Airtel Free 100mb Cheat Code 2021 & Unlimited Data

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Airtel free 100MB cheat code: in this article, you also learn about free Airtel data, Airtel free data hack, free browsing cheat, and cheat codes for Airtel. As be of the largest used network in this very country, Airtel stands out as a very reliable social network.

There are many ways through which one can get an Airtel free MB on your mobile phone which I will be sharing with you. I know you must be aware of some but definitely not all, probably not what I have for you.

You can get your free 100MB on Airtel if you just follow the few steps below;

  • Buy a new Airtel sim
  • Get the new sim registered
  • Migrate to club 10 PAddi
  • Dial *166# to migrate.
  • Dial *141*13*100# to receive free, 100MB after migration

You can decide to use the GET 3G trick cheat code to get 100MB free from Airtel, Follow the instructions am having for you below;

  • Open your Message box.
  • Type GET3G
  • Send GET3G to 51619.
  • You will automatically get 100 MB 3G Data.

By following the above cheat codes, you will automatically get credited with free 100mb which you can use to access the internet. You can try it whenever you feel like doing so but the earlier the better because they might change the code.

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Airtel Free Cheat Code For Free 10Gb

Of all the cheat codes in the world, we still crave free stuff, that’s the more reason why I have Airtel free cheat code for you. It would have been a great opportunity or should I say luck if the cheat code works for you.

Do you even know what is the full meaning of mb? Hmm, that’s kind of a ridiculous question that am asking right. Well knowing or not, I will still be sharing the full meaning, the abbreviation mb stands for megabytes.

Not just only free Airtel data but even purchased Airtel data are rated as either MB, GB or TB, depending on the data size. There are not only Airtel 100mb cheat codes but even higher mb cheat codes and tricks for you.

With Airtel free cheat code, you can gain free data on your phone without having to pay a penny for it at all. Unlike Airtel cheat codes that will grant you with extra data after purchasing some, this gives you the entire data free.

Airtel free 100mb cheat code is one of the Airtel free cheat codes that is out there for you to get a hold of. You can decide which one works best for you and choose to use it to your own favor on a daily basis.

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The more reason as to why there are more than a single Airtel free cheat code is for the uncountable number of Airtel lines. You can’t just universally appoint a single cheat code and expect it to work on all Airtel lines.

Some of this Airtel free data cheat are Airtel line specific, so they do not work for all Airtel line in general to say. So other lines only support the use of Airtel free data hack, and it works very fine for a very long time.

In fact unlike Airtel free 100mb cheat code, the Airtel free data hack is so far the best option for me oh. Just that not every one can do such an act, it requires a lot of skills and knowledge on some few Airtel network secrets.

In a circumstances as such, only an expertise can do something as much as an Airtel free data hack on a line. But I belief with a few tips that I will be sharing with you, you can also become an expert in the aspect as well.

Its quiet a good thing that you are here, or should are say you are very lucky to have found this very article. With a little concentration from you and also following the little info I have here for you, Airtel free data cheat codes won’t be an issue.

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List Airtel Free Data Code 2022

There are list of Airtel free data cod 2022 which are highly active even as I speak and different from the previous ones. Airtel free cheat codes are not a fixed customized code that are meant to last forever my guy.

Yes its true that its meant to last for a very long time, but it is bound to be changed with time for security purpose. I have seen where a net work code changes from what I use to know to something different and entirely new.

Here are some list of Airtel free data code 2022 that you should know of and be well familiar with for the time being;

  • Go to your Dial Pad and Dial 5999555  for 10 GB.
  • Dial 52122 on your Dial Pad  for 2 GB.
  • Dial 51111 on your Dial Pad  for 1GB.
  • Airtel VoLTE Beta Offer Get 30 GB Free.
  • Upgrade to 4G and get Free Data for 1 Month.
  • Airtel Delight Data Offer SURPRISE to 121.

With the above mentioned list of Airtel free data code 2022, it will be of great advantage to you if you make good utilization of them. Many have gained a lot from the usage of this little info that am giving out to you right now.

There are many more offers that I would be sharing with you as well that will be of great importance to you. Things like Airtel free browsing cheat, cheat code for Airtel 3g, Airtel 1gb 3g data free and many more as well.

5Gb Airtel Free Browsing Cheat

With Airtel free browsing cheat, you can stand a chance to enjoy unlimited resources without paying a kobo. You are no different from others that make use of the internet for months without having to recharge and buy data.

But the fact still remains, that they got exposed to expensive information same as the one am sharing with you. Take your tame and go through every single bit of information that is before your eyes for non is useless unless you made them so.

With the insight and actual knowledge of Airtel free browsing cheat, one need not to bother about Airtel free 100mb cheat code. Because with Airtel free browsing cheat, access to the internet resources is absolutely unlimited at all times.
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Cheat Code For Airtel 3Gb

There are cheat code for Airtel 3g specifically, not all Airtel cheat code works for all Airtel network connection. There are about three different Airtel network e.g. 2g, 3g and the 4g Airtel network so far.

Some mobile phones has a limitation as to the extend to which an Airtel network connection can be supported. The highest network connection some smartphones are having is 3g, but thanks to improvement we now have a 4g mobile network.

Some Airtel Sim cards are newly sold as 3g network but the good thing is all 3g sim cards can be upgraded to a 4g Sim. The thing is that a 4g network is way to stronger than the 2g and 3g network though it consumes more data than the rest.

There are cheat codes for Airtel 3g that can only be of use when your mobile network is set for only 3g network connection. Apart from that, your data might be on but even at that you won’t be granted access to free internet.

Airtel 1gb 3G Data Free

Yes oh, even I have enjoyed this Airtel 1GB 3g data free using my Airtel app on my mobile phone lately. It is quite simple to do so, and the 1GB is very active and works very well without having any network issues or so.

All Airtel Sim, cards old or new will definitely work for you, so you don’t need to start thinking of buying a new sim. All you need to do is to download my Airtel app from your Google play store and install it on your phone.
Here are the few steps you should take note of;

  • Download my Airtel app.
  • Install the app on your phone.
  • Open your internet connection.
  • Log in to the app.
  • Sign in with your Airtel line.
  • An OTP code will be sent to you.
  • Input the OTP code and tap on send.
  • 1gb will be credited to your Airtel line.

Regardless of either your sim card being new or old, but mind you the data last for only one week and that’s all. You can’t repeat this process twice, a sim card works only once and that’s all unless you have another Sim card.

Airtel Cheat Codes For Free Recharge

There are other facts of interest like the Airtel cheat codes for free recharge that has been an set up for all. You can employ this cheat code for free recharge and will be useful irrespective of the phone you are using.

Unlike Airtel free data cheat code, Airtel free browsing cheats, Airtel free data hack, cheat code for Airtel 3g and many more cheat tricks. Airtel cheat code for free recharge can be use even on phone that requires no internet connection.

I belief I need no internet connection to make a call and talk to a friend, family members or my relatives at all. All I need is a phone, big or small, smart or not, for as long as making call and receiving call is highly supported.

But for stuffs like Airtel free 100mb cheat codes, it will be a total waste if at all the phone you are having is not a smartphone. So it will be wise of you to know the requirements you need to meet up to before looking for any cheat code.

Here are some Airtel cheat codes for free recharge that you will have to dial but decision is left for you to choose which one you desire more;

  • Dial  *121#
  • Dial  *141#


Everything today has gotten too expensive and hard to get, even network recharge and data subscriptions are no child’s play. Not everyone can afford to keep a sufficient account balance or data balance on a daily basis.

People with little or no steady income also need to keep in touch with their loved ones regularly to be sure of their well-being. Does that mean if you don’t have money to afford the means, you are bound to stay in the dark? I guess not.

Airtel cheat codes are here to loosen off those troublesome thoughts going in and out of your minds nonstop. Just sign up to any of these networks cheat you think are best suited for you and begin to explore a very cheap social life daily.

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