Glo Recharge Code 2022 | How to Load Glo Card

You want to learn how to load Glo airtime? Then you need to load Glo recharge code 2022.  Glo recharge code 2022 is an updated version or a new USSD code to recharge  glo card.

Welcome user, If you are reading this now it means you are a new Glo subscriber or you have forgotten the code to load Glo airtime. It is normal to forget the USSD code sometimes because we are thinking about too many things and that is why we are different from computers.

This article covers all from Glo Recharge Code for Data, to Glo Recharge Balance Code, How to Recharge Glo Data. I will also cover Glo Yakata, 4X and 8X recharge code, so keep reading to find out how to.


New Glo Recharge Code


The Glo recharge code is *123*PIN# and it has not been changed yet. To load your Glo airtime or recharge card using the recharge code, follow the steps below

  1. Purchase an airtime at any Glo outlet.
  2. Scratch off the silver covering the recharge code.
  3. Dial *123* followed by the code on the card then “#“ sign.
  4. Finally click the green call button and wait for 2 seconds.


Method 2 – Glo Bank Recharge Code


This is useful if you want to recharge Glo airtime from your bank, this code can differ from bank to bank so check for the bank you are using. To get started follow the guide below….


Bank Code Bank Code
Access Bank *901*amount# Stanbic IBTC *909*amount#
Diamond Bank *426# Sterling Bank *822*amount#
Ecobank *326# Skye Bank(Polaris Bank) *833#
Fidelity Bank *770# UBA *919*amount#
First Bank *894# Union Bank *389*032*amount#
First City Monument Bank *389*214*amount# Zenith Bank *966#
Guaranty Trust Bank *737# Keystone Bank *322*082*amount#


On completing these steps, you will receive a confirmation flash screen text that your recharge was successful. Now that’s all on how to recharge Glo airtime, you have successfully used the new Glo recharge code to load your Glo recharge card.


Glo Recharge Balance Code


If your ever want to check your Glo account balance for any reason at anytime or anywhere just dial *555#. After dialing this Glo balance check code a new window will open, reply with 1 and click send, within a few seconds your account balance will be displayed to you.

Another method is to Dial #124# on your mobile device then wait for an instant reply from Glo revealing your airtime balance on your phone screen. Checking your Glo account balance is very important so take note of the USSD code for future use.



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How to Recharge Glo Data (Glo Recharge Code for Data)


To recharge Glo data, you will need the Glo recharge code for data and the process is entirely different from the process to recharge airtime. However, the process is simple and straightforward as well, to get started, follow the steps below….



  • To load or recharge a Glo line, dial recharge PIN follows the pattern in the next step.
  • Now, dial *222*PIN# and then Send/Ok. For example, If the airtime PIN is 1111 2222 3333 444, include
  • Now,dial *222*111122223333444# and press Send or Ok.
  • Then your number will be credited with an equivalent amount of data to that of the  recharge card.
  • Now with your internet data, you can browse the internet all day long.
  • If you wish to know your data balance, simply send INFO to 127, you will then receive and sms with your data balance.


Glo 4x Recharge Code


Glo 4X recharge code is a Glo recharge code that allows subscribers to get 4 times the value of every loaded airtime. The 4X offer is not a tariff plan, it is available to every Glo user.

The recharge does wonders actually, can you imagine loading a 100 Naira card and getting 400 Naira instead. Not every Glo user uses the code because the rate is higher per seconds compared to recharging with the normal Glo recharge code.

If you want to enjoy this wonderful recharge offer from Glo simple use the guide below to load your next Glo card

  1. Head over to your phone dial pad
  2. Dial *323*followed by the card PIN#
  3. Followed by the card pin number
  4. Hit the send button and wait to see the Glo magic code work.

The works universally for all Glo sim cards without restrictions. This Glo 4X recharge bonus can be used like every order Glo top-up to call all networks, browse and even send SMS not locally and internationally.


How to Load Glo Card for Yakata


“YAKATA is a prepaid plan which rewards customers with amazing data and voice benefits every time they recharge their Glo lines. The plan allows customers to satisfy their browsing and talking needs from the same recharge” (Glo Nigeria).

Users of this tariff stand to enjoy some really cool offers that are not found on other glo tariffs without Glo recharge code. Some of these bonuses include 6GB Free data per month for the period of 6 months non-stop and 22 times the value of recharge on every N100 recharge to make calls.

Yataka does not require any special Glo recharge code to be able to enjoy the special data, call and SMS services. Glo Yakata is always the default tariff plan that is activated on every new Glo sim card.


Glo 8 Times Recharge


Glo Jollific8 is the tariff plan that gives your 8X the value of each of your recharges from 100 Naira above. This service is also available to only Glo new subscribers just like in the case of Glo Yakata.

The 8 times recharge bonus by Glo is a super splendid one, as it comes with a lot of juicy bonuses. Some of the bonuses with this tariff plan are free voice call, data bonuses and data gift.

If you want to enjoy the Glo Jollific8 bonus just like I am doing now, you need the recharge code. Don’t get it twisted, the code for Glo Jollific8 is totally different from the normal way to load Glo cards.

To load Glo credit for 8 times bonus dial 123 followed the card pin# then click on the call button. After loading the credit just check your balance by dialing *555#, then reply with 1 and send.


How to Recharge Glo Airtime with Serial Number


Glo Airtime is a mobile service that allows users to make calls and send text messages for free. However, the service can only be used for a limited number of times before it expires.

In order to avoid getting disconnected from the network, Glo Airtime has introduced a new feature that allows users to recharge their airtime by using serial numbers.


Glo Recharge Code for Data, Glo Recharge Balance Code, How to Recharge Glo Airtime with Serial Number, How to Recharge Glo Data


GLO users have access to a number of ways to have their scratch cards recharged. Customers can use the recharge number on their card, dial-up customer service numbers (+234-805-002-0121) or pay with a credit card 200.

You must contact GLO Services within a few seconds of the call. Send them your serial number and other info so they can help you fix it as soon as possible.

It’s important to note that this is not a free service and you will be charged with an additional fee when you recharge your airtime through serial numbers.


Why is My Glo Card Saying Invalid Code


This is a common issue that many people face when trying to use their Glo Card. The card may be invalid due to the following reasons:

  1. The card was not activated within the allotted time.
  2. The card has been used by another person or lost.
  3. You may have entered the wrong PIN number on your Glo Card
  4. Your card has reached its expiration date and needs to be replaced
  5. Your card has been reported as lost or stolen and you need to report it in order for it to be reactivated.




This article walks you through the process to recharge Glo cards using Glo recharge code. There are bonus codes to load Glo recharge cards if you like me who likes a lot of free bonuses.

Other Glo codes for data and airtime recharge include Glo 8 times (8X), Glo 4X and the prominent Glo Yakata. All these mentioned recharge plans are full of bonuses.

For now, that is all about Glo recharge code for data and how to load Glo card. If you have any questions please ask using the comment box and do not forget to share this article.