How to Get iMessage on PC Without Mac

This article is all about How to Get iMessage on PC Without Mac if you have windows pc and wish to use iMassge this article is a complete guide for it. Here are multiple ways to get iMessage Online on Windows/Computer. So let’s started

iMessage Online is a texting environment developed by Apple Incorporated. iMessage is an advanced texting platform available for MacBook, Mac PC, iPhone, iPad, and Apple devices. How to get imessage on pc without mac.

However, many users want to download iPhone Message on their PC and Windows, but they don’t know how to do it. Here we will help you to use iMessage on PC. So you can as well make use of the imessage without the help of mac.

Apple eco-system is a major project the company leading towards the future. It is not available on cross-platform because the company does not want the existing consumers to leave the platform. How to get imessage on pc without mac.

Can You Get iMessage on a Windows Computer?

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Majority of the iPhone & Mac consumers do not have a single idea on how to operate an Android or Windows PC. iMessage is not officially possible on Android, Linux, and Windows because the Apple company does not want consumers to experience premium apps on the non-Apple device.

The logic applies to devices, software, and desktop environments. The Apple restrictions are part of the eco-system to keep the existing consumers trapped in iPhone’s, iPad’s and Mac PC’s machines. How to get imessage on pc without mac.

Apple doesn’t offer Messages on the web, either. That’s a shame it could be part of the iCloud website like iCloud Drive, Notes, and Find My iPhone are. Can I be able to know how to get imessage on pc without mac

Search for “iMessage on PC” or something similar on the web, and you’ll discover many websites offering a handful of bad solutions for running iMessage on a Windows PC. Here’s why they don’t work. How to get imessage on pc without mac

Some websites recommend you use Chrome Remote Desktop or another remote desktop tool. Yes, if you have a Mac, you can leave that Mac running, access it remotely from a PC, and use the Messages app (or any other Mac app) over the remote desktop connection.

If you have a spare Mac lying around, this will work—but you probably don’t. This is a silly solution for almost everyone. The same websites recommend you download something called “iPadian,” which is an “iOS and iPad simulator.”

At first glance, it looks like a way to run the iPad’s iOS operating system on your desktop. But that’s deceiving. It isn’t an emulator it’s a “simulator” that can’t actually run real iOS apps. You can’t run Messages or any other apps.

You can run some fake apps designed to look like an iPad. For this, the company behind iPadian charges money. Stay away from iPadian. It doesn’t work at all, and it’s a waste of money. Sadly, there’s no way to run iMessage on a PC.


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Many of us iFolks have Apple computers so keeping up with iMessage is really easy. But there are also quite a few of us who have Windows PCs, at home and especially at work. So how do we get iMessage talking on ALL our machines.

Ways or how to Get iMessage on your without Mac

Using the Chrome Remote Desktop Extension, Google Chrome web browser is available for Mac OS X operating systems. In the extension store, you can find an add-on, which comes with a feature to connect to iMessage.

Download & Install Chrome Remote Desktop on Your Device.

  1. Click on the Add App to install it on the MacBook and Windows PC.
  2. You have to gain permission from Google account, so make sure to give it full control.
  3. A separate Window will open and then click on authorize to continue.
  4. You have two separate options (a) Remote Assistance, (b) My Computers. Go for Remote Assistance to access MacBook or Mac PC.
  5. Now, select SIX characters PIN to enter on both ends.
  6. You have to keep MacBook or Mac PC running in the background including texting app so process can take place.
  7. Enter the newly generated PIN on Mac, when prompted.
  8. Click on connect, and it will take a few seconds to complete the entire process.

Through iPadian Emulator (iOS Emulator), you might have heard of Android emulator, right? There are iOS emulators as well, and you can install them on Windows PC to start using iOS apps. However, I have never come across a working iPhone emulator, but we are suggesting it.

  • Open any online web browser and type ipadian.
  • Download iPadian Emulator and install on your device.
  • After successfully install, launch the emulator.
  • Now, Search “iMessage for PC” the search bar.
  • Download the iMessage app and open it.
  • Login or sign in with your iCloud ID or Apple ID and password and you are able to use it.

What is imessage For Windows

iMessage for windows Online is a texting environment developed by Apple Incorporated. iMessage is an advanced texting platform available for MacBook, Mac PC, iPhone, iPad, and Apple devices. How to get imessage on pc without mac.

Amazing iMessage Features: You Never Knew, Innovation is Apple’s vision for iPhone and texting was boring back in the days, and Steve Jobs wanted to create something unique. The consumers were tired of using a so-called smartphone that was not smart at all.

Interestingly, texting is a popular trend for a long time now, and Apple wanted to create something unique out of the box. We are going to look at the unique features of iMessage, which were not possible back in the days. How to get imessage on pc without mac.

iMessage effects are possibly the most innovative in-built features a smartphone has today. I can bet that other manufacturers & software creators will follow effects idea soon.

There is an option called “reactions” which are not available on Facebook as well. You can react to a message with an emoji, like or dislike.
Bubble effects lovers are growing day-by-day, and it is an elegant way to open a message.

The fun new animations are called “screen effects” causing a storm among the Apple consumers. The screen effects are incredible animations to mesmerize the recipient with texts. The message is hidden until the recipient taps on it, which creates a pool of curiosity.

There is a popular saying “OLD IS GOLD” which doesn’t seem to end the fun at all. The developers added “handwriting” in iOS 11 and iOS 12, and it enables the consumers to write a message using fingers. How to get imessage on pc without mac.

How about drawing a picture & send to a loved one? I am encouraging the idea, and it is a new feature called “Digital Touch” which allows the users to draw a picture within the iMessage.

The additional package is not a new innovative idea, but it is a needed one. The art team updates the entire existing library of Emojis, Stickers, GIFS and more.

You can use iMessage and start using mentioned features right from the beginning. I have not mentioned a lot of features, and it contains minor & major features as well. However, I have mentioned “UNIQUE,” and I cannot go back from my word.

How to Download imessage For PC Windows 10, 8 & 7

There are three ways to use this iMessage apk in the Windows PC. All of them are perfectly easy and you can choose the best and easy one to perform. How to get imessage on pc without mac, Here we go.
1>  iMessage for Windows using Bluestacks.
It’s too easy to do this where it takes much time in download and installation process of the app. Now we can start here with it. How to get imessage on pc without mac

  • You have to go to the official website of Bluestacks and download it.
  • Now launch it in your Windows PC after installing it.
  • So, you want to start the installation.
  • Here they will provide you play store search option then you need to sign in with gmail account here and also have the good internet connection.
  • You can get the iMessage by searching it on search option.
  • Install in Bluestacks and open it by going to All Apps list.

2> iMessage for Windows using iPadian
iPadian is nothing but an ios emulator for Windows used to run ios apps. So, it is absolutely called as ios simulator. So, you can download and use it in your Windows PC. How to get imessage on pc without mac

  • You can get the official version of this app by just going through the official website of this app.
  • Directly install the app in Windows and launch it.
  • As same as an android emulator, this app also gives you an experience of iPhone in Windows.
  • Now search for iMessage app there. You can search it on search icon which is redirected to Apple Store.
  • Now you can directly install the app through Apple store.
  • Find the installed app is Apps section.
  • Enjoy using it in your Windows system.

3> iMessage for PC using Chrome Remote Desktop, Here we are using a method where we are going to connect two computers. You can check them now. How to get imessage on pc without mac

  • You need to get the two computers here. One must be Windows computer and another one must be running through Mac system. I mean you need to get an Apple.
  • Then download and install most popular browser Google Chrome in both PC. Now open the Chrome Remote Desktop in these computers and connect each with this.
  • Here this feature helps you to exchange the programs in both computers.
  • Now you can use iMessage by Chrome Remote Desktop in Windows system.

Can I Get iMessage on Windows 10

Consider this scenario: Everyone you know has an iPhone and you succumb to the peer pressure and not only buy a new iPhone, but eventually a MacBook. Problem is, you work on a Windows 10 device all day and the incoming text messages have you unlocking the iPhone every other minute.

All that phone lifting interrupts your daily workflow. We show you how to text with iMessages on Windows 10 so your eyes stay glued to your PC. Now how to get imessage on pc without mac is all what want to talk about.

Unfortunately, Apple doesn’t offer a cloud-based solution similar to Android where you can load up a webpage and respond to texts. In fact, iMessages is a closed system requiring an Apple device. Related: How to text from Windows 10 using an Android phone.

But there is a way to respond to iMessages on a Windows 10 PC without having to lift the iPhone: Chrome Remote Desktop. The setup we describe here uses an iPhone X as the source messaging device, a MacBook Air serving as the host PC, and a Windows 10 laptop as the client PC.

The beauty here is that this method isn’t locked to just using iMessages, how to get imessage on pc without mac. You can do mostly anything on your Mac using Chrome Remote Desktop, whether you’re checking email, installing apps from the App Mac Store, listening to music through iTunes, and more. Playing games, however, is not recommended.

That said, you have complete access to the Mac if Chrome Remote Desktop is running in the background. You don’t even need Google Chrome open on the Mac for this connection to work. Let’s get started on how to text with iMessages on Windows 10!
Messages for iPhone: How to text with iMessages on Windows 10

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Tap on your Apple ID account.
  3. Tap iCloud.
  4. Make sure Messages is toggled on (green).

Now let’s move on to the host MacOS device. In our example, we used a MacBook Air running MacOS 10.14.4 beta. How to get imessage on pc without mac

Messages For MacOS: How to Text With iMessages on Windows 10

  1. Launch the Messages app from the dock, Launchpad, or desktop.
  2. Sign in with your Apple ID and password. Enter a verification code if you have two-factor authentication activated.
  3. Navigate to the app’s Menu bar, click Messages, and then select Preferences.
  4. Select the iMessage tab in the pop-up panel.
  5. Enable your account if needed.
  6. Enable Messages in iCloud if needed.
  7. Activate the phone number and email addresses where you can be reached.
  8. Select or de-select Send read receipts.
  9. Choose where you want new conversations to start (phone number or email address).
  10. Click the Sync Now button.

Windows 10: This is a shorter version of the MacOS setup that doesn’t require the host component. How to get imessage on pc without mac

  1. Install Google Chrome if you haven’t already.
  2. Sign in with your Google account.
  3. Install the Chrome Remote Desktop extension from the Chrome Web Store.
  4. After installation, enter chrome://apps in the address bar and click the Chrome Remote Desktop icon. You may need to scroll through several app pages to find the icon. Once located, you can right-click the icon and add a shortcut to your Windows 10 desktop so you don’t need to keep coming back to the apps page.
  5. Click the Get started button found under My Computers.
  6. The host MacOS machine should be visible on the list. Click on the MacBook.
  7. Enter the PIN number you created on the MacBook.

BAM! You now have a window streaming your Mac’s desktop on Windows 10. You should also see a small box at the bottom of the Mac’s screen saying Your desktop is currently shared with (your email address) along with a Stop sharing button.

You can now remotely launch the Messages app and text through your iPhone via Windows 10. Of course, if you plan on using your Windows 10 PC as a host in the future, you’ll need to click on the Enable remote connections button on the Chrome Remote Desktop screen.

This will download and install the required host software provided by Google like we did with the Mac. How to get imessage on pc without mac

Again, you can do mostly anything on your Mac remotely from a Windows 10 PC. Even more, the Mac and Windows 10 PC don’t need to be on the same network as long as both have an internet connection and you’re logged into your Google account. How to get imessage on pc without mac
If you have issues, Google suggests the following:

  • Allow outbound traffic in your antivirus software.
  • Allow inbound UDP responses in youre antivirus software.
  • Open TCP ports 443 (HTTPS) and 5222 (XMPP).
  • Use the latest version of Chrome or Chrome OS.

How Do I Send an iMessage From My PC

How to send texts via iMessage (iOS, iPadOS, MacOS), how to use imessage on pc without mac iMessages on Mac: This method typically requires an Apple device with a cellular connection. However, because it also relies on Apple’s iMessage format, users can bypass a cellular connection when messaging another Apple device.

The iPhone supports two types of messages and users can send iMessages over the internet via WiFi or mobile data, which are highlighted by blue bubbles and only received on Apple devices. iPhones also send standard SMS and MMS messages over the typical wireless carrier plan.

Which are received by non-Apple devices and highlighted by green bubbles. This is an important distinction, as Apple device owners without a cellular connection or associated phone number can still send messages to other Apple device owners. All they need is an Apple ID.

However, to text all contacts with and without an Apple device, users need an Apple device with a cellular plan. Here, we assume the user has an iPhone, although an iPad with a SIM card and compatible mobile plan works, too.

Message iOS 8, How to Get imessage on pc Without PC

  • Step 1: Make sure your iPhone is logged in with your Apple ID.
  • Step 2: Open the Settings app and scroll down to select Messages.
  • Step 3: Toggle the iMessage switch on the following screen to enable this service.
  • Step 4: Tap Send & Receive and verify the phone number and email accounts that can be associated with sending and receiving iMessages. Also, select a phone number and/or email address that can start a new conversation.
  • Step 5: On all other iOS and iPadOS devices, repeat the previous steps. Be sure that they are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Step 6: On a Mac, open the Messages app. Click Messages on the menu bar followed by Preferences on the drop-down menu. When the pop-up appears, click the iMessage tab and sign in with the same Apple ID.
  • Step 7: Move back to the iPhone and return to Messages in the Settings app. Once there, tap Text Message Forwarding. This portion deals with SMS and MMS texting.
  • Step 8: Toggle the switch directly right of the Apple device to which you want to send and receive SMS and MMS messages. How to get imessage on pc without mac

Each time a device is enabled, you must enter its displayed six-digit confirmation code on the iPhone. Doing so will confirm that you want to send and receive SMS and MMS messages on your Apple device. You may or may not need to enter a confirmation code, depending on the setup.

To send a message on any Apple device, click or tap the Pencil icon located above the contact list. After that, enter your desired recipient(s) and compose the message as normal. Keep in mind that the standard text message limit of 160 characters still applies even when using iMessages.

A text longer than 160 characters will likely count as two for billing purposes, or more depending on its length. How to get imessage on pc without mac Remember, iMessages are “free” when devices are connected to Wi-Fi.

On the flip side, they count against your monthly data allotment when using 4G or 5G, so be sure to stay connected to the local wireless network when possible. Standard SMS and MMS messages are piped through your wireless mobile carrier.

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