Android Easter Egg App | How To See & Use

Android Easter egg app is a new feature attributed to almost all android operating systems that are recently. It is more like a golden feature of android operating systems that can’t just be accessed like other regular features.

In this article, I will be showing you how find the hidden menu on your android, use of android Easter egg and fee more. You will also get to know about the android Easter egg system app, all android Easter eggs, android Easter egg 10 and android 7 Easter egg.

Before the end of this very article, I should be pleased with you knowing how to access even your android secret menu settings. Its not like they are totally absent in the first place, its hunt that you never noticed them.


Can I Delete Android Easter Egg?

Well, not all android apps can actually be deleted from android operating systems, so just red what i have for you. You might be wondering as to why you cannot delete android Easter egg on your android device right?

Well the thing about already installed apps by the device designers and developers is that they don’t get deleted. And the fact is that knowing why that is so is best known to the developers of that device in particular.

But there are quite other measures one can take especially for apps like the Easter egg. You can just uninstall them. But mind you, you will still end up seeing them run not knowing how that happened or did someone reinstalled it.

Hahahahahahaha… You can even choose to force such apps to stop but it will only be momentarily as the will reinstall back. So you just have to accept them as they are and beside they cause no harm to your android operating system.


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How Do You Play Easter Eggs On Android?

Well knowing how to play Easter eggs on android won’t be an issue at all, because it is simple and straightforward. I will be showing you how it is done and what you need to do to play Easter eggs on your android operating system.

Its not like other apps or games that you will have to go through mandated procedure to get to play. It is more of a different perspective, although its having a procedure of its own, its not like you will just jump into playing it.

I was just curious to ask and know if you have by chance come across android version 9 Easter egg so far? If not then you will need to try it out as you would be missing a lot and would be very furious when you realize that later.

Guess what some people are thinking, do I need android Easter egg? I was shocked when I saw such stuff. I was like no you don’t, but you should blame no one for not needing android Easter egg on a later date.

What is Android Easter Egg in nougat?

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What else to you expect android Easter egg in nougat to be? Don’t you know that naugot is a version of android device? Android Easter egg in nougat is the same as it is on other android device version all over.

The game might not differ at all on any version of android operating systems but the approach could be different. The way you approach it on nougat might be entirely different from how you do so on other android versions.

I experienced that some times back, it was then that I realize the difference and also learn how to approach Easter egg on android. So don’t worry I will show you how to do so yourself ok, so just relax.

Its not like its a totally different game at all or it’s kind of an android specific game dependent app. In fact forget about all that if its confusing, I will clear all curiosity that might be going through your head right now.


Find Hidden Menu On My Android?

I will be sharing with you on how to find hidden menu on your android operating system with ease. Its not as if its a technical issue for your android operating system to have some hidden menu of there own.

It is designed and developed so by the android operating system developers and they have there reasons why. We won’t be telling you about why it is so, but how to find them and won’t be too detailed about that too.

Hidden menu on android operating system are called the System UI Tuner and it can be used for customizing an Android gadget’s status bar. It can also be used to customize clock and app notification settings on your android operating system.

Here is what needs to be done to view menu on your android operating system and its applicable to all android operating system;
Locate and navigate to the top right corner of your android.

  • Press and hold on the gear icon.
  • This will reveal your system UI Turner.
  • Then release you press.
  • A notification will be sent to you.
  • It says hidden files have been added to your settings.

What tap Android version?

What are you expecting to happen after tapping android version on your android operating system? You will have to probably choose an option out of the list of options you will be given on your android screen display.

But there is a way tapping on android version might not mean that, I will show you what I refaring to. You can decide to access your android phone settings just to know your android version which you will have to tap on android version.

Each and every android operating system has its version and its only through the settings that you will know there version. There are equally android Easter egg related versions like android version 9 Easter egg and few more.

What Are The Easter Eggs in Google?

I guess you must have checked and found nothing reasonable and are Wondering what are the Easter eggs in Google right? Hahahahahaha… Don’t worry I will help you out right away so just keep on reading.

You can’t just go directly and start typing android Easter egg on Google and expect to get a reasonable result. Its just like you coming to a family and asking for a family member without being specific who you are looking for.

You can’t just go directly to Google, without knowing exactly what you are looking for, you have to be more precise. This is even more attributed to androids versions 9 Easter egg, android Easter egg 10 and android 7 Easter egg.
Here are a must know fact about android Easter egg on Google search;

  • Search for Askew.
  • Search for Recursion.
  • Search for the answer to life.
  • Search for Barrel roll.
  • Search for Zerg rush.
  • Search for Text adventure.
  • Search for Conway’s game of life.
  • Search for Anagram.

What is Basic Daydreams App On Android?

Not everyone knows what is basic daydreams app on android operating system at all, is that not so? In fact some are even hearing it for their very first time ever, and are wondering what is this guy talking about.

A daydreams app is a setting mode on android operating system, it is an interactive screensaver mode on android. With a daydreams app on android operating system, your device screen stays on and displays real-time updating information.

With daydreams app on android operating system unlike android Easter egg, your screensaver mode can activate automatically. This happens especially when your device is docked or charging and keeps your screen on and displaying information.

Many of our android operating system users today have their phone activating daydreams app daily. But the thing is that they never get to noticed or probably don’t know if a thing as such even existed on their device.

Is Android 10 Safe To Install?

Hahahahahaha… Guy it is totally safe for you to install android 10 on your android operating system at any time. Why are you thinking something might go wrong? Guy relax, nothing will go wrong.

I see absolutely nothing with me wanting to update or upgrade my device version at all, so why won’t I install android 10. From what am seeing is as if a lot of people are having issues updating their android to version 10.

Most of these cases are something a normal factory reset can take good care of without leaving a single trace. So my guy you can go ahead and update your android to android 10 and your device might even be a better version if itself.

I never had any issues with the android 10 version ever since I updated my android operating system to android 10. In fact, I find it highly helpful with my android Easter egg and also with my daydreams app on android operating system.

Can I Install Android 10 on My Phone?

Ohhhh boy!!! Why can’t I install android 10 on my phone when it was designed to be downloaded and be installed? You can at all times install your android 10 on an android phone of any kind and also version.

Not only can you install android 10 but also can install the android Easter egg system app on your system as well. You will love this a lot when you get to give it time and decide to explore it and see what it is made up off.

In fact the installation process is not even hard and will take little of your time, probably not up to 30 minutes. You need no internet connect to be able to install android 10 on your phone for any reason at all.

Just remember that to even start taking any steps towards installing anything, you will need to backup your data. If not, you will end up loosing all your android Easter egg and daydreams app on your android operating system.

What Are The 7 Google Easter Eggs?

Ok… I guess that this one you are asking what the 7 google Easter eggs are, you probably must have heard of only 7. But nevertheless, I will be mentioning them to you so you would know them in case you see them elsewhere.

Like I said you will have to be a bit more specific whenever you go to Google to search for android Easter egg. If not, you will end up getting a lot of results that you won’t know which one to choose and download to your phone.

But I will be helping you out with that, as there are quiet a few number of android Easter egg system app. Don’t know if you know of any? Regardless, I will be sharing them with you in my next coming article ok, so just stay tuned to my updates.

Here are the Google Easter eggs you should know of, in case you want to search for any and download for yourself;

  • Barrel roll.
  • Zerg rush.
  • Text adventure.
  • Conway’s game of life.
  • What Are Some Google Tricks?

Have you ever noticed that some of Google tricks are equally the best android Easter egg so far? I guess not, maybe your idea of Google tricks is quiet different from what am talking about right now.

In case you don’t know, what you are thinking is not what am refaring to right noe because I know what you might be thinking. Well thats not what I meant, what am talking about here is absolutely android Easter egg related.

Don’t worry, you will know what am talking about when I made mention some of the Google tricks we are having. There are not that much number of android tricks to actually talk about right now but there are quiet handful of them.

Here are the list of some of the Google tricks we have that are entirely android Easter egg related;

  • Barrel roll.
  • Atari Breakout.
  • Google Gravity.
  • Zerg Rush.

What Are Some Google Hacks?

Not that there are only Google tricks for me to share with you, but also some Google hacks as well. Just like we get to talk about Google tricks, so are we going to talk about Google hacks but it will have to be brief.

Maybe in my upcoming article, I will be updating you on what needs to be updated, so you can keep checking my article for more updates. There are a lot that you will truly love about Google hacks related to android Easter egg.

The thing about Google hacks is that they are almost entirely the same as the Google tricks mentioned earlier. So I see no reason to repeat them over again, you can just scroll down and have a second look at them ok.

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