Ufone Free Internet Code 2021 4G Enjoy Free 10GB Data

Are you a Ufone subscriber looking for Ufone Free Internet 2022? In this article, i will be sharing Ufone free internet codes 2022. This Ufone Free internet trick 2022 lets you browse the web free of charge without any data balance.

I have talked about other network providers like airtel free browsing, Mtn data plan and Telenor free data in previous articles. Please make out time to check out some those articles if you are an airtel, mtn, Telenor and Vodafone user.

This article will show you all the latest free internet codes 2022, free internet cheat code 2022,  free internet app, ufone free internet proxy 2022. Without doubts this log post is fully packed with a lot of tips and tricks to browse the internet free.

It is good that you know that all these internet tricks have been tested 100% working before posting. But should in case any of these free internet code does not work then you are not eligible.


9GB Ufone Free Internet Codes 2022


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Ufone free internet codes 2022 is actually a new USSD code recently published by the company. This free internet code allows new subscribers to enjoy a special data offer that gives you access to 4GB and 5GB valid for 30 days.

The offer is a very cool one so if you are a Ufone subscriber then I will advise you to jump on this offer. In this article, I will show you the code to enjoy Ufone’s free 5GB of internet data.

If you want the Ufone free data then this paragraph covers all the necessary codes you need. In the next line, we will start going through all the procedures and next we talk amount the proxy method.


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Unlimited Ufone Free Internet App


Ufone free internet app is a browsing trick that allows Users get unlimited access to the web with zero balance. The trick involves the use of a VPN app that allows you access the internet anonymously.

The VPN blacks all your browsing session out from the network detectors so you are like a bird in the air. Lets go into the proccess of setting up the VPN and rocking Ufone free internet.

  1. Head over to playstore
  2. Search for “SKY VPN” in the search
  3. Download and install the app to your phone
  4. Open and launch the app
  5. On opening the app you will see the upgrade option
  6. Click on the button to upgrade

Now you can start browsing all day free of charge without worrying about any data charges.


How to Activate 5GB Ufone Free Internet


Follow the steps start now and enjoy all the goods involved in the free internet data. In a bit your phone will soon be filled with data to browse all day through.

  1. Open your phone’s dial pad
  2. Now you will dial the Ufone special offer code
  3. Dial *987#
  4. Now select option 1 or 2 for either 4gb or 5gb
  5. Make sure you are runing on Zero balance
  6. After dialing the USSD code
  7. Wait for about 5 minutes to receive a confirmation SMS

But before then, you need to know that the 4gb and 5gb data is only valid for 30 days. After the 30 working days the data will no longer be valid if you have not exhausted it.

So i suggest that you should try to see that you finish it before the end of the 30 days. If i where you I will video chat all of my friends and watch plenty of YouTube videos.


Ufone Free Internet Proxy 2022


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Ufone free internet proxy 2022 is a technical way of setting up zero webs using a proxy method. Don’t worry yet the configuration is not as hard as the name sounds, in fact, is like sending a text message or saving new contact.

This free internet method involves setting up a new “access point name” (APN) on your phone. I will walk you through all the procedures step by step so do not worry yourself.

You will learn how to set up a new APN on your phone and use it to browse for Ufone free internet App. This article will as well show you the due process to save all your configuration settings.

Let’s keep much of the talk and start the configuration process.

  • Head over to your phone’s setting option
  • Scroll a bit down
  • Select more option
  • Next, after it clicks the Network option setting
  • Scroll down and locate the APN setting
  • On opening the new APN setting you will be presented with a new empty text filed
  • Fill in a new APN name to archive Ufone free internet proxy trick with the details below
  • APN: Ufone.Internet.
  • Next, open the UC handler and change your mobile proxy type to Real host.
  • At the end enter proxy server: ufone.com.
  • After all these setting changes you need to save all current changes.

Now you are all set up to start flexing the Ufone free data to browse and watch movies. At the present, this method is the latest and easiest means to or method to start browsing for free. Flex your UC browser from now on without data charges or recharges. You can even watch movies and comedies with it online.


Ufone Free Internet Package Code 2022


Ufone free internet package code 2022, this is a new web plan for users. This new Ufone internet package is activated using a simple USSD code for new subscribers only.

The new internet package is a combo package that comes along with an SMS bonus credit. Ufone SMS bonus combo can be used to send free SMS to other Ufone and other network users.

Free internet package by the company together with free SMS bonus credit is only valid for 30 days. This implies that after days of activation, you will no longer be able to browse and send free SMS.

Let us forget all the stories and head the activation USSD code

  • Go to your phone’s dialer
  • Dial this Ufone special code
  • Enter *5000#
  • Now wait for about 5 minutes for the confirmation SMS

Your 3GB Ufone free internet data will be sent together with a 3000 SMS credit bonus. The validity of all of the mentioned bonuses is 30 days, so enjoy it now while it lasts.


Ufone Free Internet Trick 2022


Ufone free internet trick 2022, is all I am about to show you under this sub-head so sit tight and wait for it. To access the free 5GB unlimited internet offer dial *987# you will get 5Gb internet totally free enjoy.

Dial *5015# code on your Ufone sim after that you will receive a confirmation message to enjoy it. Don’t forget to always try to use all your data before it expires.




In this article, I have discussed all your need to know about Ufone’s free internet 2022 tricks and codes. I have also talked about how to check the balances and also use your SMS credit bonus to send free SMS and text messages.

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