Airtel 200 For 1gb 2022 Free Data Cheat Code VPN App

Airtel 200 For 1gb, Hello guys today is about a new Airtel free browsing which give Subscribers Airtel 200 for 1gb. This data plan cheat by Airtel is new and is available for all Airtel users including old and new users.

The new Airtel #200 data plan is available to all Airtel users but only 4G sim cards and smartphone users can enjoy it. If you are 4G smartphone user then i will say after this article you will be able to enjoy airtel 200 naira data plan.

Airtel 200 data plan cheat can be archived in 2 ways, and I will show you the 2 methods. The first method is the use of USSD code activate Airtel 200 for 1gb and the second is the use of VPN App.

You will also learn how to get Airtel free 1GB by downloading Airtel mobile app on your phone. Before we continue, i would suggest you should check out my article on Airtel free data code and recharge code.

Airtel 200 For 1GB Code

Airtel 200 for 1gb is a special weekly data plan for Airtel users to activate 1GB for #200 only. That sounds good right? yes it does sound sweet to me and am sure you will like it too.

This Data plan does not need any eligibility all you need is your #200 in your balance. The Airtel data plan cheat can be used in the daytime and nighttime without restrictions.

If you want to activate the Airtel data plan cheat with the USSD code follow the steps below.

  • Open your phone
  • Go to your dialer
  • Now you will dial this simple USSD code
  • Dial *141*241# and you will be subscribed to 1GB data plan

That is all, a new SMS will be sent your phone as a confirmation of your 1GB data plan. This is the easiest way to activate Airtel 200 for 1gb weekly plan with USSD code.

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How to Activate Airtel Free With Airtel App

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This is not new but not too many people know how to get the free 1GB with Airtel App. Apparently, this is not a cheat, Airtel is only rewarding subscribers to download and install their app on their phones.

You can say this basically not entirely an Airtel free data cheat but a kind of Airtel offer. So now, i will teach you how to get Airtel free data with this Airtel data cheat.

If you want to enjoy this free Airtel 200 data plan for 1GB then use the simple procedures below…..

  • Head over to google play store
  • Now search and download My Airtel app
  • Install and launch the app
  • Register with your functioning Airtel number to receive OTP
  • You will then land on a welcome page after registration
  • After logging into the app, click the home button to go to the home page
  • Now dial *140# on your mobile phone to check your data balance
  • Boom your account will have been credited with 1GBN Airtel free data

Note, if you checked and you did not see it in your balance immediately, then wait for about 30 minutes to get credited. That is all now you would be able to enjoy Airtel free internet data and next is Airtel 200 for 1GB data.

Airtel 200 For 1gb Cheat With VPN

This is the second method to get Airtel Free data with a 1 week validity stamp. The Airtel 200 for 1gb 2022 uses VPN setting to activate the free internet data plan.

This method requires some technical settings which you will learn in this Article. You will also be required to download a VPN app from the google play store to help you browse the internet anonymously.

If you ever want to use and enjoy this Airtel #200 for 1GB with VPN setting then follow the steps below to set it up

  • First, go to the google play store.
  • Further details are below on the benefits of our award-winning VPN.
  • Install and open the app.
  • Activate your data.
  • Choose “Netherlands” or the other working region.
  • Now press “connect”.
  • It’s as simple as that.
  • You can follow the instructions below to use your PS4 VPN app on a different device.
  • Open the VPN app.
  • Choose any working region.
  • Press connect.

That is all about Airtel 200 for 1GB for a one-week data plan. If you have any questions please the comment box to ask and we will gladly help you out.

Conclusion: Airtel 200 For 1gb Code

This article covers all your need to know about all Airtel’s cheap and free Airtel free data. All details in this article have been tested and working 100% and Article will be updated so stay tuned.

You can also check out my previous articles about Glo 200 for a 1GB data plan. If you want to check your Airtel balance dial *123# and wait for a few seconds.

If you have any further questions about Airtel 200 for 1GB then as us through the comment. Thank you for the time and don’t forget to share this article about Airtel free data cheat.

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