9mobile 200 For 1gb Data Code For 7 Days Validity

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9mobile 200 For 1gb Data is the cheapest Etisalat data plan and all 9mobile user are eligible to enjoy the free 9mobile 200 for 1GB free data. If you a 9mobileĀ  subscriber then now is your time to enjoy this internet data offer to enjoy cheap internet data subscription.

Haven talked about Airtel 200 for 1GB and etisalat night plan in my previous articles, then i thought you should also learn the new 9mobile 200 for 1gb 2021 too. This 9mobile data plan exists as a weekly data subscription.

9mobile 200 Naira Data Plan

Ever since the changes on Etisalat now known as 9Mobile, a lot of spacial plan have been published. Today you will learn one of the cheapest 9Mobile data plan which is a 7 days valid plan.

The data plan is only available to all 9mobile prepaid subscribers but not all are eligible. Now this is the question how can one be eligible for 9mobile 200 for 1gb data plan.

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How To Be Eligible For 9mobile 200 For 1GB

As for me, i just received a text message from 9mobile Saying “Special offer for you! Get 1GB data for just N200. Dial *929*10# Now. Valid/3 days.” I was like wow this is it and i jumped up.

Since the 1GB plan is a special offer by 9Mobile then you have to be invited to be eligible. Anyways even when you are not invited, you we can still make you eligible for the 9mobile 200 for 1GB.

If you wish to subscribe to this data plan, to enjoy the 1Gb data then To get eligible, simply activate the data plan during the weekend. Alternatively, if you have been invited then *929*10#.

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You see it is as simple you never thought it was going to be. However if any need arise and you want to know what is left of your 9mobile 200 for 1GB 2021 then dial *228# which is the balance code.
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Etisalat 200 For 1gb 3 Days Code 2021

9mobile 200 for 1gb 3 days code is almost impossible but after many research i got one code that works. This code is different from that of the Etisalat 200 for 1GB data bonus code.

The code works across all old etisalat sim cards and new sims that are up-to 3 months old. This data plan is only valid for 3 days and can be accumulated for as much as you want.

When i want to subscribe to this data is usually repeat it 5 times for 5GB. If you like this data plan beta than the 9mobile 200 for 1GB then follow the steps below to activate it…….. To Subscribe to Etisalat 1GB Data for N200

  • Recharge your line with N200
  • Dial *929*10# to activate the data offer
  • Subscription valid for 3 days

After subscription if you want to check your balance, simply dial *228# to check your data balance. Alternatively, you can try out the Etisalat night data plan which gives you 1GB for 200.

9mobile 200 For 1gb Night Plan

9mobile 200 for 1gb night plan is a data plan that works within the mid night hours. The data is said to be active from 12am to 7am in the morning just like Airtel night plan data.

9mbile night data plan costs only 200 naira with 1GB data allows for all prepaid subscribers. If you want to subscribe to this data plan simply follow the steps below.

  • Recharge your balance with #200
  • Open your phone
  • Dial *229*3*11#


How can I buy 1gb data for 200 on Etisalat?

To buy 1gb data for 200 on 9mobile, is easy and i have talked about it before. At first you need to buy and register a new 9mobile or Etisalat sim card to make sure it is active.

In short to buy 1GB data for 200 on 9mobile follow this guide

  • Register a new 9mobile sim
  • Dial 200 and select 2 to join the Cliq
  • After joining the CLiQ
  • Now dial *229*10*15# for 1.5gb

That is all you need to get started with 200 for 1GB Etisalat data plan. Do not forget that the 9mobile 1GB data for N200 is still blazing fast. The validity of this 1.5GB for N200 bonus offer is 5days only.

How can I buy 200 data on Etisalat?

If you want to buy 200 data on 9moble you need to be specific whether you need night plan or Eascliq 1GB for 200 plan. To activate 9mobile 200 for 1Gb for 200 night plan just do this

  • Recharge your balance with #200
  • Open your phone
  • Dial *229*3*11#


That is all it is as simple as that. You have just successfully activated Etisalat 200 for 1gb night plan , you can now browse all night.
This a full tutorial about 9mobile 200 for 1GB data plan for free internet.

I hope this article helps you to activate 9mobile 200 for 1GB data without stress. If you have any question as using the comments box and don’t forget to share this article.

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