How to Load Airtel Card 2021 Data Recharge Code Bonus

Hi and welcome, if you are reading this now it means you want to know how to load Airtel card or credit. If that is what brings you to this blog then you are in the right place.

To load Airtel card, you need Airtel recharge code but it is obvious that many people do forget it. This article covers all you need to know about Airtel recharge code and other Airtel data codes too on How to Load Airtel Card.

In this article, you will learn how to load Airtel card or recharge card with serial number and from your bank. You will also learn the Airtel new recharge code for data and Airtel for data and check your balance.

Without much talk, let me start showing you how to load airtel credit with Airtel bonus code. Airtel 20X bonus recharge code will also be part of the tutorials. You might want to check out my previous article on Glo recharge code and Vodafone recharge code.


How to Load Airtel Card USSD Code

There are a lot of ways to load airtel card depending on which is more convinient to you. The most easy way to do this, is by buying an Airtel recharge card or easily recharging from your bank and How to Load Airtel Card.

I will show you how to credit your Airtel balance from your bank with VTU or by using a voucher card. Bear in mind everything i will be showing you will be USSD code base no technical skills required.

I will first show you the Normal new Airtel recharge code then i will show you other Airtel bonus recharge code for data and airtime. Use the guied below to load your Airtel credit for calls and for data subscription.

  1. Buy Airtel voucher or recharge card from any shop around
  2. Scratch off the cover or leave it if it is not the scratchable type
  3. Open your dialer
  4. Dial *126*AIRTEL VOUCHER CARD NUMBER# For example *126*5653567889632#
  5. Now click the send button
  6. Wait for like 3-4 seconds to receive confirmation

Voalaaaaaaa you have just successfully recharged your Airtel account with airtime credit. There are other ways to recharge Airtel data card and airtime top-up. How to Load Airtel Card.

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How to Load Airtel Data Card

If you run out of internet data and you want to browse the internet then you need internet data. Airtel has different subscription plan for browsing the web, some of which include the daily plan and monthly plan.

How to load Airtel data bonus code is a bit different from how recharge Airtel data. In the next paragraph i will show you how to Airtel credit for data MB for browsing internet and How to Load Airtel Card.

If you are loading Airtel card with the aim of getting data then here is the best way to go about it. Follow the guide below to Load Airtel data with bonus code for internet browsing

  • Buy an Airtel recharge card from any shop around
  • Load the card using the procedure above
  • Wait for credit confirmation
  • After loading the card
  • Now open your dial pad
  • Dial *141# to load Airtel card
  • You will now be prompted to select which data subscription you want
  • Select suitable plan for you and reply with the corresponding number
  • Wait for 2-3 seconds for data confirmation and deduction from your balance

That was easy right? am glad we did it together without much stress. Now i will show you another way to load Airtel data card for internet data if you already have airtime in your balance.

Airtel Data Recharge Code

If you ever want to subscribe to Airtel data plan and you already have money in your account. Follow the my instructions in the next paragraph to subscribe and enjoy any data plan offer. To subscribe to Airtel monthly N1000 data plan to get 1.5GB valid for 30 days and can be used on phone and PC just dial *141*1000#.

With right Airtel recharge code, you can subscribe or recharge 3.5Gb data for N1500 valid for 30 days just dial *141*1500#. This data plan comes with 1GB night bonus which you can only use from 12am to 7am I the morning.

If the first data plan is not suitable for you then i will show you another way to get Airtel data. This method to load Airtel data card will give you much privilege to select even smaller data plan.

This guide will help you select and subscribe to any of the big or small Airtel data plans.

  • Head over to your dialer
  • Dial *141#
  • A new window will open asking you to select either daily or monthly plan
  • Now select the one you want
  • Another window will open to select the exact plan you want
  • Select and click send

That is all about how to load Airtel data with the balance card. After all these processes, you will receive an sms shortly with confirmation of your data subscription been active about How to Load Airtel Card.

How to Load Airtel Data Recharge Code

Airtel data recharge code is nothing different from just the normal way to load Airtel card or load airtime or data. It is the normal process just like i have written in th previous paragraph.

The code am about to show is a data code that gives you access to data bonus when ever you recharge. I will show you the bonus code together with how to recharge from your bank account.

Airtel data bonus code for free recharge

This data cheat is only for 2G phone users, it does not work for 4G lite smart phones. This Airtel cheat gives 2G phone user a chance to enjoy Airtel free data bonus at a free rate.

If you want to enjoy this package simply follow the guides below…. How to Load Airtel Card


  • Just a working Airtel sim card
  • Your phone’s keypad to respond to the Voice Operator on How to Load Airtel Card

How to Activate 2G Airtel 1.2GB data

    1. Dial 129 on your 2G mobile keypad
    2. Wait for the call to connect
    3. Then music will start playing
    4. Just be patient and wait for the son to end
    5. After the music a voice operator will answer your call
    6. Listen and follow the voice instruction
    7. Now dial 0361 from your mobile then wait for a bit for confirmation

In less than a minute you will be credited with 1.5GB Airtel free data code. Bear in my this data does not last for 30 days but valid for 28 days on How to Load Airtel Card.

If you found this article bout how to load Airtel card for data and call helpful please it so that others can enjoy it too. Don’t forget to tell us what ever you are finding hard to do about this article in the comment section.

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