Glo Unlimited Browsing Stable Using Tweakware V3.5

This particular Glo unlimited browsing cheat has been around for a while now, those who got the post are still enjoying it, in case you didn’t get the post check here, but the common problem is that the connection is not always stable with VPNs.

So I decided to find a possible solution for you guys to enjoy your Glo unlimited browsing without VPN disconnection.


Glo unlimited browsing stable

Most of us know Tweakware VPN, in case you don’t Tweakware VPN is an app that allows users to gain free internet access by using the built-in proxy tweaks like reverse proxy, injection query, and custom headers to bypass domain/ip based restrictions/billing.

Glo unlimited browsing stable using tweakware


Tweakware has released a latest update V3.5 that include Glo 0.0kb without disconnection problem. So this post is for those who are new to the Glo unlimited browsing and also to those who are currently using it to make their connection stable.


How Can I Use Tweakware to Make my Glo Unlimited Browsing Stable?

You’re going to first send a text message in this format PAYU to 127 and then you will now get a reply that you are using data as Pay As U Go to browse. If you have sent this SMS before you can as well skip it.

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Make sure your Glo Sim airtime balance is 0.0kb and strong 3G network. Goto phone APN settings and configure it like this:

  • Name: nexprotocol
  • APN: gounlimitedzone
  • APN type: tick Default and Supl
  • Proxy & Port: Leave both blank
  • Password & Username: Also Leave both blank
  • 4. Then you need to download the latest Tweakware V3.5 incase you have already installed it on your phone goto playstore and update it to the latest version. If you don’t have it download Tweakware V3.5 here.
  • After installation launch the app
  • Click on settings
  • Click on Bundle settings
  • Then click on Use Bundled setting


Glo unlimited browsing stable tweakware settings
  • Now click on Select bundled settings
  • Then select Glo 0.0kb (NG) from the list of free browsing options
Glo unlimited browsing stable tweakware settings
  • Now go back to settings and click on Server settings, Connection Mode Option
Glo unlimited browsing stable tweakware settings
  • Then click on Http Host and tap clear and now input
Glo unlimited browsing stable tweakware settings

Finally, go back and hit the connect. You will see successful handshake and It will connect immediately.

Glo unlimited browsing stable tweakware settings
Start enjoying your free browsing…

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