How To Delete Apartment List Account | Cancel Account

If you are reading this article then you want to learn how to delete apartment list account. I believe you know what the apartment list account is used for, but i guess you were not told you can make money from it right?.

Well, let me remind you what you were told about apartment List. Apartment List is an Online Property Listing Platform that connects renters with owners. To use the platform, you will have to register an account and provide all necessary information needed.

This article is just to teach you how to delete apartment list account if you want to learn the money part, send us and email.

How To Delete Apartment List Account

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Despite how important apartment list account can be you might still want to delete it for some reasons. Currently, there is only one way to delete Apartment List account which is given below:-

  • Open your browser
  • Type “”.
  • You will be redirected to a form page now scroll down choose the category option “DELETE MY ACCOUNT”.
  • Scroll down a bit further and type your name and email address.
  • Click on the Submit button and open your registered email address to get an email regarding deleting your account.
  • Follow the link in the mail and the step by step instructions afterward to permanently delete your account.

Congratulations, you have just completed the steps to cancel your apartment list account. You can come back and creat another any times you feel you need it, the platform has no issue with that.

What is apartment list account

If you don’t know what apartment list account is, the next line will give you a concise brief about it. It is an online platform used for search for available apartments.

But where you are ever told that you can be making as much as $1000 weekly, just using apartment list account and your phone. Yes, am talking about the same apartment list you know, the same Online Property Listing Platform that connects renters with owners.

I have made a short 20 minute video to guide your through the process. To find out the untold process of making money through apartment list from your home continue to find out.

How to make money with apartment list

The main purpose of writing this article was to walk you through how to disable or cancel your apartment list account initially. Spicing it up, now i have decided to tell you a secrete on how to make money using apartment list.

Yes you just read right you can make money from your with your apartment list account, i am into it. Presently, this week i have made $300 already and the week is just beginning, if you want to know more please continue reading.

The method I use to make money from the apartment list is so simple anyone with a smartphone can do something. This method will not work if you have to delete the apartment list account from your phone, so go back and create a new one then send us an email to get the 20 minutes video today.

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