Best Free Recharge App for Android Users

Free recharge app, if you want the best free mobile recharge app for android, have you ever imagined you get rewarded with free airtime for completing a particular task or for using a mobile recharge app on your mobile phone. I guess maybe no, and maybe yes, i will show all the 2021 best free recharge apps for android.

You might have come across some apps that claim to reward you with free airtime for downloading and installing them on you mobile phones. today and now, in this article, i will be revealing to you the list of some best free recharge apps for android smartphone users.

Virtually almost everyone in this world now possesses or owns a mobile phone agreeing with the fact that the majority of these phones are android smartphones with a few ios and windows operating systems, i will show you in this article how to use your androids phones to get free airtime by installing the free recharge app 2019 with the commission.


Android Phones and Mobile Free Recharge Apps


This android smartphones together with some social media apps like facebook, WhatsApp, IMO chat and a host of others have over the years evolved to provide a comfort zone for almost everyone to catch fun and have social interaction.

With people from far and near including our loved ones across the globe. Just like the way you keep this app on you mobile phone for interaction purposes. I will be showing you as well some mobile app for free airtime recharge. These apps help you to get free airtime and cash to transfer to bank daily without stress.

And i will show you step by step how how to install the best free recharge apps for android smartphone users and you will never have to buy airtime for yourself or your girlfriend again. WONDERFUL right yes it is


How to Earn Airtime with Free Recharge App


You can earn free recharge airtime in various ways depending on the task you are expected to complete by the app developers. These tasks are fun and easy like chatting and making video calls on Facebook and WhatsApp all day.

I guess you don’t even get rewarded, it is time to start using that same energy you use on Facebook and WhatsApp in another way that profits you. At Least getting free recharge airtime just by installing a simple app is not bad. Below are most of the fun tasks you complete to get free recharge airtime.


Task to Complete and Earn With Free Recharge App


  1. Watch short videos Watching videos are fun are fun right? yes they are well there are a number of mobile apps that reward you with airtime for watching funny video with the app, are you surprised yes you maybe surprised because you don’t know or maybe because you are surprised because you will be catching fun and still getting rewarded voalaaaaaa.
  2. Referring a friend Just like multi-level marketing apps and websites, some mobile airtime recharge apps appreciate your effort of helping them share their business with your friends and family and convincing them to install the apps on their mobile phones too to enjoy the free recharge app airtime for installing the best recharge app with the commission.
  3. Downloading and installing the app It is as simple as its sounds just head to play store and search for the app’s name download it and install it and you will be rewarded for free recharge airtime.
  4. Completing survey forms Survey means answering some questions whether you get the question right or wrong you will get rewarded with free recharge airtime from the app developers for every single question you have attempted to answer on the mobile app.
  5. Shopping Some of these mobile apps do have some services they render like DStv subscription, internet data bundle, gas bills, and others, so if you buy any of these services they provide, they will give you a ward in turn in form of free recharge airtime for patronizing them.
  6. Daily login Bonus Just like how you log in to you Facebook every now and then, if you do the same thing with these mobile apps you will get free airtime recharge or free internet data from the developers using the best mobile recharge app in India.


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12 Best Free Recharge App Mobile for Android


Fokat Money

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Fokat Money is a free recharge app that provides free talk time for downloading apps as a sign of appreciation. The App Fokat Money is available for the both prepaid & postpaid users and for free download on google Play Store.

It gives Rs. 50 wallet cash per referral when you invite your friends to use and install Fokat Money. You can download this app from Google Play Store; it is open for all Android smartphone users.


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Ladooo is the next option in free recharge apps, and it is India’s first free App for mobile recharge that offers excellent rewards for downloading some of the apps like Amazon, Flipkart, Jabong, and Eros. More than 9 million users are already using Ladooo free recharge app.

The best part is that you can win exciting rewards & talk time for completing surveys & referring your friends. You can get Rs 32 free recharge per referral. It supports all prepaid & DTH operators in India like Idea, Airtel, Vodafone, BSNL, Aircel, Tata Docomo, and Videocon D2H.




Apart from being just a regular free recharge mobile app, Mcent has the uniqueness of being a mobile browser too. The Mcent app rewards you with points after each task is completed, each 1000 points is equal to 1 rupee. The maximum number of points you can accumulate in a day is 3000 points. Regular tasks completed on the app like reading news, completing survey and scrolling to the button of last update in app.

Mcent also have a referral option too to earn money or free airtime recharge, this referral part of Mcent is also one of the best way to earn points in a very fast and easier way. Mcent in the past usually rewards 3000 points for referring a friend. You get 300 points if you refer anyone to download and install the Mcent mobile apps on their phones.

The recent update has increased it to 5000 points which means you will be getting 5 rupees. Making 5 rupees for each person you refer is splendid and the has made Mcent super. With Mcent you can as well transfer these rewards directly to your bank account if you feel like.


Best Free Recharge app in India



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Unlike other free recharge airtime apps, NewsDog is a stop point if you like and fancy getting the latest event, trends bollywood buzz and sci-fi news then you cannot go wrong with NewsDog. With NewsDog’s refer & earn program, you can earn unlimited paytm cash just by inviting friends. Minimum withdrawal amount is 250 Rs and it takes 2-3 days to get that money in paytm wallet.

Talking about the recent update called the “Malama” on NewsDog, it is actually cool.  It is some sort of problem-solving or let me say more of a captcha in away. You will be presented with 12 questions for you to answer in real-time and get rewarded with Paytm cash. This Paytm cash ranges from a value of 20 Rs to 1000 Rs. The prices that you get from the offer depend on the pool prize and tasks. The “Malamal” is scheduled to happen on the news app 2 times daily, grab this opportunity and use it for good.


Cash On Apps


Cash On Apps, i can say is more of a testing app, it pays you for downloading and installing an app in your phone through the Cash On Apps mobile app and trying the new downloaded app. The reward points for each app installation and trial is not certain but you will definitely get rewarded.

You can as well level up your balance by referring a friend or family member to earn 150 credit points for each referral. Earn a referral bonus too when you and the person who referred you downloaded 2 apps and redeem credits. The minimum amount to redeem in this app is a total of Rs.10.




Definitely this app is an old timer in the free recharge airtime business, the apps news feed get updated every few minutes so fresh updates every time you are in the app. Although this app happen to have less users off it’s app but still they have extended their database for reason better know to them, the old guy reward between Rs. 10 to Rs. 30 for referring people to install the apps on their phones.

You can earn lots of money by downloading other apps from there or you can go for Refer & Earn program in which you will get Rs.1 instantly when your invited friends Sign Up on this app then Rs.10 if they earn Rs.1 on the same day of registration and last Rs.100 if they earn Rs.50 on the same day of registration. So isn’t it cool and highest paying free recharge app ever? Download it today and earn unlimited free talk time.


Highest Paying Free Recharge App for  Airtime


I have personally tried and used all of the above mobile recharge apps that i have reviewed in this article. You need not to worry, be rest assured that they are not just some bunch of apps. These recharge apps are actually the best among the best mobile recharge app in India and anywhere.

Do not forget to please use the share buttons to share this article.  Your friends too might be searching for free mobile recharge app to earn free airtime. Help other people to enjoy this privilege with you too. Stay tuned as we bring you fresh new updates, Please Share the article.

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