9mobile Recharge Code 2022 | How To Load Etisalat Card

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If you have forgotten the 9mobile Recharge Code 2022, this article is to help you remember it. This article covers all you need to know about 9mobile Recharge Code for Data, 9mobile Recharge Code for Bonus, 9mobile Recharge Code from Bank, 9mobile 5x Recharge Code, Etisalat Recharge Code, and 9mobile Data Plan.

9mobile recharge code for data is a code that you can use on your 9mobile account to get data. You can get this from a number of sources such as from the 9mobile website, or from other people who have used it, or you can also get it through social media.


9mobile Recharge Code for Data 2022


To recharge 9mobile for data means to load 9m0bile credit to get internet access. When recharging 9mobile for data you need and extra step after loading the normal recharge card either from bank or via Voucher card.

Whichever way you have chosen to load your credit, 9mobile does not have a direct data recharge code. Now, you will learn all the necessary steps to recharge 9mobile data without stress via USSD code.

In other to subscribe to any of 9mobile Smartpak,

  • Recharge your phone with any amount from 200.
  • Now you need to dial 9mobile data code.
  • Dial *200# then chose option 3 to see the data menu.

You have just successfully activated 9mobile data plan on your phone. The third option brings you to the smartpacks data packs available. Now i will talk about 9mobile data plan and 9mobile data code.


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How to Activate 9mobile Recharge Code for Bonus


9mobile recharge code for bonus is a one-time recharge that gives you an extra 10% of airtime.

The 9mobile recharge code for bonus is available to all customers of the network who are on any data or voice plan and have up to 3 months of validity remaining.

The 9mobile recharge code for bonus will be valid until the end of April, 2022. To activate your 9mobile recharge code, you need to enter the number of minutes or data that you want on your account with your new airtime. You can also use the option of auto-recharge which will automatically charge your airtime every time it reaches zero or when you have reached a certain limit.

How To Recharge 9mobile Airtime


9mobile just like every other network provider in Nigeria has a unique USSD code to load airtime. The network provider has not changed its USSD code even after changing from Etisalat.

In other to load 9mobile or Etislate card or credit you need 9mobile recharge code pin. If you want to load 9mobile card for data you also need 9mobile recharge code for data.


If you want to load the 9mobile Card

  • Dial *222*.
  • Followed by the card pin.
  • Then # sign and.
  • Finally hit the call button.


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Now i will show you how to archive all this two step by step. This is not a hard task to perform so do not worry yourself yet as the process will be easy.


What is 9mobile Recharge Code from Bank


9mobile recharge code from the bank is the most convenient and best way of recharging your phone. This method is very easy to use and it takes only a few minutes to recharge your phone.

In other to recharge another mobile number from your bank, Please follow the steps below. By following these simple steps you can easily recharge your phone:

  • Dial *737*amount*Number#
  • Now input your PIN to confirm it.
  • But to recharge your own personal bank alert number, from your First Bank account, follow the steps below.
  • Dial *894*amount #.
  • For Diamond Bank users, please dial *937*amount# for immediate and direct bank account recharge.



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What is 9mobile 5x Recharge Code


9mobile is a Nigerian telecommunications company that offers a range of mobile phone services and products. 9mobile 5x recharge code is an offer by 9mobile to recharge your account with five times the amount of your recharge.

To avail this offer, you have to dial *5*5*1#, select the amount you want to recharge for and then enter the code in order to get your five times margin. The offer is available for all prepaid customers with a valid SIM card from any network operator in Nigeria.


How To Check 9mobile Balance


Haven recharged your 9mobile account either with airtime credit or with data, it is good to want to check your balance To check your 9mobile or Etisalat balance, you need the etisalat balance check code.
If you want to check your mobile balance do this.

  • Open your phone
  • Dial *232# on your dial pad
  • Now click the call button
  • Wait for like 2 seconds to receive your balance details as sms


How to load Etisalat Credit


To load credit on Etisalat mean to recharge 9mobile card, as i have said before, this can be done either by bank Code or card. Just like every other network provider in Nigeria you need the recharge code.
In order to load credit on Etisalat

  • Dial *222* which is the recharge pin.
  • Now follow it by dialing the PIN followed by # sign.
  • Finally click the send button to execute.
  • For example input *222*111222333444555# and press Send/Ok.

Now that is all you have to do to load Etisalat or 9mobile card on your phone. You have just successfully load your 9mobile recharge card.


9mobile Recharge Code for Data, 9mobile Recharge Code for Bonus, 9mobile Recharge Balance Code, 9mobile Recharge Code from Bank, 9mobile 5x Recharge Code, How to Recharge 9mobile Data, Etisalat Recharge Code, 9mobile Data Plan


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How to Recharge 9mobile Data Onlie


The recharge process is simple and straightforward. All you need to do is go to the 9mobile website and select the desired plan that suits your needs.

This will take you to a page where you will be required to fill in your phone number, account number, and the amount of data that you want to recharge with. The 9mobile website makes it easy for customers to recharge their data by providing different options for them.

The customer can choose between data plans of 1GB or 2GB, or they can opt for a bundle plan which provides more than one type of service such as airtime and data together.

The 9mobile data plan is a great alternative to expensive plans from other providers. It offers a variety of benefits, such as:

  • Cheap prices.
  • Good network coverage.
  • Unlimited internet access.
  • SMS and call services included in the package.

The 9mobile data plan is the most affordable data plan for Nigerians. It is also the best for those who do not want to spend too much on their mobile data.



Etisalat recharge code is a unique number that can be used to recharge your mobile phone. This unique number can be obtained from the Etisalat website or by calling the customer care service.

That is all about how to load 9mobile or Etisalat credit with 9mobile recharge code. If you have any questions please use the comment box to ask us and we will gladly answer.

Congratulations now you should be able to recharge any 9mobile recharge card or credit. You can also recharge from your bank or your VTU. Do not forget to share the link of this article using the share button below.

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