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9mobile Recharge Code 2021 | How To Load Etisalat Card

9mobile recharge code 2021 is the USSD code used to load Etisalat credit or Airtime for voice call or internet browsing. In this Airtel you will learn how to 9mobile recharge code in this year and beyond 2021.

Hi and welcome again, this article is written for all 9mobile user to know the 9mobile Recharge code 2021. Today, in this article we you will learn how to load 9mobile credit with 9mobile recharge code for data and Airtime.

If you have forgotten how to load 9mobile card this article is to help you remember it. In previous time i have written about Airtel recharge code and Vodafone recharge code now it time to learn about Etisalat.

If you have any question in mind concerning how to recharge 9mobile data, 9mobile data code or 9mobile balance code, then consider this article to be a solution to all those questions.

Without much delay lets get started and learn how to load 9mobile card 2021. 9mobile credit can be recharged or load from the bank or using 9mobile recharge card with serial number.
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How To Load 9mobile Card With Recharge code 2021

glo recharge code, how to buy data on 9mobile, etisalat recharge code, 9mobile tariff plans, 9mobile recharge code for data
9mobile just like every other network provider in Nigeria has a unique USSD code to load airtime. The network provider has not changed its USSD code even after changing from Etisalat.

In other to load 9mobile or Etislate card or credit you need 9mobile recharge code pin. If you want to load 9mobile card for data you also need 9mobile recharge code for data.

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If you want to load the 9mobile Card

  • Dial *222*
  • Followed by the card pin
  • Then # sign and
  • Finally hit the call button

Now i will show you how to archive all this two step by step. This is not a hard task to perform so do not worry yourself yet as the process will be easy.

How To Recharge 9mobile Data

To recharge 9mobile for data means to load 9m0bile credit to get internet access. When recharging 9mobile for data you need and extra step after loading the normal recharge card either from bank or via Voucher card.

Which ever way you have chosen to load your credit, 9mobile does not have a direct data recharge code. Now, you will learn all the necessary steps to recharge 9mobile data without stress via USSD code.

In other to subscribe to any of 9mobile Smartpak,

  • Recharge your phone with any amount from 200
  • Now you need to dial 9mobile data code
  • Dial *200# then chose option 3 to see the data menu

You have just successfully activated 9mobile data plan on your phone. The third option brings you to the smartpaks data packs available. Now i will talk about 9mobile data plan and 9mobile data code.

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How To Check 9mobile Balance

Haven recharged your 9mobile account either with airtime credit or with data, it is good to want to check your balanace To check your 9mobile or Etisalat balance, you need the etisalat balance check code.
If you want to check your mobile balance do this.

  • Open your phone
  • Dial *232# on your dial pad
  • Now click the call button
  • Wait for like 2 seconds to receive your balance details as sms

How do I load credit on Etisalat?

glo recharge code, how to buy data on 9mobile, etisalat recharge code, 9mobile tariff plans, 9mobile recharge code for data
To load credit on Etisalat mean to recharge 9mobile card, as i have said before, this can be done either by bank Code or card. Just like every other network provider in Nigeria you need the recharge code.
In order to load credit on Etisalat

  • Dial *222* which is the recharge pin
    Now follow it by dialing the PIN followed by # sign
    Finally click the send button to execute
    For example input *222*111222333444555# and press Send/Ok

Now that is all you have to do to load Etisalat or 9mobile card on your phone. You have just successfully load your 9mobile recharge card.
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9mobile MoreTalk – 9mobile Recharge Code


This tariff plan allow you to enjoy almost 150% of what you recharge. When you recharge 200 naira, you will be credited with bonus of 300 naira to use and call your 9mbile me and friend.

This allows you to add 5 numbers that you can use this airtime to call. If you recharge N100 you will be 100% of it, that’s N100 to call your 9mobile me and you friends.

This plan gives you minimum of 10MB data on every recharge starting from N100 with 9mobile recharge code. Remember that this plan allows such benefits weekly.

You can enjoy calls at Lower rate after using N25 daily. Normal call rate is 40K/sec but once you have used N25 daily. It drops to 25k/sec on all networks.

To subscribe and enjoy this tariff plan *244*2# or dial 200 and select 1. This Tariff plan is suitable for making calls. It offers you call charges on all networks at lower rates. If you make more of calls, I suggest you migrate to this tariff plan.


That is all about how to load 9mobile or Etisalat credit with 9mobile recharge code. If you have any questions please use the comment box to ask us and we will gladly answer.

Congratulations now you should be able to recharge any 9mobile recharge card or credit. You can also recharge from your bank or your VTU. Do not forget to share the link of this article using the share button below………..

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