you want to enjoy this package simply follow the guides below. Airtel Volt bata program

  • Just a working Airtel sim card
  • Your phone’s keypad to respond to the Voice Operator.

How to Activate 2G Airtel 1.2GB data

  1. Dial 129 on your 2G mobile keypad
  2. Wait for the call to connect
  3. Then music will start playing
  4. Just be patient and wait for the son to end
  5. After the music a voice operator will answer your call
  6. Listen and follow the voice instruction
  7. Now dial 0361 from your mobile then wait for a bit for confirmation

In less than a minute you will be credited with 1.5GB Airtel free data code. Bear in my this data does not last for 30 days but valid for 28 days.

If this trick does not work for you don’t forget to Try the next one 

Requirements For Airtel Free Data Bonus

How to get free internet on Airtel sim

  • Airtel sim card (must be 3 months old and less than 8 months).
  • Your phone and full attention to read this article till the end.

How to Check Eligibility Status

I bet you want know if your sim card is ready to be activated for Airtel free data code before purchasing the airtime

  1. Open your phone’s dialer and dial *141*1*3#
  2. It will return a pulp up message saying you do not have sufficient balance
  3. That means the 6.5GB can be activated on your sim card.

Airtel 4G Free Data Code For 1GB Data Bonus

This is the most recent and one of the most efficient working 1Gb Airtel working cheat right now. Many from various parts of the country have testify to the genuineness of this free internet trick including me myself and i. Now you too can enjoy this can enjoy this 1GB free data code bonus opportunity  following my simple guide below.

  1. Dial 52122 and call it on your phone
  2. The call will be disconnected instantly, do not worry yourself
  3. A message will be sent to your a confirmation message almost instantly and if not within 24 hours you will receive it.
  4. To check your balance simply dial *121*2# to see your free internet bonus data.

Try the next free internet method if this does not work for you.

Airtel 1.2 GB FREE Internet Trick | Airtel app

Few steps are involved to achieve this follow my guides below to get free internet with no Airtel free data code
But i must tell you, this method involves you downloading Airtel app to get access to Airtel free internet with this Airtel free internet trick 2022.

  1. Open your browser
  2. Now type or go to playstore and download it
  3. After downloading you need to install the My Airtel app
  4. Now after installing Open the app
  5. Type in your phone number in the space for phone number
  6. A list of app to be downloaded will be presented to you
  7. Download each one of the app and get your 300MB free internet asap, if you download 5 apps it will be 300MB X5

Enjoy it while it lasts nothing lasts forever so is the Airtel data code. how can i get free data on Airtel, how to get free internet on Airtel sim, Airtel free internet tricks for android, Airtel 1gb free internet code for androids
should be answered now.


How to Get 1g Free Internet

This available for almost every Airtel user but you might not know until you are told and given the procedure to go about it. Airtel offers you 250MB weekly if you reach a weekly minimum recharge of airtime that varies from sim card to sim card. This means if you successfully recharge and reach your limit 4X you will be having 1GB of Airtel free
internet to browse.

How to check your weekly target

  • Dial *479#
  • You will then receive a message saying your weekly recharge target is this amount

For example if your weekly target is NGN600 then you recharge up to NGN 600 weekly to get 250MB. If you recharge NGN 600 4 times in 4 weeks then you stand a chance to and get 1GB free internet.
The bonus is valid till Sunday 11.59pm every week and you will be shortly notified of being credited with the Airtel free data bonus. You can check your Airtel free internet by dialing *123# or *140# on your phone.

NOTE:- Please try the next method it this does not work for your sim card or country

Airtel data cheat 2022 8GB data and activation process

This Airtel free data code works very very well with 4G Lte browsing speed phones. Many some 2G/3G phones users to have testified that is compatible with there device too, so definitely want to try it out. You too can enjoy the juicy Airtel free browsing bonus by simply following the steps below

Requirement for 8GB free internet

  1. A brand new Airtel sim card
  2. Zero Airtel account or credit balance
  3. Your smartphone

If this trick does not work for you don’t forget to Try the next one 

How to Get Airtel Free Internet 10GB in India 100%

This is new among all Airtel free internet tricks codes for android device, it is compatible with ios device and pcs too. Activation of this only requires simple Airtel free internet code to be dialed and start enjoying the Airtel free data code.
Follow the steps below to activate your first free 10GB now and Airtel free internet. NOTE:- This 10GB data does not work on all sim cards only selected once especially new 4G Airtel sim cards.


  • Zero balance
  • A new 4G Airtel sim card
  • 4G browsing lite smartphone device

How to Activate 10Gb Airtel Free Internet

  1. Open your phone’s dialer and dial this number 5999555 Number and call it The number should ring once and while call is on going then automatically disconnect.
  2. When calling and you are told that you are not allowed to call this number then it means you are not eligible sorry.
  3. After the call automatically disconnects wait for some time, mostly within 3-4 minutes you will be credited with 10GB Airtel free data code.

Congratulations you have successfully activated your Free 10Gb Airtel Free internet data cheat. In other to check your balance, simply dial *121*51# your device to check your balance know the validity period of the free internet data you have just received. Don’t forget to flex and enjoy surfing the internet with the Airtel free data cheat and Airtel 1gb 3g data free.

NOTE:- try all the tricks to find out which works for you and which does not

1GB Free Data Cheat Airtel Tv App

Recently, Airtel have been rewarding user with Airtel free internet data  for completing some tasks. For Example, Airtel is rewardingusers with 1Gb Airtel free internet data for download and using Airtel Mobile App.

You can also another free Airtel 1Gb data valid for 14 days for downloading Airtel Wynke app. But in this instance its not about downloading either Airtel official mobile app or Wynke app but Airtel Tv app apk.

Airtel Tv app is an online movie streaming app like Neflix, Hulu and Popcorn Time. But in this case Airtel is using the Airte Tv app to bring personized local movies and international Tv series to the front of its user at free cost isn’t that great, yes it is.

Now Airtel is not only stopping there but move further to give a 1Gb free data for everyone Airtel user who downloads and installs the Airtel Tv app apk on his phone. Sounds good right, Yes it does and i you need it too.

To start enjoying this Airtel Free data cheat code, you need some few things which includes the following i have listed below

Requirements for Airtel free Internet

  1. working old sim card that has not being use in a while
  2. Good 4G lte phone
  3. A little amount of internet data.

Steps To Activate 1GB Airtel Tv Free Data Cheat

This step needs you to have internet data to first of all download the Airtel Tv app and logging into. Follow the steps below to enjoy free internet 1GB Free Airtel data with 3 days validity period. Let’s go there

  • Go to playstore and download the Airtel TV App
  • Login to the the Airtel TV App using your Airtel phone number.
  • 1GB free data with be credited to your account shortly
  • The downside of this is that, it will always expires within 3 days

This article was all about Airtel free data cheat, Airtel free data 2022, Airtel free data bonus, Airtel free 100mb cheat code. We have been able to list out the most recent and 100% Airtel free data code, cheats and tricks.

Always visit this site for all kinds of network data cheat code and tricks, we also share free call tips and free sms tip and tricks. I hope all you question about how to get free internet on Airtel sim, how can i get free data on Airtel have been answered. Come back here tomorrow to get new tips on Airtel free internet tricks for android.

Please don’t forget to share this article about Airtel free data code so your friends too can enjoy Airtel data code.
Thank you for reading and please don’t forget to share this post and enjoy your Airtel free data bonus. Cheers!! to Airtel Volt bata program.

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