How to Check Airtel Number 2022 Short USSD Code & App

Are you looking for how to check Airtel number 2022, in this article, i will show you the shortcode to check Airtel number. I have talked about how to check a Vodafone number using the Vodafone number check code in a previous article.

Apart from using the Airtel phone number check code2022, Airtel number details can be checked in several ways including the use of a Mobile App, USSD code, and website. This article will show you all the apps and shortcodes to check Airtel numbers in no time.

How can I see my Airtel number? A very good question, but i will not answer this question right away just read on. Code to check Glo number in Nigeria, how to check MTN number will be added as a bonus before how to checkĀ  Airtel phone number with code.

Why do you need to know your Airtel number? I guess you want to share it with a friend or you are required of it at the registration point. Don’t stress yourself much, this article is written to save you all that stress and show you a simple USSD code to check your number.

Your Airtel number details can be checked using the My Airtel App apk or to know your Airtel number online with the Airtel official website. The easiest and most common way people use to check Airtel number 2022 is using a simple Airtel number check code 2022.


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How to Check Airtel Number 2022


The easiest and most commonly used method to know Airtel number details is to search the contact list on your phone. Airtel now makes it easier to know your number without the use of shortcodes or apps.

This is how to check your Airtel number without the Airtel number check code, follow the guide below to do so How to Check Airtel Number.

  • Go to the contact list app on your phone
  • Open the app
  • Click on the search bar
  • Now search for My number
  • Immediately your number will be displayed to you with stress

This is the more preferred and most recent trick to know your Airtel numberĀ  details within the shortest time you cannot imagine. If this does not work for your then please try use the next method below to your number easily.

USSD codes are the easiest means to check your phone number instantly and for free, but not all network providers support USSD. Either using the Airtel number USSD code or a Mobile app, you can check your number for free effectively.

Let’s stop the long talk and head straight to seeing how to check Airtel number 2022. The USSD code is also known as shortcodes to know the Airtel number.


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Airtel Phone Number Check Code 2022


Airtel phone number check code. The company, known for its flawlessness in delivering qualitative networks for both internet and calls wants to satisfy its customer so it provided numerous means to perform one function. Among the numerous means to know Airtel number includes the shortcode below.

Dial any of the below codes to learn how to check the Airtel numbers using USSD codes. If the first USSD code does not work for you then try the others

How to Check Airtel Number

*121*93# or *140*175

*140*1600# or *282#

*400*2*1*10# or *141*123#

Open dialing any of the Airtel number USSD codes above, you will receive a message containing your Airtel phone number. This same code works as Airtel number know code too.


Short Code to Check Airtel Number 2022


Shortcodes to know Airtel’s numbers are codes used for checking Airtel’s own number details. The service is free for all Airtel customers and saves the stress of memorizing 11 digits. Below is a 1 digit simple code to help you know your Airtel number details.

  • Go to your phone’s dialer
  • Dial *1#, then click the call button

In no time, to be precise within 2-3 seconds a pulp-up message should appear on your screen with your account report.


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This code works for many other network providers too aside from Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, and Jio also use the same code. This code is not the only code used when checking Airtel numbers, there are others but this is the easiest. Your number can be checked by calling customer care, sending emails, and dialing another USSD code.


Know Airtel Number Airtel Mobile App


If the USSD code is working then Airtel Mobile is another option to carry this out quickly. This method is free also to check your phone number but you need Airtel Mobile App and Airtel internet data.

Since it has become the tradition to keep Apps on our phones then why not keep Airtel App after all it is useful. The simple steps below will help you carry out this process successfully and easily.

  1. Open your Airtel Mobile App
  2. Log in with your personal login details
  3. Locate your account and know the top right corner to see your own number How to Check Airtel Number.


How to Know Jio reliance number


Jio on the other hand does not work like Airtel, Jio does not have a number to know the number. You see, the Airtel number check code is an advantage to Airtel users which Jio users don’t have. In the case of Jio, the only option you have is the Jio Mobile App which you can use to check your own Mobile number easily like in Airtel.


Checking Jio number with Jio Mobile App


  1. First, download Jio mobile app and install it
  2. You need to launch the app if you just download it
  3. Log in to the Mobile App
  4. After logging in, click on the menu bar and select account info.

You can as well check your own Jio number by dialing 1299 or by just calling a friend. How to Check Airtel Number.


How to Know MTN own Number


Mtn is even far better than Airtel number check code when checking your Mtn number. The giant South African telecom company Mtn, with your number, save on the sim card as My number. Just head to your phone book and search for “My number” just like that your number will be displayed.


Mtn number check code


The USSD code is another alternative if the voice operator is not working for you. It is very simple, just dial 1# and a pulp-up message will display your Mtn number. How to Check Airtel Number.


How to check Glo own number


There 2 methods to archive this, I call the 2 methods the one and the one because it is number based. Dial *135*8# and wait a sec or two, your number will display as a pulp-up message on the screen. An alternative method is to call 1244 and follow the voice command by the voice operator.


How to Know Idea own mobile number


Just like other mobile network providers Idea allows you to check your number by dialing a USSD code. Not just one code but you have up to 4 different types of USSD codes, if one does not work for you then the other will work.

  • Dial *1# on your Idea mobile phone Or dial any one of the following USSD codes and follow the instructions on the screen to know your Idea phone number. How to Check Airtel Number.
  • *789# *100# *616*6#
  • *147*8*2# *125*9# *147*1*3#

Hopefully, after going through this article you must have learned how to check Airtel numbers. With the Aid of Airtel number check code, Mtn number know code, Glo number know code, and Idea number know code you should be able able to know your number.

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