How to Check Idea Net Balance

How to Check Idea Net Balance 2022: I guess you want to know how to check Idea net balance if you are reading this now. Well, go no further if the Idea net balance check code is what you are looking for. In this article you will learn how to check the idea internet balance, Idea net balance check number, Idea number check code, Idea balance check online.

It is good to always keep track of your Idea account balance to avoid getting stranded when you least expected it. Idea has different USSD codes that serves different purposes and reasons so you need to know the key codes. Knowing USSD codes for 2G, 3G and 4G internet balance check online and net balance code.


How To Check Idea Internet Balance


Your Idea internet balance is your internet data balance you use to browse the internet daily. Without Idea internet balance you will not be able to browse use Whatsapp, Facebook and the internet generally. To check your balance simply follow this is the simple steps

  1. Open your phone’s dialer
  2. Dial *125# to How to Check Idea Net Balance
  3. Wait 2 seconds for your account statement to message to SMS to you.


How To check 4g Net Balance


Your Idea 4G Net balance is the same as your internet balance which you use for daily browsing. The 4G is just slightly different based on the recent upgrade in the Idea network. Follow the steps below to know Idea 4G balance, dial *125# OR *131*3#, the code is as same as Idea internet balance.

You can also Know your Idea 4G balance by using the My Idea Mobile App. I will show you the process to go about checking the 4G balance and also the check Idea net balance.


How To Know 4G Net balance with My Idea App


  1. Log in to My Jio Mobile App, if you don’t have a download
  2. Click the navigation button in the top left corner
  3. Select My account
  4. Wait for it to load and see your Net 4G balance How to Check Idea Net Balance.


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Idea Number Check Code


Checking your Idea number is also very important and you need to know the Idea number check code. Apart from Idea net balance, you also need to know how to check your Own Idea number. Dial *1#, *121*4*1*4# or *121*4# or to use the Idea mobile App if the USSD code is not working for you.

To know your Idea own number by using the Idea Mobile App, simply follow the steps below…… How to Check Idea Net Balance.

  • Open the Idea mobile App
  • Login to your account with the correct login details
  • Locate the navigation menu at the top left corner of the App
  • Now select my Idea account option from the selection and wait for it to load and see your number.
  • Idea Balance Check Online

Using the online option to check Idea balance is another good option to keep track of account activities. The Idea official website is the portal to perform this action, it is easy and secure to use. In other to check Idea Balance online follow the simple procedures below, it is fast and easy. This is different from how to check Idea net balance.

  • Open your web browser and go to the Idea official website
  • Sign in to your account with your details and wait for it load
  • Immediately after signing in your account details will be displayed to you.


How to Activate Idea Net Pack


Activating of Idea Net pack from main Idea balance is very important too and i will show you exactly how to do it. Relax it is easy not hard as it sounds, maybe even easier than checking your Idea net balance. Dial *432*4# or *125# or *131*3# and wait for 1 or 2 seconds to receive your account info.


Idea SMS Balance Check USSD Code


Idea balance check codes differ from one another. The network provider Idea tries to simplify checking of balance especially Idea SMS balance. I will first show you how to check Idea SMS pack balance then Idea main balance, Idea call balance and lastly Idea Data balance check code.

With the aid of USSD code you will learn to check check SMS balance. Follow my simple steps below to learn how to find out what your Idea balance is.

  • Open you phone
  • Click on Dialer
  • Dial *451# for How to Check Idea Net Balance
  • Now wait for your balance details

If the code does not for you then there is an alternative Idea balance code to check Idea SMS balance. Simply dial *161*1# on your phone and wait for a bite to get a flash message of your SMS balance and validity offer.


How To Check Idea Data Balance


This is for all Idea internet users, you need to know Idea Data balance code. Apart from using Idea mobile App or site another alternative is the use of USSD code. Idea have many USSD codes with different functions, the specific one you need is the one for data balance.

The guide below will work you through the process to check USSD code balance. How to Check Idea Net Balance.

  • Click on the phone’s dialer
  • Type this Idea code
  • Dial *125#

Seat back and wait for some time and wait to see a flash message containing your data balance and validity offer.


How to check Idea Prepaid Balance


For Idea prepaid users that need to check their balance with the Idea balance check code, it will be provided in these new tutorials. Without using the Idea mobile App or official website, I will show the USSD code to check your balance even as a prepaid user.

Use the code am about to provide below to know your Idea prepaid balance anytime you want to check your balance. It is simple just like making a call, Dial *121# on your phone’s dialer and immediately your prepaid balance will be displayed to you.


How to Transfer Idea Balance With USSD Code


For some reason sometimes as an Idea subscriber, you would like to share your balance. Sharing either data balance, SMS balance or Idea top-up balance then you need an Idea USSD code to be able to share your Idea balance.

To share your Idea balance follow my instructions below to share either Idea data balance or How to Check Idea Net Balance.

  • Idea top-up balance.
  • To share Idea data balance
  • Use your phone’s dialer
  • Dial *191#

Note:- This code only works for Idea balance sharing but does not work to check Idea balance. I hope these tutorials help you to know how to check idea net balance with USSD code.

By now i believed you should be able to check net balance with Idea App and also check your Idea number. Don’t forget to share this article on Facebook, WhatsApp and other social networks.

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