How to Delete USPS Account | Deactivate

In this article, you will learn about USPS and how to delete a USPS account in two simple ways. All Americans can take advantage of this service by either visiting their local post office or going to their website to buy stamps and print shipping labels for packages to be delivered right away.

How to Delete USPS Account


There are two ways to delete a USPS account, either directly from the account or by sending USPS a request mail to delete your account. The first option involves following the steps on the “How do I delete my account?” page this will take you through the process of deleting your account entirely.

To delete your USPS account, open your browser, go to the USPS site, log in and go to account, and scroll down to “Security and Privacy” tap it, click “delete account” then click confirm. This method works well and it is stress-free as you can do it while in your room.


What is the United States Postal Service


The United States Postal Service is a federal agency that handles the distribution of mail in the United States. It was founded in 1775 and it’s currently one of the oldest government organizations in America. The USPS has a long history and it’s been a vital part of American life for centuries.



The USPS is an independent agency from other governmental agencies, which means it doesn’t get funded by taxpayer’s dollars, but rather from other sources such as postage sales and services. In 2016 alone, the USPS had over $660 billion in total revenue.


What Is a Usps Forwarding Address & How To Use One


A USPS forwarding address is an address that is used to forward mail from the old address to the new one. The service is offered by the US Postal Service for a set fee, which varies depending on the size of the shipment and how often you plan on moving.


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USPS forwarding services are available for those who have a permanent change of address as well as those who only need temporary forwarding.

In order to use a USPS forwarding service, you must submit a request form at your local post office explaining your situation and providing your new and old addresses.


Deleting USPS account via email


How to Delete USPS Account, delete post office account, usps account number, usps informed delivery login, usps shipping account, usps career login forgot password

This is a rather easy method. All you need to do is send an email to and request them to delete your account. The email subject can be something relevant like ‘request for account deletion’, and you can mention the specifics in the email’s body.

Here’s a sample email for you to refer to


Subject: Request for Account Deletion.



I am a registered USPS user with the account name [insert your name here], The email ID registered with the account is [enter email ID]. I want to request you to kindly delete this account as I no longer require this postal service at the moment.

Feel free to contact me for any further information. Email: [Insert email here] Phone number: [Insert phone number]

Send this email and your account should be deleted in the next 3-4 business days.


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Deleting USPS account via the USPS Contact Us page


Another way of reaching the USPS team and requesting them to delete your account is via the USPS Contact Us page. Note that the USPS Contact page is rather complicated and requires you to have a specific issue before accessing the contact form.

Once you’ve accessed the Contact Us page, fill it out with the relevant information, and the USPS team will take the required action.


What Happens When I Close My Post Office Account?


First and foremost, when you close your post office account you will not be able to receive any mail using your mail address anymore. Your mail will hence become dormant and inaccessible by either you or even the mail service officials.


How to Delete USPS Account, delete post office account, usps account number, usps informed delivery login, usps shipping account, usps career login forgot password


However, you can reopen your mail and get your post office account back working and receive mail again. To reactivate your closed mail account, go to the nearest mailing service office close to and provide all the required documents and your mail should start working within a day or two.


What happens to my mail?


All of your mail will still be delivered to you, but you will have to pick it up at the post office instead of having it delivered directly to your door.


Can I redirect my mail?


No, USPS no longer allows you to redirect your mail once it’s been closed.


How long does the process take?


This varies depending on which post office location you choose. You can search for a specific post office based on its address or zip code.



It is often ignored that USPS is a commercial company, not a public service. It has the same goal as any other company – to make a profit.

USPS wants to be profitable. They are focusing more on their products and services that are high in demand instead of physical mail delivery.

Closing your USPS account might be an easy process, so it doesn’t really matter if you have $1 in your account or $1000 in it. If you find this article on How to Delete USPS account useful please don’t forget to share it.

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