New Glo 200 For 1GB Data Code 2022 Updates

Glo 200 for 1GB 2022 data code, technically does not exist anymore after the update. Going by the recent data plan update by Glo, some changes have been done to most of their data plans.

Glo being one of the leading mobile network providers in Nigeria has updated their Data plans. Weekends and Night data plans, prices and allowance have also been updated.

No doubt the 1GB data trend is taking the Nigerian Mobile market by storm. Other network providers like Airtel MTN and Etisalat have also published their own 1GB data plans in the past few months with Glo 200 For 1GB.

This article is going to covere all about glo data code, glo weekend plan. You will also learn about glo 200 for 500mb, glo 500 for 2gb code, glo yakata data plan and Glo 200 For 1GB.


Glo 200 Naira for 1GB Data


The 200 naira Glo data plan was also updated and for now, their is no more 200 plan. In replacement of the recent data update, Glo has replaced the 200 with 300 for 1GB data.

The USSD code for the new data 200 naira data plan has also been updated. Apart from the 1GB data plan you can still enjoy a 1.5Gb Glo night plan data for 200 nairas after the update.

Having explained this much, i believe by now you must be curious to know how to subscribe for this awesome glo data plan. Check out below on how to subscribe for glo 1.2GB for N200.


How to Sub Glo 1GB for N200

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  • Go to any shop close by you
  • Purchase a 200 Naira Glo recharge card
  • Simply recharge N200 or above and dial *777#

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Glo 200 for 1GB is different from MTN 200 naira data plan but they are both 4G data. like Airtel Glo has revealed their plan to introduce a super fast Glo VOLTE internet data connection.

Previously, we dropped a trick on how to get Glo 2.4GB for N500 valid for 21 days and today. The cheaper (if not the cheapest) variant of it just showed up Glo 200 For 1GB.


Second Method to Activate Glo 200 For 1GB


  • Load the N300 recharge card to your line or sim
  • Go to your phone and dial *777#
  • Then select one (1) which is the option for Buy data
  • Glo 1.2GB
  • Select 1 again then a message will come up
  • Asking you if you want auto-renew or one-off
  • Go for 2 which is recommended now select 5 which are for special data offer

With this, you can tunnel all your apps without any VPN simply because it’s just normal data. You should check out my article about About Vodafone’s free internet or Mtn 200 for 1GB like that of Airtel.




Glo is the grand master of data and has done it again for you to enjoy free internet access. Which option one is our target select it and boom you have a successful subscription for a 1GB data plan.

Thank you very much for taking out time to read this article. If you don’t mind you can check out my article about Airtel 200 for 1GB of internet data.

I hope this article was very helpful to get you a working Glo 200 for 1GB of data. Please use the comment box to ask any questions if you don’t still understand.

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